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Prepare to face a new set of challenges in this brand-new Pokemon world as you square off against new enemies and rivals, forge new friendships, and create teams to travel the world with on your quest of discovery
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 Pokemon X/Y Chat

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PostSubject: Pokemon X/Y Chat   Pokemon X/Y Chat EmptySun Feb 09, 2014 10:38 am

I'm bored, I'm waitin on eggs to hatch in Lumoise on my 14th box in my search of shiny charmander, so Imma gonna make this topic out of boredom and curiosity.

Basically all I ask is your experience of the game, what do you do in it, what is the best place you've found to get exp, if you need help with something, or even just exchanging friend codes or making some comments about the game. So, Here I go with mine.

I cannot put this bucking game down. I have 300 hours and climbing on it. heeeeelp meeeeeeee *shot*
Maybe it's because i've gotten more into competitive breeding and battling, but i just spend most of my time breeding and hunting for shinies. As we all probably know the shiny rate has been upped massively and shinies are now easier to find. I have my pokedex finished and the shiny charm collected and caught a shiny whismur on the same night. On pokeradars i can't seem to ever get past 15...
GTS is a bunch of bull if you don't rule out the special pokemon and if you offer up a fair trade its taken almost within the hour, so I think its more of a matter of all the good trades being taken while the bs ones remain.
My in game team consisted of Gogoat, Raichu, Blazekin, Blastoise, Furfrou, and Tyruntrum although things began to REALLY lean on Gogoat, Raichu and Furfrou because of the exp all keeping the other three all caught up and beyond with ease. If you amie quite early in the game it seems to be easier along with the use of EXP all, i was rarely stopping for a while and training up in wild patches of grass. The graphics are just beautiful for a bunch of pixels, but 3D mode is a bit bleh and the animation quality drops when 3D is on or hordes with complex pokemon are on the screen(I loathe terevant hordes) but hey they're already pushing the 3ds shiz already.
A Big addiction has been Wonder Trade. Sure there's a lot of trash in it but when you strike gold you strike gold. I loathe trash traders though, send me a useless bunnelby or anything that can be caught in the beginning of the game(except Scatterbug for vivillion collectors) is just flat out trash that's probably been going through the trades for days. Sending out a trash pokemon is like beginning an entire cycle of scams since people want something for the poke they had traded you and just send it right back out the door and it repeats. Even with the rise of pokebank in all countries(finally) some people still can't get pokebank(like me unfortunately) or don't have the pokemon from previous games like as far back as ruby and sapphire(which would probably be the most rare since the remake of heartgold/soulsilver kinda brought back that gen) so they still have some worth.
Just gonna say, this has to be the BEST pokemon game Gamefreak has made yet. I honestly don't know how they could top this.

My friend code:
Friend Safari:

Notable Pokemon UFT
Shiny Whismur
Shiny Poliwhirl
Shiny Basculin

Looking for
Non-English pokemon with 5+ IVs (Perfect all round massively preferred)

*checks ds and sighs* still no shiny....

Shinys found recently:
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Pokemon X/Y Chat
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