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 Independent Organisation Application Form Template

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PostSubject: Independent Organisation Application Form Template   Independent Organisation Application Form Template EmptyTue Sep 01, 2015 1:12 pm

Independent Organisation Application Form

If you are intending to start your own organisation with one of your character, then you've come to the correct place! This thread contains the form you will need to fill in to get your organisation and all of the things that help run it, approved by an administrator.

Please note when making an organisation, that you will be depended on to keep this organisation running once it gets other members. If you neglect to run your organisation and have no formal second in command then you are likely to ruin things for new members who join it. To apply to create an organisation you must be of at least 'Member' rank (have 250 posts to your account). This is in the hopes of preventing such incidents as the head of the organisation leaving and not allowing their members to continue without them.

Other rules and guidelines for IOs are listed here. It is recommended you read the IO rules thread fully before applying to create an IO.


To fill in an application form, copy the code listed at the bottom of this post. Do not copy the version with explanations for each field. That version is only there to help you when filling in the form and will not have the correct formatting when re-posted.

Please note that though Secretaries can approve an IO's concept, they cannot approve a full application without consulting administrators first.

» Organisation Name: Pick something catchy or memorable. Acronyms are fine but not always easy to remember. If your organisation name is an acronym, please make sure you state what it stands for.
» Aims: The basic aims of your organisation; why they exist.
» Base Location: Where you wish to have your organisation's base. Not all organisations may need this so if yours is the exception, just put N/A

» Organisation Head: The name of the character who will be the head/leader of your organisation. The character can be already approved or in the process of being approved but you need to have proof that there is a character suitable to act as the head of the organisation.
» Link to bio of head: A link to the bio, preferably within [url] tags so it doesn't clutter the form, but that isn't a requirement.
» Second-In-Command: Same as head, but name the second in command. Some beginning organisations may not have one yet. If this is the case, be sure to name one by the time your organisation has five members.
» Link to bio of second: A link to the bio of the second in command, preferably within [url] tags so it doesn't clutter the form, but that isn't a requirement.

» Does your organisation need a separate board?: Yes or no answer
» Justification: Justify why your organisation should have a separate board dedicated to it. Ignore this if your answer to the previous question was no.
» Other needs: Anything that admins might need to approve goes here, which concerns stuff that admins will have to create or moderate for your organisation. For example, if your organisation needs to use a dice for something, you need to mention that here.

» Board Name: The name you want for the board for your organisation. (N/A if no board)
» Board Description: The description to be added to the board that will be used for your organisation. Try not to make it too long. (N/A if no board.)

» Rules of your organisation: Every organisation has it's own set of rules. Note that you don't need to name the site rules, but those rules will automatically apply to all organisations. Any that are specific to your organisation should be here, including things like joining requirements and whether characters can join if they are a shopkeeper or guild member etc.

» Extensive Description of Organisation: This will be the longest part of your application. This will be a full explanation of how your organisation will work, including any special features and the like that you'd wish to include. Any mechanics that you've developed for your organisation, (e.g if the guild was being posted, the job bulletin boards would be classed as 'mechanics') should be added here and explained how they work in great detail. This section should also include any miscellaneous notes about your organisation and how it works. If you haven't already described how one joins, that should also be included here.

If you would like examples of already approved organisations, i'd advise looking at This and This or taking a peek at the Approved IOs Board. (The italicized words are links ^-^)

[size=11][b]» Organisation Name:[/b]
[b]» Aims:[/b]
[b]» Base Location:[/b]

[b]» Organisation Head:[/b]
[b]» Link to bio of head:[/b]
[b]» Second-In-Command:[/b]
[b]» Link to bio of second:[/b]

[b]» Does your organisation need a separate board?:[/b]
[b]» Justification:[/b]
[b]» Other needs:[/b]

[b]» Board Name:[/b]
[b]» Board Description:[/b]

[b]» Rules of your organisation:[/b]

[b]» Extensive Description of Organisation:[/b]

Don't forget to submit your brief description of your IO's aims and brief description of your IO's entry requirements once it has been approved so they can be added to the IO list!

Independent Organisation Application Form Template P5_sty10xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIndependent Organisation Application Form Template Skiddo
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Independent Organisation Application Form Template
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