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 Headmaster's Faculty Interview Room

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Headmaster's Faculty Interview Room Empty
PostSubject: Headmaster's Faculty Interview Room   Headmaster's Faculty Interview Room EmptyFri Aug 17, 2018 6:01 am

Faculty Interveiw Room

Things to Consider when Applying: Teachers
Why does your character want to teach? Are they the responsible type that wants to look out for incoming students? Are they an old veteran looking for a change of pace? Do they have a personal tie to the academy? You should briefly contemplate what drew your character to the leadership position, and how dedicated they are to it. Are they prepared for their tasks or are they still new to this kind of responsibility and are learning as they go?
What about your character resonates with the selected topics? What got them interested in the subject in the first place? Teaching is a very personal task, especially at this academy. You are the one that calls the shots when it comes to how you want to shape your lesson. Is your character a hands-on craftsman, or are they philosophical about their hobbies? How does your character express themself?
In what unique ways does your character interpret their majors? What special skills does your character have to offer? What can your character teach their students that will help them succeed in the field you’re trying to coach them in? The information from the former topic is also important here, as it is good to understand what your character wants to improve at as well. Being a teacher is about learning too, to some extent. You are the leader, but you can still pick up new knowledge as you share what you know with your students!
How long do you think your character will want to teach for? No plan is stays completely the same, and the academy is a place that supports change. Your character’s time here can be as permanent or as transitory a position as you’d like it to be. That being said, it’s good to at least have an idea of your character’s commitment level before you submit an application for a teaching position. If your stay with the academy is going to be on the shorter side, you may want to consider a club position or focusing on the classes provided instead. One teacher leaving means one less person to provide classes, so the loss of a teacher is actually a pretty big deal.
Anything else. If you’ve thought of something that you think is significant but you don’t think it matches with any of the previous topics, include it anyway. You should feel free to present the best of your character, without limiting yourself to just the preceding topics.

Roleplay Sample Suggestions: Teachers
It would be best if you stated the activity goal in brackets in front of your sample: [Goal: Find 3 Pecha Berries.] Mary Sue walked into the pavilion with a huge smile on her face- starkly contrasting the massive dark circles under her eyes. She had spent the entire night planning for today, but she knew her work would pay off. “Good morning, everyone!” she announced in a chipper tone. “Today we’ll be going on a field trip!”...
Take a few sentences to set the scene of your class - where are you, what part of the class are you in, how is your character feeling? Nate hoped that none of the students had noticed the cold sweat running down his back as he turned to grab a ball from the supply bin. “Now we’ll try a reflex test...” he murmured as he internally worked his nerves back up. He couldn’t tell whether the students were enjoying the class so far or not; they all just seemed like they were staring through him!!! This was not the glistening classroom scene that he had been imagining...
Include an NPC or a situation that intentionally challenges your character: ...Yes! So far, John Doe’s sculpting class was going great! He could feel his heart thumping gleefully in his chest. This was all he had dreamed of and more: the entire class liked each other, and already he could see some of them trying interesting things with the material he had provided them. He didn’t think his smile could get any wider.
It only took one flying lump of clay to completely wipe that smile from his face.
“Who threw that?” he asked in a passive-aggressive tone. He caught the sound of anger in his voice and tried to pull himself back before he let his notorious temper get the best of him. It was too late to stop what was coming, however. His answer came as another lump of clay, lobbed right at the space between his eyes... and just like that, his perfect classroom transformed into a tense war zone. ...
Instead of planning a big class, write about an icebreaker activity for your students to open the thread with: ...After all the students had entered the pavilion, Jane cleared her throat to get her students’ attention. “Good morning everyone!” she called with a smile. “I know this is our first class together, and we don’t know each other very well yet. I’ve got an idea that might help us fix that, however.” She set everyone up into pairs. “Okay, we’re going to have a few practice bouts. The loser has to tell us something they like to do, and the winner has to tell us things like their name and where they came from!” ...
Please note: These samples are for inspiration on things you can include. Their size may not reflect the size of your final product necessarily, and you do not have to include just one. Also, if you’re unsure about your RP sample, feel free to run it by the headmaster or the other teachers to see what they think of it!

