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 Chiron the Totodile

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Chiron the Totodile Empty
PostSubject: Chiron the Totodile   Chiron the Totodile EmptySat Jun 08, 2019 1:32 pm

» Name: Chiron Kiba
» Sex: Male
» Species: #158 Totodile, the Big Jaw Pokemon
» Affiliation: Wanderer

» Level: 5
» Energy:
» Ability: Torrent
» Moves:
- Scratch (Level 1)
- Leer (Level 1)
- Hydro Pump (Egg Move)

» Natural Feats:
- Well Developed Jaws: It’s strong jaws are powerful and capable of crushing anything.

» Relatives:
- Unknown mother
- Unknown father
- Steven Kiba (adopted father figure)

» Personality:
Chiron Kiba is what you’d call a Know-It-All, or, at least he’d call himself that. Chiron thinks quite highly of himself and isn’t afraid to belittle others to reinforce that fact. Really, all this comes from a lack of self-esteem and a mind like no other. Well, probably some others, but you get the point. Chiron has a knack for solving problems and puzzles, something he’s shown since he was little, and has a hard time with failure. He’s very hard on himself, and if he can’t figure something out he’ll be upset and not be able to get over whatever stumped him mentally until he solves it, devoting all his time into trying to solve the problem, which can sometimes be quite unhealthy.

Chiron is also extremely lonely, seeing as he usually drives other Pokémon away with his off-putting personality of constantly having to prove he’s better than others. Underneath all the smarts and his big brain and his arrogance because of it is a lonely kid who just wants a friend. Of course, this friend would need to let him win at everything, let him brag about it, and put up with his massive superiority complex. After you look past all that, he’s actually a very loyal and protective individual, and he has a massive interest in inventing, despite being so hard on himself for not being able to successfully create what he wants. This is while knowing so little about inventing and he doesn’t realize it takes time to create what he wants.

If he’s in water, however, something inside of Chiron just flips. Water is so soothing to him that he just melts, everything that could have bothered him or excited him that day just disappears to him. Water allows him to enter this relaxed state in which nothing matters anymore as long as he’s floating or swimming or moving through the water. It isn’t a physical effect on him or anything, it’s just that water over relaxes him. His mind feels at peace, becoming one with the water, just flowing. Of course, this personality fix is only temporary and wears off after fifteen minutes of being on land, not to mention Chiron finds this little uncontrollable quirk quite embarrassing. He prefers to keep his affinity for water a secret from other Pokémon.

» Likes:
- Friends: This is more than just enjoying having friends, it’s a desperate craving for friendship which is bordering the line of an obsession to make friends. He doesn’t just like having friends, he needs to have friends.
- Trivia: Anything to show what he knows, he’ll gladly enjoy. He sometimes learns practically useless, oddly specific things about the Pokémon he knows’ species just to state it later to impress them.
- Water: The water has always been an escape for him, a way to get away from his frustrations and anger at failing to do something. When he’s in water, he’s calm and relaxed, almost a different Pokémon. It’s one of the only times he let’s go of having to be better than everyone and just…flows with everything, like water. It allows him to look back on things without being too hard on himself, which is always a bonus, too.
- Chewing Things: Chiron has always enjoyed biting and gently chewing and gnawing at things, probably due to his species. He gets a bit more aggressive with his chewing if he‘s angry and uses whatever he’s chewing to take his frustrations out upon, but usually it’s just really thoughtless and he does it just because.

» Dislikes:
- Rejection: He can’t cope with rejection from anyone at all. If he tries to make a friend, and they say no…he kinda loses it and gets angry, feeling hurt and discouraged from talking to that Pokémon for about a day or two before trying again like nothing happened.
- Losing/Being 2nd Best: He can’t stand not being the best at something, throwing tantrums whenever he loses at something or is bested at something. He can’t comprehend how someone could possibly be better than him at anything.
- Scary Things: Whether they’re scary stories, scary places, Chiron doesn’t really take too kindly to things that could scare him. It’s unnecessary and he scares really quite easily…

» History:
Chiron was adopted. Don’t tell him that, though, as he doesn’t know or realize. He was rejected by the Pokémon who were supposed to love him unconditionally, being raised by a Nidoking named Steven Kiba. Chiron’s always believed that Steven was his real dad, his original one, at least. It’s probably because he doesn’t remember his real parents because they left him in Pecha Forest when he was only six months old. Whether this was by accident or not still remains a mystery, as no one really knows who Chiron’s real parents are. They never came back for their child. If they looked, it was incredibly short lived seeing as no one came to the nearest town to Pecha Forest to come looking for a baby Totodile. Chiron was rejected by the Pokémon who should have loved him. Whether he was lost, left, or given up, the point was that no one came for him. No one bothered. No one cared about the lonely little kid.

All Chiron’s life, he’s been rejected. The only Pokémon who accepts him and purposefully acts inferior to him to boost the Totodile’s self confidence is Steven. Everyone else would just ignore him or get angry at him, despite him trying to make friends. He’s felt alone all his life, Steven playing a big, and, really, only, role in his life, giving him a place to stay, educating him, helping him when he needs it, and being a dad to him. Chiron showed a knack for learning things and studying, which only made him seem even more different than most kids he knew. He really just hadn’t met any kids who showed as much smarts as he had. Something he’s taken up recently is “inventing”, not really being all that great at it as he hasn’t successfully created a single thing, but he’s learning. He hopes that, with a bit of time, he’ll be able to “invent” all kinds of useful things to help him. Right now, though, all he faces is failure and he hates it, getting really frustrated and a bit discouraged.

» Other:

~Yours truly, me

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Chiron the Totodile Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chiron the Totodile   Chiron the Totodile EmptyMon Aug 05, 2019 10:57 pm

This character has been approved!

Sorry it took so long oTL

Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.  Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Chiron the Totodile
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