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 Anime Suggestions?

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Anime Suggestions? Empty
PostSubject: Anime Suggestions?   Anime Suggestions? EmptyWed Jan 07, 2015 7:02 pm

I'm currently watching LOK and Haikuu!!

I've seen:
High School of The Dead
Soul Eater
Ouran High School Host Club
Kill la Kill
Panty and Stocking w/ Garterbelt
Angel Beats!
Dangan Ronpa: The Animation
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online II (The main story, im not watching the trash after GGO)
Madoka Magica
Zankyou No Terror
Magical Warfare (So bad, but killer end theme)
Mekkakucity Actors
(Most of) Gurren Laggan.
Deadman Wonderland

I should watch some retro ones like Sailor Moon but idk. I might.
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Anime Suggestions? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Anime Suggestions?   Anime Suggestions? EmptyWed Jan 07, 2015 10:00 pm


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Anime Suggestions? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Anime Suggestions?   Anime Suggestions? EmptyThu Jan 08, 2015 1:02 am

*adds some of these to own anime list*

Akame Ga Kill is alright if you haven't read the manga since apparently the anime differs from it.

Also would totally recommend Magi: Labyrinth of Magic (and Kingdom of Magic, the 'second season' of the anime |D) I'm not caught up with the manga but I absolutely loved those two series.

Oh and FMA since that's not on your list.

But they're mostly shounen type things cause apparently that's what i'm into |D
I wouldn't insult the latter half of SAO II though. It has it's good and bad but just because something isn't action packed and instead focusses on building up to an emotional side story doesn't make it bad. I think the season ended in a weird way though and should have focussed on another main arc before the season ended, since I admit Mother's Rosario (and the other one) did feel like, and basically was more of a side story. But I appreciate that Asuna got some main focus time for a while.
I never read the reviews of SAO before I saw it and I haven't read the light novels though so meh *unpopular opinion*
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Anime Suggestions? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Anime Suggestions?   Anime Suggestions? EmptyThu Jan 08, 2015 4:36 am

FAIRY TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Granted, there's a lot of fanservice, but oh well |D
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Anime Suggestions? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Anime Suggestions?   Anime Suggestions? EmptyThu Jan 08, 2015 1:10 pm

I admit I've not watched much anime, but I completely agree with soul's suggestion of FMA, and if that one does interest you... If you want something that follows the manga, FMA brotherhood is the one that does so.
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Anime Suggestions? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Anime Suggestions?   Anime Suggestions? EmptyFri Jan 09, 2015 9:48 pm

*looks up my Netflix viewing history of Anime because it's the only thing I watch...*

See if any of these titles interest you:
-Death note (personal top pick)

-Black Butler (If I hadn't seen Death note, this would be my top pick)

-Wakfu (its made in french, but it is quite good)

-Dance of the vampire Bund

-Kaze no stigma

-Chobits (similar fanservice as H.S.O.T.D and it is a pretty heartwarming tale)

-Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple

-The last exile

-Fullmetal Alchemist (so your third recommendation for this show)

-Spice and Wolf

-Zettai Karen Children

-Magical Shopping arcade

-Get Backers

-Summer Wars (this is a movie and the art style isn't on par with many animes but the storyline is AMAZING)

-Berserk (very bloody, very violent... also it only covers 1/12 of the full manga. However the hero is still quite relatable because he doesn't fall into the category of absurdly super-powerful.)

-Claymore (same field as Berserk but with a more complete storyline)

-Mushishi (a collection of stories that has quite an interesting lore to it. The artstyle is beyond belief though)

-Serial Experiment Lain (possibly the most confusing story you will ever hear, but it has some deep statements about the world)

-Vampire Knight

-Black Blood Brothers



-Ikki Tousen

-Attack on Titan

-Blue exorcist


-Hero Tales

-Chrome Shelled Regios

-Origin: Spirits of the past (its a movie if I remember correctly)

-Paprika (Imagine if dreams were to invade reality and you have Paprika)

-D-Gray Man (if you loved Soul Eater, you will love this show too)

-The Sacred Blacksmith


-Gai-Rei: Zero

-Morbito: Guardian of the Sacred Spirit

-Ghost Hound
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Anime Suggestions? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Anime Suggestions?   Anime Suggestions? EmptyMon Jan 26, 2015 7:39 pm

Okay so I'll watch FMA (Though I loathe to. I know its good but I just don't have the patience to sit and watch 20+ episodes.) In the meantime, though, I'll be watching the new Magical Boy anime! (I forgot what its called, something like Cute Cute Earth Defenders LOVE! or something)
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Anime Suggestions? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Anime Suggestions?   Anime Suggestions? Empty

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Anime Suggestions?
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