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 southpawXlegacy's Records

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southpawXlegacy's Records Empty
PostSubject: southpawXlegacy's Records   southpawXlegacy's Records EmptyThu Aug 23, 2018 9:02 pm

» Link to Original Bio: right here
» Name: Saturn
» Gender: Male
» Species: #104 Cubone - The Lonely Pokemon
» Affiliation: Windrose Scout/Peak Academy Student

» Level: 10 (+2 lvls from Pokemon Day event)
» Energy: 24
» Base Energy: 14
» Ability: Battle Armor- Hard armor protects the Pokémon from critical hits.
» Moveset:
-Ancient Power (Egg Move)
-Growl (lvl 1)
-Tail Whip (lvl 3)
-Bone Club (lvl 7)
» Forgotten Moves:

» Moves to Learn:
-Headbutt (lvl 11)
-Leer (lvl 13)
-Focus Energy (lvl 17)
-Bonemerang (lvl 21)
-Rage (lvl 23)
-False Swipe (lvl 27)
-Thrash (lvl 31)
-Fling (lvl 33)
-Stomping Tantrum (lvl 37)
-Endeavor (lvl 41)
-Double Edge (lvl 43)
-Retaliate (lvl 47)
-Bone Rush (lvl 51)

» Inventory: (Italicized - Not for trade | @ - Equipped)
Life Seed
Heal Seed
Reviver Seed
Blast Seed
Sleep Seed
Stun Seed
Oran Berry x0
Pecha Berry
Persim Berry
Rawst Berry
Chesto Berry
Rollcall Orb
Brown Gummi  
4 sheets of scrap paper
a pen
Temporal Seed
Echo Apple
Used TM (Hidden Power)
» Total Page Count: 11  (9 page(s) to go until lvl up)

» Leftover Posts from Incomplete Pages: 17 (13 post(s) to go until lvl up)

» Merit Points: 4/4 (total obtained/amount remaining)

» Threads (Ongoing) 6/6:
School Time
Autumn Frost?
Spooktastic Costume Party!
Making Paint
Joint Expedition: Investigation
An Odd Foreigner in Grassveil (Join Post)

» Threads (Locked):
A Misty Expedition (Temporary)
Expectations (Permanent)
Braving the Mysterious Swampland (Permanent)
Snacks, Conversation and Performance (Permanent)
Shadow's Hue (Temporary)
Joint Expedition: Prologue
Joint Expedition: Training

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southpawXlegacy's Records
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