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 So you are what they call a metalhead?

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PostSubject: So you are what they call a metalhead?   Sat Feb 06, 2016 3:25 pm

First topic message reminder :

A forest full of Pecha berries, for Yera this sounded like heaven on earth, and while Yera wasn't the most courageous Pokemon around, she dared to venture into the Pecha forest, mostly for the Pecha Berries, but challenging herself was another of the reasons. It was quite the cold day, The sky above the forest was covered with clouds and most trees looked like they hadn't seen any sun in ages. Up on entering the forest, Yera was rather suprised, a forest like this kind of felt like home to her, and even though she had never been here before it did feel a little nostalgic.

The little Deerling was being rather careful, she pondered forward carefully. Yera her fur was quite dark, where she already was supposed to have her fur turn into a nice vibrant pink, the odd weather caused for it to remain brown. Winter had always made Yera a little self conscious, she was a much bigger fan of her spring coat, but hey Deerlings sadly can't choose their colors. Deerling were quite the weird race of Pokemon, even though they came in lots of different color variations, mostly all Deerlings always looked the same, it would have been amazing if she could choose when she would have been able to choose the color of her fur on a daily base, but sadly she didn't have those powers.

The young Deerling sighed as she wandered through the Forest, her small and pointy ears were pricked up as she was on her guard. Even if it wasn't a dangerous place Yera was not used to anything at all. She wondered what she was going to encounter today, she might even meet a fellow Deerling. Her species was well known for living in forests, her somewhat sad frown was lifted with this thought and Yera ventured forth on her very first adventure.

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PostSubject: Re: So you are what they call a metalhead?   Sun Feb 07, 2016 8:57 pm

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'Pecha Forest' :
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PostSubject: Re: So you are what they call a metalhead?   Tue Feb 09, 2016 5:40 pm

Corus stared in the direction Yera directed and indeed, there was a Pokémon sitting on the ground fast asleep. Well, Corus guessed it was a Pokémon. All he saw was a bundle of what vines, as his Teach called them when they had traversed through his forest, and some red things laying next to it. Well, Geodude looked like a rock, so he supposed he shouldn't judge. He turned his head to the slightly taller Grass type.

"Yeah, I guess we should be quiet. I know that I wouldn't want to be interrupted from a nice nap. But..."

Corus looked at the bundle and promptly ignored Yera's warning and his own advice by slowly walking towards it. He was way too curious to let this go, he had to know if this was actually a Pokémon and not just some vines. He was a few feet away from the creature when a cry came from his left. The Steel type blinked and turned his head to said direction where he saw a brownish, furred, quadrupled Pokémon closing his mouth and glaring at him.

Corus wondered what the Pokémon's deal was. It was as if he had done anything wrong to anyone. Unless he trespassed upon the Pokémon's territory. He looked around, completely ignoring the newest arrival. But then, shouldn't there have been markings to signify where its territory began?

His inspection was cut off by the sound of moving feet and he saw the creature run straight at him. Corus tilted his head in confusion, not all that concerned by the incoming mass of a Zigzagoon. Corus simply braced himself for impact and stiffened all of his muscles, giving his iron shell a small gleam as his Harden came into effect.
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PostSubject: Re: So you are what they call a metalhead?   Sat Feb 13, 2016 10:55 pm

Yera was quietly observing the situation where Corus had ignored her warning and just went on moving towards the Pokemon, she knew something wasn't going too well and decided to pay close attention, it wasn't that she was mostly worried about the sleeping poison type, the biggest worry came from the Pokemon that had been staring at them for a while. Yera was quite the observant deerling, she knew what was happening quite often as she was normally the silent type who would watch her surrounding instead of really make much of a conversation, she was on guard often which probably wasn't a good thing.

When Corus moved on and the brown colored Pokemon she had not seen before attempted to attack her new met friend she decided to jump in and prepared to Tackle the Zigzagoon, she launched herself after a small run knocking the Zigzagoon away, she didn't really plan to knock it into the sleeping Pokemons direction but as her body collided with the charging Zigzagoon both her and the attacker were launched backwards.

Yera struggled to get up but managed to get on her feet again, breathing a little heavily she looked at Corus and shook her head, she wanted to lecture him but knew that this would be enough of a lecture for now they should decide how to deal with the attacking Pokemon, and possibly a Pokemon that would wake up.
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PostSubject: Re: So you are what they call a metalhead?   

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So you are what they call a metalhead?
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