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 Absol Ridge

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Absol Ridge Empty
PostSubject: Absol Ridge   Absol Ridge EmptyThu Jan 10, 2013 5:49 am

So I have recently found out that someone found one of Plume and Snowflake's eggs, an Absol egg, hatched it, and released the Absol that was found. Then I went to the Shelter and adopted every Absol I found. And NONE of them were mine!

So guess what? I currently have 11 Absol. Including Snowflake.

Not much? That's a lot to me.

Lettuce meet them, shazz we?

Absol Ridge IDuJzDZDcDZQ6DuT4GZic
Snowflake ♀

Absol Ridge IDuJ0DuJcGZ~6DuT4GZic
Absolute ♂

Absol Ridge IDuJ0FvX2DR~6DuT4GZic
Midnight ♀

Absol Ridge IDuJ0FvX0Fui6DuT4GZic
Disasterous ♂

Absol Ridge IDuJ0FZi0DZr6DuT4GZic
Ridge ♂

Absol Ridge IDuJ1DZDvGRJ6DuT4GZic
Abbie ♀

Absol Ridge IDuJ0FuDxFRO6DuT4GZic
Sol ♂

Absol Ridge IDuJ0DZrvFZr6DuT4GZic
Destiny ♀

Absol Ridge IDuJ1DZi1GRD6DuT4GZic
Arthur ♂

Absol Ridge IDuJ1DRTcDZT6DuT4GZic
Lightfur ♀

Absol Ridge IDuJ0GZT0Dvr6DuT4GZic
Claws ♂

That is all my Absol... so far...

More coming up...
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Absol Ridge
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