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 Zadira Durácuire the Shiny Zangoose

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PostSubject: Zadira Durácuire the Shiny Zangoose   Zadira Durácuire the Shiny Zangoose EmptyThu Oct 24, 2019 2:06 am

» Name: Zadira Durácuire
» Sex: Male
» Species: #335 Zangoose, Cat Ferret Pokémon
» Affiliation: Grassveil Homeless Guy

» Level: 5
» Energy: 22
» Ability: Immunity
» Moves:
Night Slash (Egg Move)
Scratch (Level --)
Leer (Level --)
Quick Attack (Level 5)

» Natural Feats:
Bipedal - Zangoose can switch between a four legged stance and standing on its hind legs. It mostly utilizes its bipedal abilities in combat.
Retractable Claws - The long sharp claws of a Zangoose are retractable.
Incredible Agility - Quick on their feet, Zangoose can naturally evade attacks easier than the typical pokemon.
Immunity - Zangoose’s generations of dealing with Seviper have led to them being immune to poisonous substances.

» Relatives:
Colère the Zangoose (Dad, NPC)
Haine the Zoroark (Mother, NPC)
Voix the Zoroark (Brother, NPC)

» Personality: Despite coming from a family of uncivilized and even downright evil pokemon, the good in Zadira has managed to shine through it all. While a bit cautious, he’s friendly towards strangers and more than willing to make friends. Unfortunately, he has a habit of losing friends more often than making them.

He has a near-constant desire for reassurance and company. Most in the past never stuck around long enough to learn why he acts this way and write him off as clingy and annoying. This accompanied with a tendency to get angry typically drives others off. It seems almost inconsistent in what it takes to set him off and he can become pretty physical when he’s in a fit. It takes a lot for him to control himself and sometimes he just can’t seem to calm down without either breaking something or developing into a different kind of emotional mess. He’s unpredictable and can even be considered a danger to be around.

It would be easy to think that Zadira is a typical brute who prefers brawn over brain with his anger issues, but he’s quite the opposite. He prefers to utilize his tactics and brain power to succeed. Of course, when he’s in a fit of anger, he’ll be more likely to flail around as hard as he can, but that doesn’t ever get him far. He’s intelligent and knowledgeable of a wide variety of subjects simply through personal experience and studying. He has an excellent memory, albeit not photographic nor perfect, and uses that to absorb and recall information.

Another peculiar thing about him is that he often has complications when it comes to determining what’s real and what’s fake. His previous encounters with illusionary events have left him concerned with whether what he’s seeing before him is real or not. Most of the time he’s capable of distracting himself from this and acting normal, but saying or even thinking the wrong thing can send him into a panic.

On the brighter side, Zadira is honest with everyone around him. He knows when to back down from an argument, he can admit when he’s wrong, and does his best to work with his more unlikable traits as best as he can. He treats others with the same treatment and respect he desires for himself, but that can be easily lost if they refuse to reciprocate. While forgive and forget isn’t in his agenda, he tries not to lose himself to his anger. If someone were to stick around and look past his flaws, they’d find themselves with a loyal companion that’ll try to help them with whatever he can.

» Likes:
Challenges - Be it a mental brain teaser or a physical feat, he’ll run himself down trying to complete it. He’s competitive and desperate to prove himself in front of others. It’s not superiority he seeks, but simply having his accomplishments be acknowledged.

Cheri Berries - A special ingredient often used in Caritas’ special Cheri Pie. He can still remember the taste of it like it was yesterday, but he’ll never be able to have the full experience again. He never could crack down on how to remake that wonderful dish, but the process of trying to recreate her recipes have led him to be a decent cook with his favorite ingredient.

Praise - The ultimate way to know you’re appreciated. He relies on what other people say about him a little too much. He practically needs them and will fish for them whenever he does something grand.

Strategy Games - Goes a little hand-in-hand with Challenges, but if he had to pick between a physical activity and a mental, he would prefer the mental one. Strategic games such as board games or puzzles are his favorite ways to help himself relax and focus on what’s in front of him.