Things to Consider when Applying: Club Leaders
What kind of personality does your character have? There is a level of responsibility to being a club leader. How does your character handle this responsibility? How would they try to keep attendees entertained; are they naturally charismatic or do they need to put up a front?

What is your club all about? You should spend at least a little time considering the topic of your club and how you can make meeting out of it. Try to pick something that’s fun and unique from the clubs and majors that already exist. Yes, you can even make a fan club for a particular character on the site! (If you make a fan club for your own character, I would just say prepare to be memed). Make sure that your topic is broad enough to include many different types of meetings, and isn’t too much of a one-off.


Anything else. Club Leader applications are a bit less serious, but you still need to show that you can handle the responsibilities of the position. Be as thorough as you can. Also, just put n/a in the section of the application asking for item suggestions.

Roleplay Sample Suggestions: Club Leaders
Bracket your meeting topic in front of your role play sample: [Topic: Making a stick effigy of Sova the Glaceon!] TBA

Take a few sentences to set the scene: what is your club doing, where are they, what is your character thinking?: TBA

Demonstrate how your character would handle difficult situations: TBA

Include a few different activities that you could do under one topic: TBA

Rules and Information on Using NPC Teachers:
-RPers may only have one class open with each NPC teacher at a time, unless they have approval from the headmaster(s). Please also check with the headmaster before starting a thread with an NPC teacher.-

-Members with the role of “student” are welcome to apply to be teachers with the NPC teacher bios. This will not increase the rank of any of their current students directly, rather they will be added to a separate list of people approved to RP NPC teachers.

-Until short bios are made, please use the following NPC bios to apply with an NPC: Yamini Varsha the Medicham or Sloan the Golurk.

-If a student wishes their own character to be promoted to teacher while they have been approved for an NPC teacher, they still must provide a separate application for that student demonstrating the student’s capability to lead.-

-IN THE EVENT THAT AN NPC TEACHER ENTERS A DUNGEON: NPC Teachers DO NOT have energy and therefore cannot roll in dungeons unless outfitted with a Trawl Orb/Mob Orb/Energy Item from their available academy inventory. They have the standard inventory of 10 items, including any items brought with them. RPers may select 3-5 items (depending on the difficulty assigned to the class by the headmaster(s)) from this collective inventory for use, assuming any items exist for use. Items collected by NPC teachers after a thread will be added to the NPC teacher's inventory- although items with no foreseeable purpose will be thrown out in order to prevent auto-completing any classes. Teachers using NPC teachers are asked to provide the headmaster(s) with a list of items obtained with the NPC teacher when a thread is complete.-

- Restorative moves have no effect on NPC teacher's energy (since they have no energy.)-

-A class hosted with an NPC teacher will not not award merit points to any of the user’s other active characters- unless they participate with their own character as well - due to constraints concerning graduation. Merit points are meant in part to be a signifier of the student’s personal progression through the school, and applying merit points for achievements not made by the student themselves would be a false representation of progress on that student’s academy bio. However, the headmaster(s) will take the following measures to ensure NPC roleplay is still rewarded:

Quote :
1. The headmaster will keep notes on which members have roleplayed each NPC, and will keep a record of total merit points earned by the teachers overall.
2. NPC roleplaying will be taken into consideration when applying bonus merit points.
3. During months where the academy's budget is not fully used, the NPC teacher's merit points may be used to [stock the NPC's inventory with essential exloration items, or] to award all students with a small bonus stipend of either cash or items with a value of up to 4 merit points (200 poke) for their hard work! [This is an either/or occurrence, both will not be enacted in the same month.]

-Club Leaders may not use NPC teachers, as teachers cannot host clubs.-

Faculty Application Form
[b]» Character Name & Species:[/b]
[b]» Teacher or Club Leader:[/b]
[b]» Majors/Topic:[/b]
[b]» Why does your character want to teach/lead this?:[/b] (NOTE: You are not required to fill this section out when applying with an NPC teacher, however doing so will lend more to your application. If you choose to do so, try your best to fill it out as closely as closely as you can to what you think the teacher would want. Otherwise, simply put "NPC.")

