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 Top 10 Pokemon from the Johto Region

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Top 10 Pokemon from the Johto Region Empty
PostSubject: Top 10 Pokemon from the Johto Region   Top 10 Pokemon from the Johto Region EmptyMon Jul 28, 2014 5:04 am

So after watching a few of Tamashii and NintendoFanFTW videos, I felt that the forum was seriously lacking in it's amount of top ten favorite Pokemon. Now I was going to make just one thread that would have been a Top Ten Favorite Pokemon, I decided to make 8 separate threads, one for each region, one for Legendaries, and a final one for the overall Top Ten Favorite Pokemon.

Now then, to help widen/narrow your choices, here are a few rules and/or helpful tips.
-First off since this is obviously the Johto thread, please do not use Pokemon outside of gen two. Those Pokemon you can choose in the other threads which should be posted not long after this one is.

-Now while you are restricted to Pokemon 152-251, you are not restricted in reasoning. Whether it's because of their great battling prowess, lore, origins, design, or some other reason, you can list a Pokemon. However, if a Pokemon has a Mega Evolution, that cannot be your main reasoning behind it being on this list. You can mention it as an added bonus, but nothing more. If you like a Pokemon because of an evolution/pre-evolution it gains in a later generation, please don't list it but list the member of it's evolutionary line that you actually like.

-I would highly recommend you keep legendaries off this list. There is a Top Ten Legendaries thread which will come out after the regions. If you cannot keep out legendaries, limit yourself to one, please.

-Also please list your reasoning behind a Pokemon. Just having "I liek Pidgey" is fine and dandy, but the purpose of this thread is to learn more about each other, and maybe start a few discussions on the chatbox depending on decisions. You don't need a huge paragraph, but a sentence or two would be good.

-I would also suggest listing them as 10-1 so that you list ends with your favorite Pokemon from the region.

With that out of the way, I'll start off with my own.

#10. Furret
Much like Spearow in the previous list, Furret is on here cause I thought it'd be cool to have one hanging on my shoulders. That is until I found out it's size... over five feet (nearly two meters, don't have the actual size memorized). Maybe there's a pygmy furret in pixelmon I can use as a scarf...

#9. Espeon
While a lot of people like Umbreon cause it looks badass, I like Espeon more because it looks elegant. I'm not sure what about me makes me like elegant Pokemon, but expect to see a lot of them like Gardevoir and Vespiquen in later lists. Anyways, I love Psychic types, and when I learned that Eevee got a Psychic type evolution, I was excited. I also liked the new evolution mechanic it brought in, where what it evolves into depends on the time of day. Who knows, maybe one day the later Eeveelutions will be determined on the environment they're in.

#8. Phanphy
It's a cute little elephant. There's not that much else to it.

#7. Ariados
In real life, spiders freak me the fuck out unless there's a glass jar or a newspaper between me and it. However I always loved seeing robot spiders are giant mutated spiders in movies and shows. Ariados was the first (not counting it's pre-evolution) spider Pokemon. Technically... I'm still a bit iffy on if it's an actual spider cause it only has 6 legs instead of 8. Would two more legs really be that hard to add?

#6. Pichu
The pre-evolved form of Pikachu is commonly ridiculed for it's inability to control it's electricity and the slight difficulty of getting it. Despite this I always liked the little guy. Being a smaller, cuter version of a Pokemon I see pretty much every day has made me remember him all the more and like him. Oh and let's not forget Volt Tackle. That's an awesome signature move for Pikachu but he can only get it as a Pichu.

#5. Aipom
Aipom's an odd Pokemon for me. Despite being a Johto Pokemon, for the longest time I thought it was a Sinnoh Pokemon. In fact many Johto Pokemon I confused as Hoenn Pokemon, yet Aipom was the only one I had thought was Sinnoh. The reason why was because between the Johto and Sinnoh seasons of the Pokemon anime, I had missed several episodes, strangely I had missed every episode featuring Aipom until Ash was on the boat to Sinnoh, where he had both Aipom and Pikachu. I was only just getting interested in the anime again, so I didn't question it. I liked Aipom, assuming it was a male for the longest part until I realized male and female Aipom have gender differences. Despite this misunderstanding of Aipom's gender, I liked the character, loving it's prankster like nature while still being a good battler and amazing contest Pokemon.

