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 Mim the Helioptile

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PostSubject: Mim the Helioptile   Tue Jul 28, 2015 4:11 pm

» Name: Mim
» Sex: Male
» Gender: Female
» Species: #694 Helioptile, The Generator Pokemon.
» Affiliation: Wanderer

» Level: 5
» Energy: 16
» Ability: Dry Skin
» Moves:
- Pound  (Start)
- Tail Whip (Start)
- Camouflage (Egg move)

» Personality: Mim can be the rather shady sort. She's seemingly always in a calm mood and ain't very talkative, but doesn't exactly come off as shy. Being raised in the harsh desert under the parental influence of outlaws has shaped out Mim to be a somewhat cynical, straightforward pokemon. But ever since she left, she swore to herself that she would have a life free or those wrong doings, and so Mim has begun to make an effort in being as nice of a pokemon that she can be. Though admitingly, she still sort of forgets about that from time to time. Whenever she finds herself broke or 'stuck in a rut' Mim will try making subtle attempts at persuading any pokemon she comes across that seems to have made quite a bit of cash. With those kinds of acts comes patience, but thankfully Mim has plenty of it. One of the many lessons her mother taught her was that patience is a very important trait of a successful thief. She told her not only through speech, but through act as well when an explorer appeared on their wasteland one day. Starved and exhausted, he collapsed onto the sand and shakily turned to reach for his bag, leaving themselves vulnerable. That's when her parents showed themselves from their hiding and knocked the poor fool into unconsciousness, then proceeding to clean out the bag of the many orbs, TMs, and food found inside. Although she carries her parent's attitude, Mim is still quite young, and thus can be responsible for a few childish tendencies as well; like having the desire to play fight or compete with friends.

» Likes:

Roughousing - Starting a new life without the company of a sibling has turned out to be stressful for Mim. So finding herself in this childish activity is one of the few ways of relieving the memories of playing with her brother, Loot, who distracted Mim from seeing the lonely reality of their home.

Rain - The dry skin ability not only comes in handy for Mim in this sort of weather, but also leaves a nice after sensation. The light pitter pattering feels pleasant on the skin, which more often than not leads to a more relaxed Helioptile. It's things like these that make Mim glad she left the desert.

Bathing - Similar to rain's reason, bathing is a much more enjoyable activity. She prefers hot water however, as it takes less time to getting use to.

Weaponry - At the time when Mim still relied on her parent's safety, they would occasionally take time off from scheming to read her to bed. Having crime as a profession surprisingly made for some decent experience in story telling. They told her as many myths, legends, and rumours they could think of. One of them told of a famous swampert explorer who "arose from the tides". But the thing that made him stick out to Mim was the fact that he fought with an old, ancient sword, rather than sticking to merely four basic moves. Whether or not her parents simply made the story up on the spot, the idea struck Mim as something brilliant. Unlike her moves, a sword didn't exactly have a type. It had no weaknesses. Going by how it sounded in the story, you could fend anyone off with it! Occasionally, Mim will fantasize the thought of wielding a blade herself, turning into the terror of every criminal out there, small or large. Its become one of her favorite things to think about.

» Dislikes:

Her Ears - Mim has always felt self conscious about the way her ears look, and even feels that they get in the way at times. She had admired her father for the way he looked and was one of the first things to inspire Mim to reach her evolution, just so she wouldn't have to worry about the flaw anymore.

Short Tempers - It takes quite a bit to get under Mim's skin, and when something does she'll still make an effort to keep her cool, try to settle something the way she know her parents wouldn't.
So whenever Mim meets someone with a similar short fuse, it greatly irritates her. She simply can't comprehend why anyone would fall victim to anger so easily. Unless she really knew the Pokemon, it can be a complete deal breaker when it comes to making friends.

Being proven wrong - Mim likes to think of herself as a knowledgeable pokèmon that's why whenever anyone denies something that she says, she will go out of her way to prove that whatever she believes in is correct. If wrong, however, Mim will often try and back pedal out of what she had said.

» History: In the cold hours of night within a harsh, seemingly deserted sand wasteland, A little Pokémon by the name of Mim was born to a ranked C outlaw wedded couple. They were Winslow, the Heliolisk, and Ida, his Seviper wife. Though the two had not intended on having a child, they simply toughened themselves out and accepted what fate had in store for them.