Learning - Only way to improve is to learn a thing or two right? He’s not at all troubled by being wrong as he would rather be corrected than to parade around false information. Whenever he’s got a spare bit of time, he’ll often be found researching or interviewing some sort of specialist he’s managed to track down. His favored subject happens to revolve around items, their usages, and the effects of moves in more non-combative ways, but he isn’t afraid to branch out into different paths just for the sake of expanding his knowledge.

» Dislikes:
False Accusations/Liars - While it’s normal and obvious to dislike this sort of thing, he has particular hatred for them. Whether it’s against someone else or himself, he absolutely despises anyone who participates in the act of libel or slander. Once this trust of honesty is broken, it is highly difficult to earn it back. He will act hostile and aggressive towards those guilty of such a crime.

Blood - To put it simply, he’s hemophobic. He doesn’t like to bleed nor does he like to cause bleeding-a huge problem with a pokemon whose specialty lies with slashing things. This fear often results in him being useless in combat and can even cause him to flee entirely in some situations. While he doesn’t faint, he’s bound to experience varying amounts of unpleasantness when presented with the situation. This often results in him holding back and weakening his slashing attacks.

Sour Foods - He doesn’t understand how other pokemon take it! He’ll absolutely avoid any sour foods at all costs if he can. There’s no real deep meaning behind this. It’s just a personal preference.

Police - It’s not that he hates them, it’s just that their presence makes him uneasy. He cannot sit comfortably around a police officer after the time he spent in prison. He prefers to avoid the police at all costs and would sooner contact the guild than he would the police for assistance. He knows that not all officers are similar to the ones he encountered, but the fear simply does not go away just like that.

Being Alone - Despite Zangoose being solitary creatures, he’s rarely ever gone any longer than a day completely alone. He’s dependent on others to reassure him of both his competency among other things.

» History:

As stated before, his family wasn’t pleasant. His mother, Haine the Zoroark, and his father, Colère the Zangoose, were both extremely unpleasant people in every way. From the moment he hatched, he wasn’t wanted. The two hoped for a girl, but Zadira didn’t live up to that expectation. He was given an effeminate name despite this, even though they weren’t happy to have him around. His big brother shared the sentiment, though actively sought to act upon it. Zadira never did find out what exactly was so wrong with his family, but he later chalked it up to the more “uncivilized” lives they lead.

As a child, his father wanted him and his brother to train up so that they could defend themselves. This often resulted in him being pitted against his brother in various ways. An overly competitive atmosphere was established, as the loser would be shunned. His brother, being older and physically superior despite being a zorua, would always win. Voix, the brother, would always rub it in his face and never took mercy on him. They would spar with one another weekly, leaving Zadira in the dust each time.

In order to escape his family life, he began to wander around the territory and even a little beyond. This led him to meet Caritas, another zangoose from a neighboring territory. Caritas came from a far more civilized background, even so far as to live in a well-kept house rather than some old shack like his family did. The two spoke to one another and quickly became friends and would go on to meet each other day after day. After the first week, he opened up to Caritas about what his home-life was like. She was shocked and abhorred by it, while he was just confused by her reaction. She invited him over to stay at her house, but fear urged him to decline at first. His mind would quickly be changed after a harsh and physical argument with his parents, which lead to him tracking down where she lived in the hopes of leaving for good.

Of course, this was a bit of a red flag for Caritas’ own parents. A heathen simply showed up on their porch one day asking to live with them after tracking down their daughter through the woods in the dead of night. No. Go home. Caritas attempted to explain to her parents, but they would not heed her words. They did not know this zangoose and the first impression they had was terrible at best. They didn’t want their daughter to go anywhere near this creep any more. Zadira, on the other hand, had a different idea. If they wouldn’t let him stay in the territory, then he’d just take it from them. That’s how his dad got his, so why would it be a problem here?

