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 Towns and You: A Guide

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PostSubject: Towns and You: A Guide   Towns and You: A Guide EmptySun Dec 03, 2017 2:01 am

Here are some descriptions of the site's four towns that are more in-depth than the ones on their boards.  These are here so you can get a clear picture of what these towns are like!

Grassveil Town
Surrounded by forested land, Grassveil is a hotspot for trade and tourism.  Its guild and many shops are its main draws, but the town itself and the pokémon who live there are appealing as well.  With a police station AND a guild, it is known for being one of the safest places to live, and the community attracted by this mix of perks is a warm and inviting one.  It's been around for a long time and it has well-kept records of its rich history.  Thanks to its constant influx of visitors from all over, it has a very diverse and ever-changing population; the great public school system and quality housing often encourage outsiders to stick around for the long run, resulting in an plethora of residents with stories to tell.  A fairly large town usually bustling with activity, there's never a dull day in Grassveil!

Rainfront Town
Another popular town is Rainfront, a seaside settlement boasting great vacation attractions such as a beach and a very accommodating inn.  Despite lacking the protection of guilds, police and even any significant form of government, it is still an inviting town.  Most structures in the town are well-built and well-decorated, and the area is abundant with guest housing for rent.  It has rowdy residents who've grown to enjoy a good party thanks to constant exposure to its perfect environment for reckless festivities, but for the most part, they're friendly and don't invite trouble into their town.  The neighboring sea makes it popular with water-types; its moderate climate draws in ice-types due to the lack of hot summers, and similarly, attracts grass-types with its lack of cold winters.

Aileron Village
Aileron Village is best known for the prestigious atmosphere around its airborne environment.  Yep, that's right!  It floats!  Supposedly due to extreme magnetism from the meddling of electric-types, this village and the surrounding areas are always floating miles above the land.  Due to this, most of the residents are flight-capable pokémon, with some having other natural ways of reaching the village.  Very few pokémon incapable of traveling through the air choose to live here, mostly due to safety concerns and difficulty going to and fro.  It is common for newcomers to experience vertigo, weakness and shortness of breath due to the high elevation.  However, it is considered very distinguished, with its guild in particular receiving a great deal of praise for its difficulty of entry, high success rate and quality training.  The village itself, meanwhile, sports beautifully crafted buildings, excellent schooling, and a culture built upon the values of work, discipline and success.  A charizard runs a hot air balloon offering to help flightless travelers get here and back, though many of the townsfolk don't take too kindly to the "Grounded," as they call them.

Grima Outpost
This criminal wasteland was once a town prosperous and reputable enough to compete with the other large settlements combined, even in spite of the terrible natural environment of the area.  Now practically devoid of law, frequented by criminals and left in a haze of unhealthy smog, it is infamous and generally avoided by travelers.  The town is a ruin of its former self, having been reduced to more of a glorified campsite full of rickety tents with the occasional poorly-kept building.  The vast majority of its residents live there either for solace from the law or due to being too poor to afford anywhere else.  Muggings and brawls in broad daylight are not an uncommon occurrance.  Information on the criminal underground is its only real selling point to all but the lower-class and lawless, save for its presence as a resting place in an otherwise-deadly environment.  Poison-types, however, are right at home here and often find the toxins in the air to be quite pleasant.

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Towns and You: A Guide
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