[b]» Please provide a short roleplay example of your character leading an activity:[/b]

[b]» If you are suggesting a new major, what kinds of rewards do you think are appropriate?:[/b] N/A if applying with an NPC.

[b]» Levels of Existing Characters:[/b]
[b]» Other:[/b]


Headmaster's Faculty Interview Room OvDQUbE

Å͙͍̳̣͙͕̎b̵͉͔̺̱͍̹̼̋̈a̧̯̱͓̝̰n̟̖̈́ͯd̡̫͇̤̙̹̻̈õ̶͙̆́ͨ̀̃ͥn̟̖̪͍̤̋ͅ ̜̦̠̔̾á̛͖͎̥͎̭͑̽ļ̭͎͙͕̗̽ͯ̅l̩ ̢͖̲͎̤̲ͤͭ̈͛̑̃ḧͩͦ̆ͣ͏̤̭̱̳̮o̫̦̱͇͂ͨp̴̱eͥ̐̍͛ͥ,͍͔̼̜̜͇ ̙͙͂ͪ̇ͭ̎͝y̴̬̒͌͑ͅe̹̟͍͓ ̥̈́͜w͈̝̞̦̘͖̯͗ͤ̊̿ͣ͒ḧ̨͂͊̅̆o̫̜̰ͣ̅̎̊̈̍́ ̴̠̺ͩ͆ͫͣͭͤ̓ͅe̡̳̩̟͓ñ̥̥̹̜t͔̩̜̃ͦ̋ͣė͙̳̯̣̼̈́ͅr̿̓́ ̈͑҉̫̘̠̱͎̰T̵̘̘̗̺͓͍̦ͤ̒̇ͮH̰̺̰̲̦̖͖͚́̄ͮ̋͝Ệ̫͕͂͝ ̢̹͔͖̗̟̣̬͖̔ͯ̑̽C̫̯͓̥͎͌̓ͬ́ͤ͋̾ͭ̚̕͝Ű̮̟̖̝͙̉ͬ̇R̰̣̰͐͛̀̾̂̊͂̚͢͟͞Ṛ̻̟̱̥̗͎̜̓̊͑̄̊͢E̢̖̬̫̤ͦ̇́͑̓̍̎N̵̮̺̬̣͇͚ͧ̅̀͞T͕̹͕͓̝͕̀ͧͭͤ̍ͪ͟ ̱͍̬̘̖̄ͯͬ͑͊ͣͥͦ͘͢͢P̢͓͓͕̦͎̝̮͛ͪͅL̢̬͔͚̦͚̮̒̆͗͛O̸̧̟̻̞ͣ͊ͮ̏T̺̻͖̲̞́ͬ͐̒ͤ̿̀


Sprite by Sova and BlueKat

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Headmaster's Faculty Interview Room Empty
PostSubject: Re: Headmaster's Faculty Interview Room   Headmaster's Faculty Interview Room EmptySat Aug 18, 2018 4:23 am

I originally wanted a third section to my RP sample but I'll admit I was struggling to make it fun without having other people and their characters to bounce off of, so I hope the two parts are alright ^-^

» Character Name & Species: Mille the Fennekin
» Teacher or Club Leader: Teacher
» Majors/Topic:

I've listed some potential classes underneath each Major.

Essential Skills
-Cooking & Nutrition / Food Tech
-Survival Skills (Including foraging, dungeon knowledge etc. This class could overlap with other dungeon focussed majors in the future if need be)
-Textiles & Crafting
-Business Management

Performing Arts
-Move Combinations
-Dance / Acrobatics
-Singing / Music
-Stage Design (?)

» Why does your character want to teach/lead this?:

Overall, Mille is a very passionate individual who puts her all into everything she decides to do. She has tutored people even during her youth as established within her original character bio. In the village she previously lived in, her mother was somewhat of a formal teacher for the village kids, and so when Mille made her own friends, she would teach them the things she learned whilst exploring the forests around their home, similar to what the contents of the Survival Skills class might be for the Essential Skills major.

