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 Miss T's Brewery

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PostSubject: Miss T's Brewery   Miss T's Brewery EmptyWed Jan 28, 2015 2:44 am

» Shop Name: Miss T's Brewery
» Shop or Service?: A shop that requires you to provide ingredients in order to make unique items.
» Location: In Grassveil.

» Name of shop owner: Genevieve Treavus
» Link to the bio of the shop owner: https://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t3923-miss-treavus-the-misdreavus

» What can your shop offer to other Pokemon?: In this shop, Pokemon can bring ingredients and Poke in order to craft potions that have unique effects. Each effect is only temporary.

Status Effect Causing Potions:

Rawst Berry+Watmel Berry+100 poke=Burning Splash Potion:
When thrown, burns whoever touches it.
Persim Berry+Watmel Berry+100 poke=Confusion Splash Potion:
When thrown, confuses whoever is touched by it.
Cheri Berry+Watmel Berry+100 poke=Paralyzing Splash Potion:
When thrown, paralyzes whoever is touched by it.
Heart Scale+A Sweet Berry+100 poke=Love Potion:
Infatuates whoever it is used on.
Pecha Berry+Watmel Berry+100 poke=Poisoning Splash Potion:
When thrown, posisons whoever is touched by it.
Iron Thorn+Black Gummi+100 poke=Curse Splash Potion:
When thrown, lays a curse status on whoever touches it.
Chesto Berry+Watmel Berry Juice+100 poke=Sleep-inducing Splash Potion:
When thrown, causes sleep on whoever is touched by it.
Aspear Berry+Watmel Berry Juice+100 poke=Freezing Splash Potion:
When thrown, freezes whoever touches it.

Positive Status Potions

Water+Lum Berry+100 poke=Enchanted Water:
Can prevent status effects and damage by ghost types. Lasts 3 pages.
Oran Berry+Stick+100 poke=Status Restore:
Heals any status effect.
Quick Seed+Water+150 poke=Potion of Speed:
Doubles the speed of the Pokemon who drinks this. Lasts 5 posts.
Quick Seed(x3)+Water+Leaf+200 poke=Powerful Potion of Speed:
Quadruples the speed of the Pokemon who drinks this. Lasts 5 posts until it goes down to double, which lasts another 5.

Oran Berry+any berry+500 poke=Healing Potion: A basic potion that restores 20 energy.
Any berry+stick+250 poke=Boosting Potion: Boosts the effects of moves, including healing ones, and increases the chances of extra effects.
Any Status Effect Potion+Any Pokeblock/poffin berry+500 poke=Magic Potion: When poured on an item, boosts its effects.
Any Seed+Clear Gummi+250 poke=Invisibility Potion: When drunken, the user temporarily becomes invisible, allowing them to escape from one Pokemon to skip the battle, and therefore not spend the energy.
Berry Leaves+Any Leaf+150 poke=Recycling Potion: When poured on an item in the RP in which you received it, it disintegrates, and you get your energy spent on it back.
Stick(x3)+water+250 poke=Potion of Regeneration: Restores 1 extra energy per page in the thread used.
Stick(x5)+water+leaf+500 poke=Powerful Potion of Regeneration: Restores 2 extra energy per page in the thread used.
Blinker Seed+Black Gummi+150 poke=Potion of Night Vision: Makes the Pokemon who uses this immune to dark-type attacks. Lasts 3 pages.
Blue Gummi+water+100 poke=Potion of Water Breathing: Makes the Pokemon immune to water type attacks, but doesn't work well enough for one to enter an underwater dungeon. Lasts 3 pages.
A Gummi of the user's type+magic dust+100 poke=Immunity Potion: When one drinks it before a battle, causes immunity to status effects. Lasts the battle.
2 Gummis of the user's type+magic dust+water+150 poke=Powerful Immunity Potion: When drinken, causes immunity to status effects. Lasts the entire page.
Cacnea Spike(x3)+3 of any throwing item+200 poke=Potion of Harming: When thrown, damages the Pokemon hit by it.
Levitation Potion: Causes the Pokemon to float just above the ground, causing immunity to ground-type attacks.
Dodge Potion: Increases the user's evasiveness, and allows them to avoid attacks with ease.
Accuracy Potion: Increases the user's accuracy, allowing all moves, including 1 hit KO moves, to be more common to hit.
Defense Potion: For one set of rolls, halves the amount of energy needed to be spent on it, so long as the Pokemon would have enough energy to take all the rolls in the first place without reaching 0.
Revival Potion: Can be used ahead of time. When or if the Pokemon reaches an energy of 0, their energy will be fully reastored to its starting stat.
Vile: Comes free at your first purchase, and allows one to fill it with water. Alternatively, you can buy extra for 100 poke each, so you can make multiple potions requiring it at once without having to go back and fill it.
Dust Bag: Costs 100 poke. Upon defeating a fairy type, the sac automatically fills with a pink sort of dust.

Potions should not be attempted to be mixed, which is also why no one should drink more than two potions per thread.


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Miss T's Brewery Empty
PostSubject: Re: Miss T's Brewery   Miss T's Brewery EmptySun Feb 01, 2015 12:31 am

Your shop is going to need some major nerfing. Like a max of 2 type of potions per thread, along perhaps not lasting throughout the entire thread. What's to stop someone from just buying all the potions and being immune to absolutely everything?

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Miss T's Brewery Empty
PostSubject: Re: Miss T's Brewery   Miss T's Brewery EmptySun Feb 01, 2015 12:35 am

Thank you for pointing that out. You're a life saver. Going to fix that along with updating ingredients and such~ To also prevent people from trying to combine effects, I'll say that mixing potions causes some pretty bad stuff--also reasoning behind not drinking too many.

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PostSubject: Re: Miss T's Brewery   Miss T's Brewery Empty

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Miss T's Brewery
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