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Prepare to face a new set of challenges in this brand-new Pokemon world as you square off against new enemies and rivals, forge new friendships, and create teams to travel the world with on your quest of discovery
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 Click-Site Nursery and Chat

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Click-Site Nursery and Chat Empty
PostSubject: Click-Site Nursery and Chat   Click-Site Nursery and Chat EmptyMon Mar 02, 2015 10:45 pm

Got a click-site you love to visit? Talk about it and post your adoptables here! I'll add the adoptables you post to the first post and order them according to the site along with include information on how they grow whether it be from clicks, views, or going to their page and clicking a certain button!

(Creatures from here are required to be clicked in order to hatch. You just need to open them in a tab and they'll be considered clicked. These creatures do NOT die)
Click-Site Nursery and Chat 7972378Click-Site Nursery and Chat 7970674Click-Site Nursery and Chat 7971359Click-Site Nursery and Chat 7970268Click-Site Nursery and Chat 7972922Click-Site Nursery and Chat 7970102Click-Site Nursery and Chat 7968905Click-Site Nursery and Chat 7973350

(Due to the amount of pokemon that could be placed please only place Eggs with a maximum amount of 5 hatched pokemon. Pokemon here require to be clicked and then clicked on "Train/Warm It" button in order to level up or hatch)
Click-Site Nursery and Chat PkmnimageClick-Site Nursery and Chat PkmnimageClick-Site Nursery and Chat Pkmnimage

(Creatures here require views in order to hatch, but can be clicked to lessen the amount of views it needs in order to hatch. These creatures will get sick if they get too many views in a certain period of time, and will die if they don't advance to the next stage in a week.)

I guess i'll be starting!
Dragon Cave, Pokeheroes, and Magistream are the click sites I favor. I haven't played Dragon Cave religiously like I do magistream and Pokeheroes as much as I used to. Dragon Cave seems to be rather generous when it comes to giving away things from he community, Pokeheroes is filled with a bunch of little kids, but the people that aren't complete dumbutts that think borrowing means they can keep the pokemon are pretty cool. Magistream seems to have a more friendly community, but its much harder to hatch things and such!

Feel free to help others out on their click sites and click the above adoptables as well as add your own! Adoptables will be removed once they are grown or no longer in danger of dying! If your adoptable site is not on here, then just let me know what site your adoptables are from and how the mechanics there work!
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Click-Site Nursery and Chat
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