As for the content itself, both majors are linked with things that Mille is already established as enjoying as a character. Probably the most prominent is the main reason for choosing the Essential Skills (formerly Home Economics) major, which is Mille's love for cooking. She enjoys cooking so much that she set up a business in Grassveil Town square. Of course, her stall sells mostly sweet treats (aka pancakes xD), but she is well versed in many forms of cooking and loves to experiment with recipes, thus allowing her to gain much knowledge on nutrition and how food is made and produced. The additional class examples in Essential Skills are all based on things that Mille would have some form of knowledge of, either through her hobbies (i.e her enjoyment of fashion leading to textiles and crafting) or her day to day living (She runs her own business, and had to survive the journey to Grassveil Town in order to even start it. Plus, she goes out often to collect ingredients for her stall). Essential Skills to Mille, is basically teaching others how to survive in the world that they live in, but Mille's classes also focus on giving her students the tools and skills they might need to branch out into different professions should they wish to in order to make a living for themselves.

The Performing Arts major is a little more 'out there' when it comes to Mille's actual skills, but still tailors to her interests. Mille is an incredibly confident individual, especially in her skills, and so I think would make a good teacher to instil confidence in others, as needed to succeed in a performing arts class. Although not a consistent feature of her stall, Mille will also put on a little bit of a show for her customers if the wait times for their orders are becoming long, making a performance out of the cooking process in order to keep them engaged with some additional flair and prevent them from becoming bored whilst waiting. Mille's Performing Arts classes would be focussed on bringing out the potential of the students who attend, helping them build up their confidence through learning to perform. However, she would also focus on the 'fun' aspect of the major, encouraging students to get creative and try things that they want to try.

Overall, I think Mille's outgoing personality and kind disposition are the hallmarks of a good and engaging teacher. She also likes to keep herself engaged, preferring something to do over an afternoon of nothing, which is what would allow her to both keep her commitments as a teacher and as a business owner for a long time to come. Mille also genuinely enjoys sharing the knowledge she has gained with others, and gets a great sense of achievement from helping someone understand something that they didn't previously.

» Please provide a short roleplay example of your character leading an activity:

Food Tech / Cooking - [Cook an Apple Crumble // RP 2 Pages ]

The sun was high in the sky, marking the time as around noon. Mille spared the sky a quick glance, the sun's position causing a small burst of excitement to cross the Fennekin's features. Her next class would be starting soon! Mille's pace increased and she hurried even faster over towards the pavilion where she would be teaching shortly. As she did so, the Fennekin carried a metal fire pit, the equipment practically covering her body as she supported it's weight. She needed the hefty equipment for the students to be able to cook over open fires during today's class.

Finally reaching the Essential Skills pavilion, Mille lowered the pit from her back, the legs making a metal clang as they made contact with the ground. She now had a grand total of four fire pits set up. It had definitely been a workout bringing them over, but even as Mille used one paw to wipe the sweat from her fur, she couldn't help but think exertion was more than worth it.
"Right. Four should be enough!" she nodded to herself, padding over to a stack of sticks that she'd brought with her.

Mille methodically added wood to each of the fire pits. She parted her jaws to light one of the fire pits with a quick Ember, but paused. I guess that would use up a lot of wood unnecessarily... she considered, realising that it would eat into the supply that she had gathered before her students even arrived. Nodding to herself and making a mental note to light them all later, the Fennekin then proceeded to make further last minute checks, double checking that she had enough ingredients for the students to use and that the iron pans she'd procured for the class were all of good quality.

Satisfied that she had everything that she needed, Mille glanced up at the sun once again. A bright grin crossed her face; she only had a few minutes until the students would start arriving!


As the students began to enter the pavilion, Mille beckoned them towards the front where a number of tables were set up. The fire pits had all been set up near the back. She was stood on top of a small tree stump style seat, holding a piece of chalk in her jaws and using it to write on a freestanding chalkboard situated at the very front. When she finished writing, she dropped the chalk into it's little holder, turning to the class to reveal 'Apple Crumble' written neatly on the board.

"Welcome!" She grinned as the last few students trailed in, "If you all settle at the front for now, we'll be ready to start in just a moment!"