This turned out to be a very confusing life for little Mim however, as she had no clue what her parents snuck off to do all the time. Desperate to find out, she one day made an attempt to follow them outside the cave. As soon as she left it's security, Mim was struck with an overwhelming heat that made her incredibly dizzy. Well of course, her parents noticed before she fainted and brought her back into the cave for hours worth of scolding. Winslow told her of the ability he believed that they were 'cursed' with, and explained that it only made their kind more vulnerable to a desert environment. But thankfully, there was a solution to this. At birth, Winslow had developed a move from his father that took the suffering away when in lands like theirs. Camouflage; a move that changes your type to coraspond with the terrain beneath you. Though he had no use for it back in his days, he's glad he didn't replace it, as his life now heavily depends on it. He said he was almost completely sure that move had to be in Mim. If not...Well, neither wanted to imagine the outcomes.

Thankfully, the time came when Mim found herself feeling much more conciouse when standing in the sunlight, surprisingly a lot more used to the heat. It made it seem like her responses to it before was nothing but a nervous daydream. Her parents became joyful at the acquisition of this move and as a reward, offered Mim to tag along on their next "venture."

Driven by her excitement, Mim trudged through the harsh sands with them the very next day, following her parents for what seemed like hours through the scorching heat. Finally, they came to a stop at a more clearer section of the hot wasteland. In the distance, Mim could faintly make out a large canyon opening, which made her heart pound with excitement. Was that were they went? Oddly enough though, when Mim made a move to proceed through the sands, Ida barked at her to lie herself against the sand and STAY PUT.

They all did for what felt like a painfully long time to Mim. Until finally, a figure could be seen emerging from the crack within the canyon. Stumbling towards Mim and her parents to reveal a lombre. Eventually the water type fell to his knees, exhausted looking and on the verge of fainting. The young pokemon couldn't help but feel pity towards this stranger. Helplessly, Mim turned to look at her parents, expecting them to take action. And they did, except doing the complete opposite of what little Mim had expected. The duo suddenly burst from their hiding in the sand charged head on towards the explorer. He stared up in shock at her mother, who only casted a sharp, more narrow glare in return. That gesture alone had surprisingly done something to the explorer, as he merely just stood stiff while her parents closed in. Just as he was filling in the last few feet between him and the wanderer, Winslow's tail had begun to take on the colour of light blue. Then with a heavy grunt, he swung it towards the other pokemon and it collided into his head, knocking him completely out cold.

Mim looked on in a stunned silence. She had not thought of her parents being such a dynamic duo. As impressive as it may have been, it didn't sit well in the small lizard, no matter what point of view she saw it from. After hoarding up as much as they could hold, Wins and Ida returned to their child, no regret or guilt for what they had just done found on either of their faces. Mim's father assured her that they did not take the wanderer's life. Rather, they simply just put him to sleep long enough for them to rid him of the "junk" he had been carrying around.

This continued for a few more weeks, with Mim's parents going off on their searches and Mim tagging along with them. She was thankful for the fact that she wasn't asked to do such a thing with them. Well, not yet anyway.

When it seemed like Mim had found all that there was to this life, her parents came to her one day with some important news. She would soon be receiving a new baby brother...or a sister. The concept of siblings came off as a bit of a foreign thing to little Mim. But nonetheless, she was extremely eager to have an actual playmate around the cave. Her parents didn't really count.

Several more weeks later, the day came when her mother's 2nd egg hatched, and out came a much smaller Seviper! Mim was relieved when her mother decided to name him herself, as she was in such a state of awe to think of anything. After some deciding, her parents agreed on a name. Loot. Loot the Seviper. The change that made Mim's life a little less lonely.

For the first few days that followed his hatching, Loot and Mim have kept each other company in their small home while their parents were out doing deeds Mim refused to speak about. They didn't need that kind of bad vibe around. Not right now when there was so much playing to be done!

Like Mim, there came a time where their parent's excepted Loot to venture out from the cave and not be harmed by it. Without an ability like dry skin, the Seviper's chances of withstanding their environment was much more higher. Or so they thought. The first paces taken out from the security of their home seemed fine at first, but just when they were about to head off, Loot's small frame shuddered and gently swayed from side to side. A quick glance at his face told them that he wouldn't last any longer outside. They instantly urged him back to the cave to sort out these unexpected turn from their plans. This wasn't normal. A Seviper like Ida was more than capable of standing out in the dry heat. So why couldn't Loot? Of course, he was still at a young age but Mim wasn't to far off. And telling by how long he needed to recover from it, this wasn't from something as simple as age.

A few days later, Loot tried again, only to end up with similar results. Neither parent nor Mim could wrap their head around these outcomes. Thinking back on it now, Mim suspects it was most likely a defect in the snake pokemon. Weaker skin perhaps? She would never know. But one thing was for sure, if Loot was unable to venture out during the day time, he would have to be restricted to just the cave only. Night time was when the temperatures cooled down, but to such a great extent, almost unbearable if you went out without any form of protection. Not knowing how to settle their son's condition made tension arise between Mim's parents. Should they let him venture out at night? They had only one cloak to spare, who would look after him? With each moment you spend in the desert during night, you run the risk of being spotted by nocturnal pokemon, who didn't take kindly to strangers.Both were at a loss of what to do, but couldn't help but just blame each other. Meanwhile, Mim tired her best to keep her younger brother at ease, knowing how scary and confusing all of this might have seemed for him.

