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Prepare to face a new set of challenges in this brand-new Pokemon world as you square off against new enemies and rivals, forge new friendships, and create teams to travel the world with on your quest of discovery
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 Pika, are you proud of me? :')

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Pika, are you proud of me? :') Empty
PostSubject: Pika, are you proud of me? :')   Pika, are you proud of me? :') EmptyFri Aug 14, 2015 12:34 am

[19:16:43] brooklynrage : Zangoose on half health, just hopes for slash crit, gets them every time
[19:17:07] @ Pikashock : Half health? Sounds like your status is critical
[19:18:01] Kitsune Empress : Hehe
[19:18:35] Suds has been disconnected on Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:18 pm (session timeout)
[19:18:35] dismas : ...
[19:18:56] dismas : was THAT A PUN
[19:19:01] brooklynrage : Hone claws>slash man
[19:19:29] StarBright24 : ?
[19:19:30] @ Pikashock : Honing claws does tend to help slash with them
[19:19:30] * Kitsune Empress jumps off a cliff
[19:19:40] StarBright24 : Ok,
[19:19:56] * Kitsune Empress lands in a lake
[19:20:18] Solilo has been disconnected on Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:20 pm (session timeout)
[19:20:18] StarBright24 : I now KNOW I need a break from Megaman. Cuz it sounded for a moment like you were referring to a certain robot from one of the games.
[19:21:24] StarBright24 : So yeah, I really need Break, Man.
[19:21:32] dismas : get out
[19:21:33] StarBright24 : YEEEEEEEAH
[19:22:14] StarBright24 : ZERO chances of that happening.
[19:22:17] StarBright24 : YEEEEEEAH
[19:22:55] brooklynrage : It took me a second to get the zero one
[19:23:04] coaster3000 has been disconnected on Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:23 pm (session timeout)
[19:23:04] Kitsune Empress : Hehe
[19:23:35] StarBright24 : I sure hope you can take the Heat, Man.
[19:24:34] dismas : this is disgusting
[19:24:37] dismas : you are all horrible
[19:24:39] dismas has logged off the chat on Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:24 pm
[19:25:35] StarBright24 : Yeah, he couldn't take my Wily ways, and decided to Light on outta here.
[19:26:22] Kitsune Empress : Hmm
[19:26:43] Kitsune Empress : Are you reading the Sonic & megaman world's Unite comics?
[19:26:49] StarBright24 : Yes.
[19:26:51] brooklynrage : Pika would be proud if he was paying attention
[19:27:03] StarBright24 : ill put this in the free chat
[19:27:29] Kitsune Empress : Sticks is breaking the World in her own way
[19:28:11] StarBright24 : Yup. On another topic..
[19:28:28] @ Pikashock : Oh my god
[19:28:45] StarBright24 : Too bad that dismas....*Puts on sunglasses* ... had to X-it so soon.
[19:28:53] StarBright24 : YEEEEAH
[19:30:05] Kitsune Empress : This is great
[19:30:35] StarBright24 : Any last reactions before I post this?
[19:30:59] StarBright24 : I wanna make this Quick, man.
[19:31:30] @ Pikashock : wHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOOOOOOR
[19:31:44] @ Pikashock : okay i'm done /shot
[19:31:57] brooklynrage : I WANT TO FILL YOUR DARK SOUL WITH LIGHT
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Pika, are you proud of me? :')
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