As the students settled into their seats, Mille hopped down from her perch and began greeting each student in turn, grouping the class of twelve into four neat groups of three. She handed each group an iron pan and a set of ingredients before returning to the front of the class.

Hopping back up onto her stump-stool so that she could see everyone clearly, Mille called for quiet. Her tone was pleasant but firm and she waited until the students were all quiet before she began.
"Good afternoon everyone! We've done a lot of smaller things in our past few lessons, but today we'll be combining parts of our knowledge to cook something simple but tasty, using ingredients that you could come by almost anywhere: Apples!" She paused to hold up a rosy red apple, freshly gathered from the nearby Pecha Forest.

"As you may have seen on the board as you came in, we will be baking an apple crumble!" she motioned to the chalkboard behind her as she spoke,"I have a few pieces here for you to try before we get started, so that you know what we'll be aiming for with the finished bake!"

Low murmuring broke out between the students as Mille hopped off of her stool once again, some of them taking the chance to comment to their group-mates about being able to eat food this early into the class. Mille chuckled to herself, as she handed out a small piece to each of the students, allowing them a few moments to each try the baked treat before she addressed the class once again.

"Can anyone describe the two main elements that make up this dish?" She asked lightly, "These will be what determines whether your crumble is successful or not!"

» If you are suggesting a new major, what kinds of rewards do you think are appropriate?:

Essential Skills;
-Apples, Berries, Seeds and other 'food' items.
-Evolution items, since it's focussed around daily life which would include evolution?
-Scarves/Bows/Bands as they could be 'created' or personalised during a textiles class.

Performing Arts;
-Strange tickets as some of the classes are move based.
-TMs, if specific ones are to be offered then ones like Sing, Round, Dance based moves and very 'showy' moves.
-Orbs, especially ones with unique effects that could be used for performances such as luminous orbs.
-Scarves/Bows/Bands in the name of costumes.

» Levels of Existing Characters: 19, 11, 9, 14, 8, 6, 8, 10, 8, 13 and 5 in the order of creation, Mille being the last.
» Other: Although my initial focus for the performing arts major was the Move Combinations as that's something I'd love to explore myself because I quite enjoy the idea of Sinnoh style contest appeals, others expressed interest in taking the more 'normal' performing arts classes such as music and singing, so I opted to include those as potential classes as well. Dance and acrobatics I think would be a good way for characters to train their speed and reflexes so to speak whereas Theatre would just be a fun performance-based class that could mix all of the elements taught in other classes into an actual 'show.' I also added a stage design class to the performing arts major at the last minute, but I'm not sure if I'll end up keeping the idea.

Home Economics changed to Essential Skills so that name fits the broader variety of classes/topics covered within the major.

Headmaster's Faculty Interview Room P5_sty10xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHeadmaster's Faculty Interview Room Skiddo
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Headmaster's Faculty Interview Room Empty
PostSubject: Re: Headmaster's Faculty Interview Room   Headmaster's Faculty Interview Room EmptyTue Aug 28, 2018 12:18 pm

» Character Name & Species: Sova, glaceon
» Teacher or Club Leader: Teacher
» Majors/Topic: Battling, Expeditionary Studies
» Why does your character want to teach/lead this?: His biggest reason for wanting to teach at this school because he has at least one kid interested in going here and wants to be able to look after her.  He has ample experience in combat and exploration, and he feels this is a good application of his knowledge to teach others to protect themselves.

» Please provide a short roleplay example of your character leading an activity:

[Battling: spend 2 pages sparring]

More faces than I expected.  I was really hoping for a small class... or no class.  Oh well.

Sova wasn't exactly looking forward to this.  He was interested in getting involved with this school for the sake of his kid, not other people's kids, but signing up as a faculty member seemed like the best way.  He wasn't too worried about the actual teaching part since he'd chosen to host classes for topics he was painfully experienced in, but he was still dreading the implications of being a teacher.  The idea of helping inexperienced explorers and normal citizens alike keep themselves safe was at least some consolation, but he still wasn't too enthusiastic about actually interacting with a class, and he made no effort to hide his displeasure.  Granted, this was how he usually looked; he tried to keep the hood of his cloak up to help cover his perpetually moody expression, but he felt it more appropriate to show his face clearly in this setting, scars and all.

