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 Lee the Shiny Froakie

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PostSubject: Lee the Shiny Froakie   Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:09 am

» Name: Lee
» Gender: Male
» Species: #656 Froakie- The Bubble Frog Pokemon (Shiny)
» Affiliation: None as of Yet

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19 (14 BE + 5 levels)
» Ability: Protean
» Moves:
-Pound (Start)
-Growl (Start)
-Bubble (Level 5)
-Camouflage (Egg Move)

» Likes: Being a ninja and training his ninja skills because he comes from a family of ninja's and he wants to be the best. Playing with his friends, especially games of tag or hide and seek, because he sees them as a way to train his ninja skills.

» Dislikes: When people doubt his skills, Lee thinks he's the best and even if people disagree with him, he doesn't think they should insult him. Outlaws, Lee believes that everyone should be good and kind, and he believes that Ninja's are the true heros who punish evil doers.

» Personality: Lee is a very loung and fun loving pokemon. He likes to run around and play games that allow him to use his ninja skills. Lee can also get serious and be quiet when he needs to be, but he is still young so he slips up a lot at this point. Lee likes to make friends and look for a lord to take orders from, so he will often do whatever somebody asks him to do because he not yet loyal to any specific person.

» History: Lee grew up in a clan of ninja pokemon just like him, or at least similar to him (they were all better). He loved training under his parents to become a ninja and carry their family name. And his favorite pass time when he wasn't training was hearing stories of the missions that his older brother went on.

In Lee's eyes the best ninja in the world was his older brother, who was a Greninja. His brother was the pride of his family and was one of the best ninja in their village. So Lee's goal in life is to become an amazing ninja like him, so that he could one day defeat him.

One day, Lee was asking his brother about how he trained so hard to become the best, and his brother told him how he temporarily left the family to train on his own. And that during his journey he became a rescue explorer and that allowed him to train his skills. So in order for Lee to become as good as his brother, he decided to do the same. Lee then said his goodbye's to his family and began his journey to train his skills.

Eventually Lee will find himself in Grassveil, and upon learning that there is an explorer's guild there, he will join so that he can become the world's greatest ninja.

» Other: Lee is a shiny Froakie
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PostSubject: Re: Lee the Shiny Froakie   Tue Apr 01, 2014 9:38 pm

To anyone reading this, the extra 5000 Poke for shininess has been deducted.

Character has been APPROVED!
Please go and update your records with this new addition!
Once you've completed that, go have fun and continue roleplaying!

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Lee the Shiny Froakie
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