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 Evolution is upon us

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Evolution is upon us  Empty
PostSubject: Evolution is upon us    Evolution is upon us  EmptySat Mar 14, 2015 6:02 pm

Yokina sat by the edge of the street, watching the passerby and shrinking back when they got too close. The town may have been her least favorite place, but she needed somewhere to just sit and eat, where there wasn't too much noise, or no noise at all. The Eevee opened her bag and looked inside. The huge appetite had sprung up when she had first gotten all these Gummis, and the normal type was determined to cure her hunger. She began eating quickly, but cleanly so nobody would think of her as a slob. The Eevee kept eating in silence, but nobody looked at her with confused expressions, so that was good.

After about 15 minutes, Yokina was down to the last Gummi. Her hunger had nearly faded, and at long last, she was able to cure it by eating the very last one. Right after she swallowed the last one, she felt her body change. A white light surrounded her, and her ears got longer, her legs got longer too, she grew bows and ribbons in certain places, and her tell grew thinner and a tiny bit shorter. When the transformation was finished, Yokina looked down at herself. So this was why she had been so hungry! Her choice about evolution had been made, and she had evolved into a Sylveon! With a confident smile, the newly-evolved-Sylveon walked to Small Pond, proud of herself for finally evolving.


Evolution is upon us  19KmazE

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Evolution is upon us
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