Alas, he now had a job to do.  Standing in front of a class that felt bigger than it really was, the glaceon internally sighed before speaking.  "So, you're all here because for one reason or another, you want to learn to fight," he started up, wasting no time on a warm welcome.  He wanted to get to the point as quick as possible and get on with what would be his first lesson.  He'd chosen to host his class out by the pond since it was a safe, open area in the school's vicinity, and he intended to spend this first class just getting a feel for the general experience level of his class.  "Just let me make one thing clear first: I'm here to teach you how to protect yourself and others, not how to hurt people.  Violence should never be your first-"

He was stopped mid-sentence as he noticed a particular student, a monferno, whispering and snickering to some of the others.  "Something you'd like to say?" he questioned, to which the monkey seemed eager to respond.

"Yeah, no one told me my combat instructor would be a cripple," came the student's words with a rather condescending attitude to match.  He seemed quite proud of himself, clearly upset at being taught by someone he'd already deemed beneath him due to physical attributes, but it was also an obvious attempt to make fun of someone just for the sake of it.  The worst part of it was that most the other students seemed hesitant to dismiss the comment.

Sova sighed, this time externally.  He wished the white cloak helped more with concealing the fact that he only had three working legs, but at least it covered most of his scars.  "I don't need to be fit to fight just to teach someone else how to.  Now, I'd like to use today to get an idea of where you all stand and how we should begin.  For now, you'll pair up and spar so I can see what you can do and you can get acquainted with each other at the same time.  Just don't overdo it," he explained.  Just as he paused to consider what to say next, a hand went up to signal someone had a question.  "What?" he spoke mostly just to acknowledge the student, a pansage.

The leafy little monkey seemed a bit nervous, taking a moment to compose himself before responding, "There's an uneven amount...  Will one of us have to sit out?"  It was a good question, unlike the previous one.  This one deserved an answer, and Sova had just the thing in mind.

"Someone can pair up with me.  Aside from that, everyone's free to pick their own partner, so get to it and start whenever you're ready," he stated.  Almost immediately, the group began trying to sort out pairings while Sova stood by and... supervised.  The rude monferno from prior somehow managed to convince the much more timid pansage to be his partner - something about them sticking together because of physical similarities - and in no time at all, the pairs were all decided.  Sova was left with a very enthusiastic deerling most of the other students seemed to be avoiding, probably because they found her annoying.  The friendly sparring started up and seemed to be going good for a whole two minutes, but it didn't take long for Sova to notice that the monferno was being rather rough with his partner...  He was giving the poor kid a demonstration of that cocky attitude as well, and it clearly needed to be addressed.

Sova limped his way straight over to the two monkeys as the monferno held the pansage back by the head with an outstretched arm.  "Hey," Sova began, staring at the pansage, "Let's switch partners."  The overconfident bully seemed to like this.  Of course.

As the teacher and his new training partner got into position for their friendly spar, the latter decided to make another comment.  "I'll try not to hurt you," he said, still so confident in himself.  Sova chose to ignore this.

"Start whenever you're-"

The glaceon was interrupted as the monferno suddenly rushed forward, eager to get the teacher down and show off even if it meant cheap tactics.  Sova wasn't going to reprimand someone for thinking on their feet, but it certainly said a lot about this kid.  He stood totally still as the monkey approached, immobile and uncaring until the last possible second.  The monferno tried to start off with a broad swing of his right arm, showing a lack of skill in his movements that left his attack easy to dodge.  Sova hardly had to move at all, simply taking a step back and to the left and moving just barely enough to avoid the fist.  The monferno was unprepared for his attack to be avoided and ended up stumbling forward, once more demonstrating his lack of real skill, but he managed to recover quickly and lunge for his target once more almost instantly, throwing a similarly clumsy punch with his other arm.  The result was the same: Sova merely stepped out of the way with no visible struggle and no further reaction.  So far, he was unimpressed.

