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 Shops, Stalls and Services

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PostSubject: Shops, Stalls and Services   Shops, Stalls and Services EmptyTue Jul 31, 2012 8:49 pm

Shops, Stalls and Services

What would a mystery dungeon rp be like without the shops to buy all those items you want or provide those services you occasionally need?


Applying for a Shop
First you'll have to decide what type of shop you want. You can either sell something or provide a service. There are certain shops and services which we will be looking for people to run, which are listed later in this topic, but you can make up your own too. You can only have two shops, and each shop must have a character to run it.

Once you have decided on what you want your shop or service to be, you have to fill in an application form. The template for which is located here.

Getting your Stock
If you decided you wanted to open a shop... then you need your stock don't you?
Unfortunately it is impossible to magic things out of thin air, so you will either have to purchase your stock from another shop or find it yourself. Though there is always the easy way of posting a job request on the bulletin boards in one of the Guilds.... though you'll have to reward the team who finds the items you need.

Opening your Shop
After your application has been approved and you have enough stock, you can begin working on the topic for your shop. You can only have one topic per shop and this topic must include;

» What the shop's name is.
» What you sell or the service you provide.
» A list of prices that you charge.
» A list of your current stock. (Shops only)

Prices for your Shop or Service
There is no limit to the prices due to ever changing supply and demand, but please don't overprice your items. An Oran Berry is not worth 1000 poke, so please be reasonable in your pricing.

Custom Items
Any custom item such as sweets, foods, handmade things ect that people decide to sell have their prices decided on by the seller. There are no limits though I would suggest not to be silly with the prices. You must also make sure that you somehow buy/fetch the materials needed before you sell your custom merchandise.

Shops and Services Currently Needed
This is a list of shops that we currently need people to apply for;

» Grassveil Dojo
» TM Shops
» Item Shops(You can specialize if you want to. E.g A Berry Shop)
» Item Storage (More of a volunteer job as it's a free service)
» Evolution Item Shops
» Swap Shop/Type and Species Item Shop
» Boutique - Scarves, Ribbons etc.
» Appraisal - For all those boxes you find but just can't open

When making the shop, you can only specialize in one area with each character, for example a dojo cannot also have a Berry Shop, TM Shop, and be able to teach Egg Moves as it is for Remembering and Tutoring. It would need another owner and be cooperatively owning it. Each character cannot have more than one shop under their ownership, and you yourself cannot own more than two shops. However the amount you can co-own with other people are unlimited so long as there's someone listing the shop under their ownership.

If anyone feels that something else should be added to this list please PM me.


After deciding your prices you are just about ready to go! Post your topic and wait for your new customers! If you like, you could even draw or make your own logo for your store to spice up the thread.
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Shops, Stalls and Services
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