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Summer Harvest Event

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PostSubject: SUMMER HARVEST EVENT   Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:43 pm

What's this? What's this!? There's berries everywhere! It would seem that the forest of festivities has opened its land for a summer harvest! An incredible surplus of berries has been found growing within Festivity Forest. The Springfall Berry Picking Service is providing free services within the forest to aid in the harvest within the forest.

You may enter the Festivity Forest to join the harvest by creating a thread and adding [Summer Harvest 2017] to the end of your thread title. The dice you will be using is "Summer Harvest"

Whenever you have a Berry Good Encounter, you will get one free set of rolls within the Springfall berry picking service. To redeem the rolls, you must state the page that you have rolled the encounter and you must state which character rolled it within the applicable section of the service's form.

This event will last for the duration of the summer while supplies last.
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