The flaming simian seemed to be growing agitated, but tried still to play it cool and make himself look good.  "Is the teacher scared of me?" he taunted, making it painfully clear that he was fishing for a reaction.  He wouldn't get one.

This pause didn't last long before the battle was back on, if it could even be called a battle.  Again and again the monferno rushed in with his uncoordinated movements and rushed attacks, narrowly missing every time.  It may have looked more impressive than it was since Sova was actually making sure to just barely avoid every hit, moving only the bare minimum needed each time.  A duck here, a lean to the side there, and he hardly even had to do anything with his legs.  Standing in place for half the attacks and still avoiding them was clearly getting to the monferno, making him more annoyed and subsequently less refined with every attempt.  "See!?  This is what I mean!  A cripple can't-" the ignorant student started up, but made the mistake of trying to focus on speaking and throwing another punch at the same time.  Sova simply stepped out of the way once more, but this time the monferno did something surprising: without warning, he threw a punch with his other arm just as the glaceon moved to avoid the first strike, trying to take advantage of the "cripple" and make another attack before he could recover his footing from the first.  Fortunately, Sova didn't even have to try to dodge this time.

The primate's attack was interrupted as he tripped over his own feet, faceplanting on the ground in front of the glaceon.  He had exhausted himself with his inefficient, careless attacks, and he'd been so negligent of his own well-being that it looked like he'd actually managed to hurt himself with the fall based on his groans.  Sova stared down at him with a very unamused expression.  He couldn't help but notice most of the class was more focused on this scene than their own training, so he decided to take the moment to say something: "As I tried to say earlier, I'm not here to teach you how to hurt each other.  Not every problem has to be solved with blood, and part of my class will be learning to tell when aggression is appropriate... and when it's unnecessary."  He glanced back down at the monferno who was now looking back up at him from on the ground.  "I didn't hit you because I knew I didn't need to.  You're sloppy and overconfident; you could really use this class.  That said, if you use what I teach you to be a bully, getting banned from my lessons will be the least of your problems.  I won't tolerate a coward who just wants to push others down so he can stand over them."

While the monferno was clearly upset, he behaved himself after that, and there were no other problems from any of the other students either.

» If you are suggesting a new major, what kinds of rewards do you think are appropriate?: For Expeditional Studies, typical explorer resources like orbs, berries, TMs, etc. seem fitting.  Maybe a badge or license or something that can only be gained by advanced students and gives permission to go to the normally-off-limits dungeons that only advanced guild members are currently allowed to explore.  It'd be nice to provide another way for someone to gain access to those areas, because the guild expedition thing clearly isn't gonna happen anytime soon.

» Levels of Existing Characters: Sova - 83, Krikka - 26, Dusk - 19, Skylar - 19, Ivirar - 14, Geo - 12, Keith - 11, Kurai - 10, Sy'rin - 10, Fenris - 9, Mei - 9, Emmelyn - 8, Firseir - 8, Uthinare - 8, Velikye - 8, Silk - 5, Aiga - 5.
» Other:

Welcome To The End:

Character Records

Oh yeah, and I dabble in pixel art.  If you're interested, check out my shop.

>And now for a bit about myself.<
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PostSubject: Re: Headmaster's Faculty Interview Room   Headmaster's Faculty Interview Room EmptyTue Sep 04, 2018 6:29 pm

» Character Name & Species: Boreas the Amaura
» Teacher or Club Leader: Club Leader
» Majors/Topic: Fortresses and Flygons Club
» Why does your character want to teach/lead this?: Because he's spent a while working on this little game of his and he thinks it is really neat and wants to share it with other people in hopes that they too will think that it is really neat and that everyone one will have a good time together going on fun fantasy adventures where no one has to get hurt and it'll be great and there will be snacks.

More than anything he's just interested in starting a club to get together with people where they can tell stories and make friends. He thinks it would be a great way for people to get social with each other and de-stress between classes and adventures. He's really just a big softie who wants to help people have fun and smile.

» Please provide a short roleplay example of your character leading an activity:

[Goal: RP. Get to 5 pages.]

