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 Warriors of Chronos

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PostSubject: Warriors of Chronos   Warriors of Chronos EmptySat Jul 12, 2014 12:33 am

Okay so before I give a proper introduction to the RP, let me just say that this is a revival/remake of the same RP on the original site. Most of the stuff will be the same, I will still be RPing Derek and Chronos. I will only be accepting 5 characters for the RP besides my own. I am aiming for a balance of genders, but will make exceptions if I see fit. The bio will be available for everyone so that anyone can make a character and submit it. But all submissions should be sent to me as a PM, and I will be making character decisions based on how I feel all the characters will interact and what opportunities I think the characters will bring about. Allora, on with the introduction. (Also, this RP is partially influenced/based off of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series, you don't need to have the read the series in order to participate. I am only using some characters, and the magic mechanics from the series and both will be explained in the RP.)

There are many theories about what Time looks like, or how it behaves. Many people think of it as a simple straight line, or perhaps and ever expanding tree with a separation at every choice made, and some even believe it to be a Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Blob (I couldn't resist). No mere being can know the true nature of Time, the only one being Chronos, the Grand Elder of Time. Time is truly like a thread that is constantly being sewn longer and longer, with the past being a solid thread, while the present is a collection of small threads that are being sewn together, and all possible futures are these small threads. As Time progresses, Chronos would sew the threads together, uniting them and solidifying the past as one time line. With experience and experiments, Chronos was able to make a machine that handles the operation of tying the Threads of Time, granted Chronos more opportunities to monitor the flow of time ensuring that everything goes smoothly and it is undisturbed.

However, there is one downside to the machine. Very occasionally the Thread of Time comes unraveled in certain times throughout history. This unraveling is a natural process but it must be fixed because if left unchecked, the unravel will expand, causing the creation of two different universes. Chronos is unable to both monitor the solidification of time, and fix these splits in the past on his own, so in the past he chose six humans to become his "Warriors" who would travel into the past at these discrepancies and correct the time lines to ensure that a new dimension does not form. And to make sure that the Warriors are able to fix the discrepancies and also get experience from all their journey's, Chronos grants his Warriors with Immortality and Magic. The Immortality is something that binds the Warriors to Chronos, for he can remove their immortality at any point, and all of the years that were put on 'pause' will immediately catch up to them. Magic is granted to the Warriors by other Elders and Great Elders from whom Chronos pulls favors.

Using the powers that they are granted, the Warriors travel into the past to help Chronos ensure the proper flow of time. A Warrior of Chronos could possibly be together with Chronos for all of eternity, however this has never been the case. Warriors either get killed while trying to solve a discrepancy in time (very rarely), break one of Chronos' rules and get their immortality removed (less rarely, but still rare), but the most common cause of a Warrior leaving the employment of Chronos is that they simply wish to leave. When this happens, Chronos will willingly let the Warrior go, however they must live in the time period where they leave their employment. Chronos will then remove their immortality, but also make it so that they will age a normal rate, and can live out their lives as they wish.

The year is 2014, and unfortunately another group of Warriors have perished and left Chronos' employment, which means it is time for another set of Warrior to be chosen. The only Warrior to still remain working with Chronos is Derek. Derek has been a warrior of Chronos for at least 200 years, and has been one of the longest lasting warriors. Derek is usually the one who trains all the new warriors in how to use their magic as well as how to be a Warrior of Chronos.

Will you be one of Chronos' new warriors?

RP Mechanics:
Okay so if you did not get the gist from that explanation up above, you will be RPing as a new Warrior of Chronos who is just starting out their tenure. I will be RPing Derek and Chronos, and you guys can be whoever you wish. Again, I will be only accepting 5 characters for this. Because this is meant to be a small RP, and too many people usually leads to inactivity (I speak from experience, as 1: someone whose RPs have failed cause of too much people and 2: a cause of an RP failing (sorry)). And here are some of the game mechanics you need to know.

Any Threads in this RP are taking place in 2014, and all characters must be mortals at the start of the RP (they will become immortal in the first thread of the RP), so no making somebody 100 years old and looking like they are 20.
As for Magic, there are 5 main types of magic. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Alchemy. (There are other possibilities, and if you wish to have any, discuss it with me.) However your character must start out with one of the five main types, and they expand into other original magics with time and experience.
The source of Magic in this RP is somebody's Aura, which is basically their life force. All humans have an Aura, but as history progressed and technology advanced, they lost touch with their Aura's, causing few people to be able to sense Aura's, and even fewer being able to manipulate them. All characters in this RP will have their Aura, 're-awakened' by an Elder or Grand Elder (race of practically immortal beings, I won't get into it). By having their Aura awakened, the Warriors will be able to learn magic. However, all of their senses will be enhanced by their Aura's being awakened, so a lot of people get a sensory overload and are killed by it (another source of Chronos losing Warriors). Obviously your character will survive the process, it will just be painful and taxing as all of h**l, so your characters will need a day or two to adjust (in RP of course) to get used to their new senses before they can start learning magic.
Every one's Aura has its own color, and you can chose your characters Aura color (Banned Colors: Gold, Silver, White, and Black. This is because these Aura's are defined as very rare and very powerful by the series so no characters will be allowed to have them.) Your Aura doesn't need to describe your personality or anything, it can be any color (Another rule, be creative [if you want]). And another thing about Aura's is that they all have a scent that comes from them (Again, this is a mechanic of the books, not my own decision). The scent can be anything from Apples, to Petricore, to "That New Car Smell" (please don't chose a ridiculous smell like "New Car Smell", please). Your character can change the smell of their aura, but its very difficult to do, so no character will be allowed to change their scent unless they have a really good reason to (if you want to change your characters Aura scent during the RP, you can discuss it with me).
And with that, I think I've covered everything, let me know if I missed anything. The bio template is below, as well as the bio's for both Derek and Chronos. Use Derek's as an example, I am putting Chronos' in here just so you guys can know what to expect from him.

Name: Derek Blarot
Age: 203 (Born October 11th, 1811)
Gender: Male
History: Derek was born in the 1800's, and started working for Chronos when he was 25. Of his original team, he is the only one that continues to work with Chronos. Some willingly left the job while others died. Derek has always worked with Chronos and has adapted to the changing eras. He is one of Chronos' longest lasting warriors. (The record is 300 years, but Derek has never been told this).
Aura Color: It is a light grey. I got the shade from this page, http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_colors.asp Go down to Grey Shades, it is the sixth from the bottom, the color code for it is #D0D0D0
Aura Scent: Coconut
Magic Type: Wind
Other: None that come to mind.

[b]Aura Color:[/b]
[b]Aura Scent:[/b]
[b]Magic Type:[/b]
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Warriors of Chronos
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