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 Fallout New Vegas

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Fallout New Vegas Empty
PostSubject: Fallout New Vegas   Fallout New Vegas EmptyMon Jan 06, 2014 1:01 am

I have Fallout New Vegas, I make mods for it, and I'm awesome.

Want to see my load order? ...Actually, my load order is just my awesome personal mod, followed by a bunch of mods made by other people first: Appearance mods, graphical improvements, weapon mods, something to remove that ridiculous orange campfirish glow from everything, framerate-increasers, and A LOT of bug fixes.

My personal mod includes invisible armour items I can wear, to make my outfit practical(For RPing purposes, I pretend I have leather or metal plating, or maybe even kevlar vests, all under my dress. Mojave wasteland don't pull its punches just because I'm wearing the WhiteGlove Society Mask and a blue dress, running around with a chainsaw in my hands.) It also includes custom weaponry, and a certain something I'm surprised wasn't already in the game.

Apart from those, there's a custom Companion of me. And Companions of a few friends. Sometimes, I play with them all following me, and I end up with a sudden hail of bullets hitting everyone who attacks me. Fun to watch, but I like blowing stuff up, too!

I have yet to do a Legion run, because I always end up getting mad and slaughtering those barbaric machete-wielding woman-hating wannabe-romans. I think I've killed Caesar himself in just about every possible way, and made every possible joke about it.
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Fallout New Vegas
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