Boreas squinted. This one was really gonna be a toughie for them. He hoped he hadn't made it too difficult. But wait, what if he had made it too easy? He didn't want everyone to get bored! Maybe he should just throw one more monster into this encounter, just to be sure.

No, he should stick with the plan. He'd been working on this encounter for a while now. He was sure it would work. Or, well, at least he hoped it would work out just fine and everyone would enjoy it. That was the best possible outcome in this situation.

He cleared his throat and, looking out over the wooden screen he'd propped up at the end of the table, he began. "Alright, everyone. So, last week you entered the town of Daycreek and agreed to help the nice Mayor with his bandit problem. After stocking up on supplies and talking to some of the locals about what the area might be like, you figured that the bandits must be hiding in the caves out to the east. Gathering your things together, you headed out."

He shuffled a few papers. "Uh, now you, uh, are coming up on the cave systems on your map. One of you sees a big cave mouth and carved into the stone are words. It says, "Cragdeep Mines"." He waved his fin's about for dramatic emphasis.

"Oo! Oh! I bet it's an abandoned mine! I wanna make a History check!" One of the other pokemon at the table raised their hand and was waving it around frantically.

[Roll 1d20. This will be accomplished by an RNG online. Most likely random.org. I'll keep a close watch to suss out if anyone is cheating, but this will be, for the most part, a trust-based system. If a player needs to roll, I'll specifically let them know what and how in my post OOC. There won't be a posting order, to keep it breezy, eazy, and beautiful, but there will be "rounds" in a sense. So, if there are four participants in a thread, then those four participants can post in any order for each round, but only once per round. Example:

Player 1 Post
Player 2 Post
Player 3 Post
Player 3 Post
Player 1 Post
Player 2 Post

"Okay, go ahead!" The Pokemon rolled the dice that Boreas had made for everyone. "Yes!" they shouted, "I got a 16! Is that good enough?"


"Uh, yeah, I think so. You remember hearing talk from some of the townsfolk about this old abandoned mine out on the edge of town. Apparently, there was a cave-in some years ago and no one has been back since.

"Oh, cool... You think the bandits are in there, guys?"

"Could be," said another. "I want to roll to see if I can find any tracks. My guy is a ranger and he's really good at that stuff. Let's see. Hm. 11? Does that find anything."

[At this point, I have no plans for there to be any complex character sheets, ability scores, or any of that nonsense. Most of this will be narrative driven. If a player's character in the game would be good at something, they might get a +2 or +4 or etc. to whatever roll they are making. This is more of a club to recreate the feeling of playing DnD with your friends, less of actually playing. Though, if the consensus becomes that everyone here really does just want to do a sort of Pokemon DnD, play-by-post sort of thing, we can certainly do that. It'll just be a bit more work on everyone's part.]

Boreas gave it a think. "Hmm. I think so. There are a few fresh tracks, but you can't tell what pokemon they're from."

"Dang. I guess that's good enough though. I say we should go investigate."

"Yeah!" chimed in the others.

As the party advanced into the Cragdeep mines, Boreas looked over the sheets he had prepared. He'd been thinking over all sorts of different monsters that could be hiding down there. There was one he was looking forward to using. It was sort of like a Charizard, but bigger and meaner. He had just taken to calling it a "dragon". He hoped that it wouldn't scare the party too much. But then again, it just might do the trick.

He laughed to himself as he took a sip of his drink and started to describe the setting of the dark, dank mines to the party. He had a feeling that tonight was going to be a session to remember.  

» If you are suggesting a new major, what kinds of rewards do you think are appropriate?: N/A

» Levels of Existing Characters: Boreas, Level 5  Iva, Level 6
» Other: I've been DMing the real thing for years. I'm your DM. I'm EVERYONE'S DM.

Note: I’d like to know more about how your system works, and how you’d adapt it to meet the needs of this setting. How does one make a character? Will you have dice rolls? How will you incorporate these things into your posts? Also, what will you do in the event that one person needs to make a roll specifically? Will post order be flexible to accommodate those needs? Please elaborate more on the form of your club; otherwise this looks great!

Roll Codes:

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"If you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are." - Zen proverb
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