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 An unexpected encounter

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An unexpected encounter Empty
PostSubject: An unexpected encounter   An unexpected encounter EmptyMon Jun 05, 2017 7:44 pm

Grassveil Town. A site full of energy and life. Plethora of Pokemon gather here, many of them part of the Guild, to enjoy the company, the services the Town provides, to train, or to purchase the suitable equipment for their next mission. There is joy, a relaxation defines the atmosphere, everyone seems to be satisfied and getting along with each other. And yet, if anything, Mayline hates every moment she spends even near the Town. If the choice was hers to take, she would have returned to the peace and quiet of the forest, to her sweet solidarity, her safe space from the rest. Alas, she had to venture off of it, though.

Her old tribe were nomads and merchants. They gathered goodies from the wild and sold them to the shops in the Town. Call it bloodline inheritance, or instinct of survival, either will do, Mayline also upholds this way of living. Lately, she has been running short on her own supplies and berries seem to becoming rarer nowadays, so it is up to her to ensure she won't starve. Which is why she has brought with her all sorts of items explorers stash in their inventory: Sticks, pebbles, seeds, even an orb she dag out whilst searching for a safe spot for her currency. What does she use her currency for? Mainly to buy apples. She is still in the process of saving up her fortune to afford the dojo. And while the thoughts run wild in her mind, considering her course of action for the day, all the while paying no attention in front of her, Mayline manages it. She stumbles on a Pokemon, collapses on the ground, and her... her items! They scatter all over the place! Is this what she gets for spending days of searching!? "Hey, watch it!" Sweet irony, she was the one supposed to be paying attention, and she is already losing her temper... "Can't you see I'm coming through!?"

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PostSubject: Re: An unexpected encounter   An unexpected encounter EmptyMon Jun 05, 2017 9:45 pm

Tempo decided to head out of his usual home at Rainfront Town... or rather, the beaches of Rainfront Town, to see if there was anything nice to do at Grassveil. To be honest, this is actually his first time here... It wasn't until recently that he decided to venture out of his usual comfort zone.

He went to the local stores to see what was on sale. There seemed to be the usual fare, like Oran Berries and Apples, but nothing really jumped out to the Oshawott's eyes. He walked from the marketplace to see what else was around town, humming a little tune while doing so, but he runs into a Mawile and falls over! It seems like it scattered the Mawile's items, too... She got up and it seemed to be pissed at Tempo. "Sorry, sorry... I didn't mean to run into you... Guess I wasn't paying attention... Here... Let me help you out as an apology..." He went over to the items that the Mawile dropped and began to pick them up and give them to her.

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PostSubject: Re: An unexpected encounter   An unexpected encounter EmptyTue Jun 06, 2017 12:25 am

When Alki had first seen it, Grassveil Town seemed almost foreboding. There were far too many Pokemon for her, and most of them were substantially larger than her. But if she was a member of Grassveil Guild, that meant she had to spend most of her time in Grassveil Town, no matter how full of Pokemon it was. And after everything that had happened at the guild recently, she wanted to find a gift for her team-mates… she owed them that much, at least, after all the trouble she’d caused.

What would Darcy like? Maybe a ribbon or a bow or maybe a nicer bag? A book? Alki mulled over this, what should she get her? And what should she get Morty? She didn’t know the Skorupi at all, and she was afraid he wouldn’t like her after what had happened… she needed to make sure that wasn’t the case and…

“Ow!” She cried, as she tripped over an orb that had been rolling her way. Why was there an abandoned orb in the middle of the market-place?

Would Darcy or Morty like an Orb?

She considered it, as she held the blue, spherical thing in her hands. Maybe they’d like it? It was awfully pretty. But… it belonged to someone, didn’t it? She sighed, scanning the area sadly. It would’ve been an awfully nice gift for her team-mates, but she doubted that she could afford it. She saw an Oshawott and a Mawile nearby, picking up a bunch of scattered items. She could assume it belonged to them. There were an awful lot of Pokemon there, but no one else seemed worried about the abundance of items that had found themselves on the ground.

“Um… i-is this yours? E-Either of you two...” She said quietly, looking between the Oshawott and Mawile, unsure of who to address. The crowded market wasn’t the most comfortable place for her to be, and her eyes betrayed her nervousness. She stood before the two Pokemon, one rather angry and the other cleaning up after an accident Alki could assume it had caused. “I… err, tripped on it...”


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PostSubject: Re: An unexpected encounter   An unexpected encounter Empty

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An unexpected encounter
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