#4. Heracross
Heracross is an awesome Bug type. Despite his 4x weakness to Flying types I still think he's an awesome fighter. Though I've never made a strategy myself to use him, I still think he could probably take on some big contenders in the online battle world. I also like how his design looks almost identical to his real life inspiration. Despite the friendlier face and lack of two more limbs, he almost looks exactly like what he was inspired by. When I first saw him in the anime, I almost thought he was just a giant version of the Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle. Then he gets a Mega in Gen 6 which ends up having the highest base Attack stat of any non-legendary Pokemon, beating Mega Blaziken by 25 points.

#3. Chikorita
Chikorita I almost didn't pick because of a certain Meganium in the anime who practically bitch slapped Ash's Sceptile, then a Grovyle-soon-to-be-Sceptile. It didn't help that even after evolving, Sceptile was not much help when rescuing Meganium and Tropius, as he couldn't use any move due to, according to Brock, "A broken heart." However Meganium was fully evolved form of Chikorita and I decided I wouldn't let that stop me from putting it on this list. My love of Chikorita comes from Ash's Chikorita and my own from my Soulsilver game, who is still with me today on X. Unlike Chamander/Charmeleon from the Kanto list, I let Chikorita evolve all the way to Meganium, and it paid off. Though she wasn't the strongest fighter of my team, that being my Heracross, she was definitely a terror to NPCs with her status effects and defensive capabilities. I normally used her to inflict poison on my opponents before setting up reflect and light screen to lower beef up my team before switching out to Heracross and pounding away.

#2. Celebi
Yes I'm breaking my own suggestion of keeping legendaries off but I can't have a Top Ten Johto Pokemon without Celebi. Celebi is one of the few Pokemon who I never obtained until after getting that White version with a full shiny dex (note that Celebi itself was no shiny, as it is impossible to have a shiny Celebi from Gen 3 onward unless it's hacked). I never really counted Celebi as much of a legitimate capture for me as I didn't catch it myself. Since I was able to successfully transfer it over to X/Y that proves that none of the shiny Pokemon were hacked, since Poke Transfer won't accept hacked Pokemon. Going back some, when I played the PMD Time/Darkness/Sky, I got attached to the shiny Celebi character in the games. Not only was this the first actual shiny in the PMD games (the Kecleon brother who is an odd color is NOT shiny, his color is different due to the region he was born in. Which is weird considering they're brothers. Maybe it's just a gimmick?), but it was also a character who's fate is unknown (except in Sky's postgame where fucking Arceus steps in). I also wonder what the anime would have been liked if the GS ball arc had actually gone through. I hope one day it can return and the Celebi inside join Ash on his journey, at least for some time like Meloetta did. Maybe until the actual owner of the GS ball emerges or something. Going back to the games, the Pokemon Bank Celebi was a nice gift, and though I would've liked it to be shiny, seeing as how none legitimately exist from Gen 3 onwards.

#1. Crobat
Much like Espeon, I liked the idea of raising a Pokemon by being good to it. Zubat had already gained infamy as being an annoying Pokemon you constantly ran into in caves and such. It was already post game by the time I decided to catch one and evolve it into Golbat to try and complete my Pokedex. It was pretty easy, and I used Golbat a good bit during the post game cause of my laziness to switch it with a better Pokemon. Now at this time I was playing Soul Silver, and knew little of Sinnoh region Pokemon due to my lack of interest in Gen 4, the backlash of all the hype with Gens 1, 2, and 3 finally hitting me. So I didn't really bother catching in Sinnoh Pokemon and just wanted to complete my Gens 1-3 Pokedex. However I found a missing Pokemon in the Gen 2 Pokedex. One day, after defeating Joey, again, my Golbat began to evolve, surprising me as I didn't know it had an evolution. When it evolved into Crobat I was amazed. It looked so much more badass compared to its pre-evolved forms, and when I found out it was my missing Gen 2 Pokemon I was even more excited.

And that's my Top Ten Johto Pokemon List, list your own below.
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Top 10 Pokemon from the Johto Region
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