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 Trucy the Fletchling

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Trucy the Fletchling  Empty
PostSubject: Trucy the Fletchling    Trucy the Fletchling  EmptyMon Oct 01, 2018 6:23 pm

» Name: Trucy
» Sex: Female
» Species: #661 Fletchling - The Tiny Robin Pokemon
» Affiliation: Wanderer

» Level: 5
» Energy: 16 (11 BE + 5)
» Ability: Gale Wings

» Moves:
- Tackle (Level 1)
- Growl- (Level 1)
- Tailwind (Egg move)
- Move 4 - None!

» Natural Feats:
-Communication - Fletchling can send signals to one another with it’s Chirps and Tailfeather movements.

-Protective Body Heat - Make contact with this Pokémon unexpectedly and it will heat up in an instant, be careful, it can hurt!

-Gale Wings- If this Pokémon uses a Flying type move when it’s at full health, the move will have priority. (The user will go first)

» Relatives:
-Zack, Trucy’s Father, (Talonflame, NPC)
-Thalassa, Trucy’s Mother, (Talonflame, NPC)

» Personality: Trucy loves a good fight, she isn’t afraid to challenge opponents who are stronger than her. She can often be overconfident and exceedingly rude when angered. Due to this, she tries her best to conceal temper, as it brings out the worst in her.

Whether win or lose, Trucy is a good sport, and will congratulate the winner of her fights, and won’t taunt her opponent if they lose, however, she will not tolerate sore losers / sore winners.

Trucy is a night owl. (night robin?) She loves to stay up late. Because of her late night sleep schedule, she usually tries to sleep in and, when awoken early, she is grumpy and groggy.

When Trucy is given free time, she’ll either be swimming in the Small Pond, Practicing both Aerial and Grounded combat, and.... Reading!?

» Likes:
Reading: Reading is the only thing that will make Trucy feel comfortable when she is alone, as she is easily sucked into a good book. She tends to reads tales of Action and Adventure. Trucy’s love for reading wouldn’t of existed if it weren’t for her mother.

Swimming: Trucy feels at peace when she goes for a swim, She usually uses her high body temperature to make the water warmer if she feels it’s too cold. Once she enters, expect her not to leave for a while.

Flying: Obvious for a Flying type like herself. She adores the rush of flying. When flying, she tends to be an exhibitionist, doing tricks in an attempt to attention, this also applies to her in combat.

Sparring: Trucy loves to spar, she will go all out in any sparring session, as she wants to see how much better she has become. Trucy tries to stay in the air during her fights, when she needs to attack, she tries to land a speedy attack and give no chance for any possible retaliation. While doing this, she might try to pull off a flashy trick, just for style, though this usually ends up getting herself into trouble. She tends to do this only if she has a lead or if she knows what her opponent is going to do next.

» Dislikes: Thunderstorms: Trucy is only afraid of Thunder when flying, since if she gets struck by thunder while airborne, she’ll be done for. When down on the ground though, Trucy is fine with thunder, except it’s loud echo that it gives off.

Early Risers: As long they don’t wake don’t wake her up, Trucy is fine, but when early risers try to wake her up, she’ll be guaranteed to be angry. She takes the phrase “Rude Awakening” to another level.

Sudowoodo: After a personal bad experience with a Sudowoodo, she has grown weary of the species in general. The weariness also increases with the species being a rock type, a typing that has an advantage over her.

» History: Born an only child in Aileron Village, Trucy lived a very run of the mill life, and she was fine with that. With her hometown being so small, there really wasn’t anything exciting going on in her life, and her mother realized that, and decided to read her a story, a tale of two adventures. This was the first time Trucy had ever heard of or even thought of the concept of Adventure, and this excited her immensely, she wanted to join a guild and go on an adventure of her very own.

About a week later, Her parents saw her off, as she began her journey to Grassveil, along her way she decided to train against Pokémon along the way, just like the two adventurers. Unluckily for her, halfway in her journey to Grassveil, she picked a wrong fight with a Sudowoodo, and was easily crushed in battle. When she awoke from fainting, she realized that the Sudowoodo had took almost all of her goods, leaving only an apple, oran berry and a book that was given to her by her mother. She was relieved that her book was safe, but angry that all of her food was gone. She used that anger as adrenaline to fly the rest of the way to Grassveil.

» Other: She carries a small, slightly worn out pouch. She carries her items and books in here.

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Trucy the Fletchling  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Trucy the Fletchling    Trucy the Fletchling  EmptyThu Oct 11, 2018 7:17 am

Character has been approved... but!

While this character application has no particular errors, I'd like to point a few things out just for future reference. First off, fletchling's feat for burning people isn't meant to imply that it gets some kind of guaranteed burn when things touch it; rather, it's just saying that they will heat themselves up if spooked, and it may hurt. You're putting far too much emphasis on the "will" part, so remember that. Second, this history mentions the character being left with an apple and an oran berry. To be clear, you cannot start with items like that. It's fine to say she had some items with her in her history, but you cannot start with an apple and an oran berry (the pouch is fine). Also, the character as a whole isn't very fleshed out, with her only particularly noteworthy trait being "I like to fight and show off." I would normally deny the application and ask that you try to give this character some more depth for your own good, but since you've already waited a while, I'll just leave you with the suggestion that you should try to elaborate on her as you play her, or else you and the people you play with are going to get very bored.

With that out of the way, your character is approved.

Trucy the Fletchling  XHi2

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Trucy the Fletchling
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