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 Jewl's Item Shop

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Jewl's Item Shop Empty
PostSubject: Jewl's Item Shop   Jewl's Item Shop EmptyFri Mar 25, 2016 10:11 pm

» Shop Name: Jewl's Traveling Item Shop
» Shop or Service?: Shop
» Location: Grassveil Town, but frequently goes to nearby dungeons

» Name of shop owner: Jewl
» Link to the bio of the shop owner:https://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t5094-jewl-the-shuppet

» What can your shop offer to other Pokemon?: Dungeon items (both rare and not rare) that they could need, such as Oran Berries, Reviver Seeds, and Max Elixirs  are just some examples

I'd also get my items from either local dungeons, or other shop keepers

the price will fluctuate on certain items

for example, if I buy it from a shop, the price will be 5 poke over the price I paid for it, so I can at least make a profit, but it won't be too much higher for those paying for it

if found in a dungeon, the price will either raise 5 poke from the standard, or drop 5 poke from the standard depending on how many i have in stock and how easily I come across them in dungeons.
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Jewl's Item Shop Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jewl's Item Shop   Jewl's Item Shop EmptySat Mar 26, 2016 12:32 am


Approved by Solilo~
Don't forget to make your shop thread ^-^

Jewl's Item Shop P5_sty10xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJewl's Item Shop Skiddo
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Jewl's Item Shop
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