He got his tail whooped. Not only that, but Caritas was then angry with him for attacking her parents. He was banished from the territory, which left him with no other choice but to head back home in his perspective. Surviving on his own simply couldn’t be done. He was too weak. His return was not met with open arms, but he was permitted to stay. He continued his “training” with his brother which was more like being a punching bag for him. As time went on, however, Zadira would manage to recognize his brother’s patterns and ways of thinking. His brother became predictable, one of the biggest mistakes one can make in combat. He started to land hits, do damage, and nearly knocked Voix out one time. That time, however, was when Voix evolved.

The capabilities of Voix’s illusions grew with the evolution. It became much harder to land a single hit on him, which left his father disappointed with him yet pleased with Voix. Zadira became an active target of Voix’s harassment on a weekly basis through the use of illusions. Voix found it amusing to trick his younger brother again and again with imaginary objects and and even pokemon.

Soon after Voix evolved, the father decided that it was time for them to leave. Voix left without confrontation, satisfied with his strength. Zadira, meanwhile, made no progress whatsoever thanks to the fact that all Voix ever did was beat him over and over again. Afraid of the world outside, he wanted to stay have one-on-one training with his father-where he wouldn’t be a total punching bag for someone else. His father, however, merely grew hostile with him. He was driven from the territory by force.

With no other place to go and still lacking in the confidence to thrive on his own, there was only one other place he knew-Caritas. It had been a while since he spoke with her, but if she and her parents didn’t take him in, then he didn’t know what he was going to do. Battered and beaten, he showed up again on their doorstep. When the door creaked open, he was met with a look of hatred and disgust, the same kind of look his father gave him. Immediately, he broke down. His response prompted the uncomfortable couple to reconsider their initial desire to boot him.

Uncertain, but not willing to be rude, they permitted him inside the house and helped him with his wounds. He quickly found that Caritas was no longer there. The parents did him a favor of contacting her for him, notifying her that she had a bit of garbage she left behind. She was quick to return and, to his surprise, absolutely thrilled to see him. With a hug and a quick exchange, she did not even hesitate to offer for him to come live with her in a town by the name of Grassveil.

Of course, he accepted. It was a long trek back, where he was informed about the ins and outs of the town along the way. All kinds of pokemon lived together there, they use currency to exchange goods, he was going to need a job himself when he got there, and it all sounded so...fascinating. He was so eager to learn about it all, that by the time they reached the place, Caritas was practically exhausted for answers. He stayed with her in her house, leaving frequently to explore on his own once he was confident enough to socialize with the other pokemon and certain he wouldn’t be harmed.

He was quick to integrate into the community life with his desire to learn. There were plenty of bumps at first along with a fight or five, but with effort and patience he adjusted to this new lifestyle. He even took up a slot in a rescue team at the guild after learning how powerful pokemon could get with training from there. He was excited to go with the team on their first mission to Pecha Forest, pumped and ready, he followed the team in with the simple task of collected berries...only to be knocked out...several times.

It became customary for the team to need to bring along plenty of reviver seeds, just to keep him going with how often he was knocked out. He may have been able to nearly best his zorua brother, but that was only because he had literal years of experience in fighting that specific zorua. All of these other pokemon, well, they were new to him. It was a blank slate. His failures in missions held the team back from progress as their funds were sapped away. Eventually, they became frustrated enough to kick him from the team. His shame caused him to withdraw from the guild entirely, especially after a particularly bad outburst on his part in reaction to them.

He ended up helping Caritas with her small jewelry business. He couldn’t help that much, but he was able to help around the place with more simple tasks. While he was upset about the things he said to his ex-teammates at the guild, he found himself happier here. He had plenty of down time off the clock to head into the library for researching whatever curious question popped into his head and to track down the professionals within Grassveil to pesterinterview them on whatever craft they specialized in.

It was during his little rounds of chatter that he came across and interesting tidbit of information: the rescue team he was a part of where nowhere to be seen. A week passed without a word from them, which prompted both concern and action from the zangoose. Instead of trying to chance after them on his own like a total dunce, he hired a rescue team at the guild to help seek them out.