That night, neither sibling could seem to fall asleep. As empty as the desert was, Mim didn't want her brother's life to be limited to this small inclosed cavern, as safe as it did make them feel. What could she do about it? Just then, in the midst of her clustered thoughts, an idea sparked into something Mim could only think of as genius. If her parents weren't going to take on the task of showing Loot what was beyond the cave, then why not let Mim do it? She had tagged along on their searches enough times to know how to get to the canyons and back. Of course, she wouldn't tell them. They probably wouldn't understand the idea's brilliance like she did. Besides, she wanted what was best for Loot, and that was to actually see his homeland, no matter what it took. The said cloak mentioned earlier always sat huddled in the corner of their home, laid across other various orbs and TMs their family had no use for. The piece of fabric had obviously been made for large adult pokemon. As such, the hood was just wide enough to have two small heads cram their way through. It was a little tight, but kept them warm nonetheless.

After much persuasion, Mim finally convinced her brother to go with the idea. After stuffing themselves inside, they snuck out of the cavern and set off towards the said canyons. It had been really chilly that night, even with the cloak on. Overtime however, they slowly got use to the cold as Loot began to distract himself and her sister by pointing out their surroundings He was mesmerized by how vast the desert really was. Mim laughed and poked fun at his dumbfoundedness, which then lead to a typical lighthearted conversation between siblings. After all they had gone through during those last few days, it was reassuring to just walk & talk, especially with someone as talkative as Loot.

After an hour worth of walking, the duo finally reach the canyons, which only encouraged more dazzled comments and questions from Loot with its grand appearance. When Mim ran out of answers they both just silently stared out to the rocks and plateaus, with the occasional small talk, but overall taking in the lovely scenery in silence.

It wasn't until Loot spotted something peculiar by the canyon's enterance that Mim was also bitterly reminded of their parents. Were they awake now? Were they out searching for them? These thoughts made Mim eager to return back home, but Loot would have none of it. He insisted that the very least they could do was inspect the thing in the distance before they went back. Grudgingly, Mim agreed. When they got closer to the odd speck, another pokèmon was the last thing Mim thought it would be. They appeared to be injured, limping along  the terrain until their eyes found the young duo. She saw no hostility in the stranger's eyes. Rather, they seemed to be giving off the feeling of fear. Taking pity on the lone Pokémon instinctively drew Mim closer to them. Although she wasn't entirely sureally on what they could do, Mim still had an urge to help. Not take advantage like her parents had always done.

Then, when  Mim and her brother stood only inches away from this helpless wanderers, the sands around them whisked up into the air in a frenzy, as several more figures landed back onto the ground, forming a circular position around the three pokèmon.

They had walked right into an ambush.

A familiar lombre stepped forward into the circle, casting down a hard glare at both siblings.

"That's them alright. They're the ones responsible fot knocking out explorers."

Scared out of her wits, Mim was unable to respond. She looked over at her brother, who had began to cower farther inside of the cloak they shared. Before any protest could be made, the lombre's hand shot forward, driving the surrounding pokèmon forward as well. They closed in on the two in a matter of seconds, prying them apart from the fabric and bounding them to ropes. Afterwards, they were then herded into the canyon's opening to who knew where.

The siblings were brought to a small village on the opposite side of the canyon to "answer for their crimes". It wasn't until Loot began to wail about wanting his mother back when their canpturers realized the mistake they had made.

Furious with themselves, the village decided it would be best to allow the children to just leave, since no one there wanted anything to do with the spawns of two rotten criminals. And apparently, "allowing them to leave" translated to being chased out of town.

Without any gear of the sort or a single poke to spend, Mim and Loot had no other option but to wander and hope that luck would soon come their way.

A quarrel struck between the siblings once they had reached divided paths. Loot bickered about how all of this had been Mim's fault and that they should never had left the cave. She brutally reminded him of the fact that he would never have been able to go outside in the first place, so he should've been more thankful about her idea. It was bitterly decided that from then on, they would go their separate ways, as they clearly had no use for each other anymore.

And so now, Mim roams the land solo, fixed on creating a life for herself that won't be as wrong and unfufilling as her parent's.

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PostSubject: Re: Mim the Helioptile   Wed Jul 29, 2015 4:54 pm

Great job! Sorry about the wait, but that's very nicely done background!

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!


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Mim the Helioptile
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