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Prepare to face a new set of challenges in this brand-new Pokemon world as you square off against new enemies and rivals, forge new friendships, and create teams to travel the world with on your quest of discovery
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PostSubject: [Closed]   [Closed] EmptyFri Feb 14, 2014 7:40 pm

(setting, six years ago, on the other side of the continent)

2 years...

It has been 2 whole years since he ran away from his father. Gemini was a 14 year old mess; thirsty, hungry, and lost, he was at the brink of death. The swamp that he was in was dark and damp. He wasn't scared though, he was too tired to be scared.

Gem was also somewhat bored, there was no one to talk to and/or interact with. He knew that it was a long shot, but he decided to try to make piece with some of the wild Pokemon, knowing that some wildies (as he likes to call them) are capable of intelligence, but instead all of the wildies he met, none was willing to help. Actually, all of them angrily attacked him. His last encounter was with a Typhlosion. Gem escaped to the nearest damp place; hence why he was in the swamp.

It has been, what 5 hours since I came here, and I have not find any food. Meh, that's fine, I hadn't eaten a good meal since last month. I'm getting used to it. But I need to find water. Gem thought as he paced through the murky swamp. The swamp promised no pure water and he has been thirsty for about 3 days now. Gem thought up of 2 possibilities; turn back, or keep going forward.

If he turned back, it'll take another 5 hours till he got out of the swamp, then he'll have to somehow evade the Typhlosion. This would be useless because Gem would probably faint before even reaching the gigantic rat, and even if he does make it, Gem would be to weak to stay away from the danger.

The other option, to keep going, was more of a chance choice. If he kept going, he could reach the end any time between now, to death by dehydration. But it was his only choice. He kept moving forward, hoping that some miracle would happen.

(2 hours later)

Gem walked up to a dry little hill. There sat a large lone tree in the middle of it. He still wasn't able to escape from this damp swamp. Gem sat down under the tree, exhausted of thirst. He disputed with himself to drink the swamp 'water', but decided against it. This was the murky, muddy type of swamp, not the type that had actual had drinkable liquid.

Whelp, thought Gemini, this is it. Father was right, I wouldn't even survive 10 years out alone. Honestly, I had to agree with him, but I'd think i would've survived at least 8 years; I just can't believe that I couldn't even go past 2. It's quite pitiful actually. Gem chuckled at himself as he drifted to sleep...


Gem woke up to the feeling of water rushing down his dry mouth and into his coarse throat. He opened his eyes (a tedious task) to see his surroundings. It was night, and the foliage above him was covering the stars and the moon, so it was dark enough that he needed his eyes to adjust to it. He saw a figure above him, but he couldn't see what the figure was. He heard it speak with a female voice female voice, anxious, probably trying to reassure him, and maybe herself too. He couldn't pick up on most of the words, but he did get stuff like '...be okay...' and '...everything's fine...' and '...your safe...'. He then heard the female shout something behind her, probably to an acquaintance of hers. He heard '...fat...' and '...careful...'.

He heard another voice, farther away, but not to far. It was masculine. he also couldn't see the owner of the voice. Sadly, he couldn't decipher what it/he said. He then felt something like a rope bind him. The rope felt like vegetation, so it was most likely a vine whip or a sort. The vine started to pick him up. Gem heard another female voice, seeming to also be farther away. Gem closed his still unadjusted eyes. He was still exhausted from the day before.

After a few more moments of shouting between the voices (the two female and one male), he felt himself starting to move through the air via vine. After a few more moments, he felt some pressure on his left leg, and it was increasing rapidly. All of a sudden, Gem felt an unbearable pain in his lower leg, followed by a large snap; he was still to exhausted to scream or even wince at the pain though. He heard one of the female voices shout something before fainting.


Gem smelled something Delicious. It smelled something sweet but avian. He opened his eyes to check his surroundings. He's in a what seemed to be a room of a wooden cabin. Gemini was in a straw bed under a cloth. Next to him was a small stone fireplace with a large pot over it. on the other side of the room was 2 more straw beds and a closed door. There were some cabinets here and there. Despite the simplicity, the room gave Gem a cozy feel, like if it was his own home. Gem tried to shuffle out of the bed; suddenly, a sharp pain exploded from his leg.

He heard some voices outside the door... Gem relaxed his head back on the side of the bed and closed his eyes, trying to hear what the voice were saying over the crackling fire. He could here words like what, wild, and fat... Why fat? Was I getting fat? No... I didn't eat for days, how could I be fat. But, why would the word fat keep coming up?

Gem started to hear that the pot was boiling, and a moment later, a large gasp from outside. The door creaked open and a few steps quiet steps followed.

"No, no, no, where are are those Bluk Berries?" The voice that of a female, but gem couldn't tell what exactly its owners age was. It was one of the voices he heard last night... or was it the night before? Whenever it was before he fainted. A slightly burning smell filled the air.

"Ah!" The voice squealed loudly. Another voice, darker and colder then the first, but also female. Probably that second voice from earlier, came out of no where. "This is the 3rd month you have been practicing this dish. Its also a very simple one. You have no talent in cooking at all."

At this point, Gemini opened his eyes out of curiosity; when did the second girl come in? I was the only one in the room earlier, and the only set of footsteps came from the first girl. What he saw was two teenage Pokemon standing in between him and the pot of... ugh, soup maybe? One was a ghost Pokemon; a Misdreavus. She probably was the second girl, since she doesn't have any feet and . The other was a Mawile with a large scar on her left forearm. It seemed to go around it completely. She was holding a bowl and was mashing something in it. Probably the berries. They were starring at each other immensely. The Misdreavus had a calm but slightly menacing expression while the Mawile was red with anger. "Well, Tess, I'm sorry I'm not a prodigy at everything like you! Agh! I'm doing just fine with soup also. See?" The Mawile pored the mashed Bulk berries from the bowl in her hands into the pot of soup. "Its FINE!" A funny smell started to come out of the pot the moment she dropped the berries into the soup.

"It isn't 'fine'," Gemini finally said. Both the girls jumped in surprised by his sudden 'awakening'. "There is obviously a small window for the berries to be added before the meat burns but after it gets cooked. You simply missed it when searching for the berries. Next time, take the berries with you while waiting, or at least keep them in the open."

The two Pokemon just stared in awe with there mouths as wide as a Gulpin. After a few silent seconds, the Mawile finally swallowed and laugh halfheartedly. "Hahaha, you scared us. First, are you OK? Second, shut up!" Then the Mawile turned her back at Gem and crossed her arms. The Misdreavus didn't blink and had kept its expression the entire time. Someone was laughing at the other end of the room. Gem turned, which was hard to do because of his leg. It probably was broken. A large but friendly looking Ivysaur was laughing loudly at the entrance to the room.

The Ivysaur's laughter died down as he walked into the room. "Ya finally awake, kid, Ha." The Ivysaur had a odd accent but an uplifting mood to him.

(Riley, Tess, Phaht)
(still in progress)
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