Their search led them to Blackmist Mountain, where they climbed all the way to the top of Dark Void Peak. It was there that they would find his former friends, less than alive. The hallucinogens of the mountain were quick to drive them back down into the staircase. With a heavy heart, the rescue team considered the mission complete. Just when they were about to utilize an escape orb to flee from the dungeon, Zadira found himself pulled out of range at the last second. The rescue team vanished without him as he was tossed aside like a ragdoll.

He picked himself back up to see a familiar face: Voix. The zoroark was surprised to see Zadira in such a dangerous place and wanted to have a little “chat” with him for ol’times sake. That “chat” involved beating him up and teasing him with illusions once again. It didn’t matter how well Zadira knew the zoroark’s fighting style, the Zoroark had grown even further since they last met and used his illusionary power to mess with Zadira. It was an entirely one-sided fight in which Zadira was utterly demolished yet again.

When Zadira woke up, he was in a medical center. Of course, he couldn’t help but panic and question whether or not he actually was or if Voix was up to his old tricks again. Everything certainly felt real, but his panic drove him to lash out against any who came near. He was stopped, however, as Caritas would approach him. It took some reassurance, but eventually he calmed down enough to start healing. Every day Caritas would visit him from work. Whether it was just to chat or to bring him get-well gifts.

Once he was fit to leave, Caritas would walk him home. It was a lovely conversation. The two laughed and chatted along all the way up to the door of his home. He was the one to unlock the door and swing it open. When he saw what was inside, he froze. Caritas’ voice sounded from behind him, “I thought you’d get out sooner, but this works too.”

That wasn’t Caritas with him, but he knew exactly who it was now. Rage burned up inside him as he turned around to attack the illusion behind him. He didn’t know when or how Voix became so good at voice mimicry, but at the moment he didn’t care. He wanted that zoroark dead. Once again, the zoroark easily evaded his attacks, but instead of beating him down, this time the zoroark just seemed to stall him. Furniture, glassware, and fabrics were torn to shreds as a result. After a moment, the zoroark screamed for help in Caritas’ voice. Zadira was too angry to pay any mind to what the intentions might have been.

Then, the zoroark vanished out the window. Zadira attempted to chase him, but in the same few seconds before he could reach the window, the door slammed open. He heard a scream. He looked over to the door to see the neighbor looking onto the scene. He froze on the spot as he suddenly realized what everything looked like. He tried to explain, but the neighbor fled. The police were upon him within the half hour and he was arrested for the murder of Caritas.

The trial was quick, too quick. His history of angry and more violent outbursts worked against him. No matter what he tried to say, it felt as if he was seen as a liar. Guilty until proven innocent. The jury worked against him, Caritas’ parents were called into town, and the looks they all gave him did more than just break his heart. He didn’t get it. Why did this all have to happen to him?

Part of him wanted to run away from it all, become an outlaw and just track down Voix himself, but he knew he was too weak for that. All he could do was accept his fate. It hardly felt like anything around him was real anymore. The zangoose spent time in jail. He lived among other outlaws in a setting with little to no freedoms with the label of someone who killed their best friend. Needless to say, he didn’t have a decent time.

He thought he was going to spend the rest of his life in there, when one day, a lawyer decided to pick him for an appeal. A miscarriage of justice, the lawyer called it. He spouted all these fancy words of perjured evidence, Confirmation bias, and such. Zadira hardly knew what the mon was talking about, but at this point he was desperate. He accepted the mon’s help. Yet another trial was heard, though this time it was agreed. There were far too many things wrong that was not considered among the previous trial. The fact that Zadira wasn’t bloody, the age of the corpse, and even the zoroark hairs that were later found in victim’s claws. The person responsible for reporting that piece of information was immediately fired despite their frantic claims that they gave it to another officer to store away.

Zadira was free to go...home to no job, no house, no family, no friends, and a crippling amount of debt to the lawyer that helped free him.

...What was he supposed to do now?

» Other: Has a baby blue crystal bullet necklace that he wears around his neck. It’s so special, that it doesn’t need to do anything special to be special. I swear. Oh and he’s a sparkly shiny boi.

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