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 Top Five Skype Moments

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PostSubject: Top Five Skype Moments   Top Five Skype Moments EmptySat Jan 03, 2015 8:16 pm

So for awhile now there's been a skype group up for the site. Since it's been up for awhile, it's had a good few awesome/funny moments that I think people should know about. So here's my top five Skype Moments, if you're a part of the skype group and you've got your own list, you can make it below.

#5: -removed by admin-

#4: Mew and Ditto Fight.
Ok so Foxy, Blue, Poke, and Myself are all competitive Pokemon battlers, and one time someone (forgot who) came up with the idea of a four-way mew battle. Sadly only one of us had a mew, but all of us had 6 IV Dittos, so what better way to play with them than to see what we can do with them all knowing Metronome after transforming into Mew? To be frank, the battle was hilarious, I think at one point my own ditto tried to use Guillotine, and another ditto used Rest after being knocked down to 2 or 3 HP.

#3: I Defeat Poke.
What happens when two Trick Room teams fight? A lot of hilarious shenanigans. In the end, I did defeat Poke's Trick Room team, proving my own as the superior one. However, that's not the point. The point is that the battle was extremely close, or one of them, at least. It was an awesome battle, and I can't wait for more.

#2: Cry's insanity.
I can't really pick out a single moment where Cry didn't make me either laugh my ass off or facepalm so hard my face had a handprint on it for a week, so I'm just gonna have them all be tied for number 2.

#1: I defeat Blue.
Ok, so Blue is by far the best Pokemon battler on the site. Literally the best. So when I battled her with my Trick Room team, I was expecting to just survive longer than normal, not to actually win. However I had underestimated my Reuniculus' tankiness, which allowed me enough time to heal up and add in some poison and infestation damage on her Pokemon. I still believe Blue's a better battler than myself, I just happened to have the right team to counter her's.
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Top Five Skype Moments
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