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 Krios the Gothita

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Krios the Gothita Empty
PostSubject: Krios the Gothita   Krios the Gothita EmptyTue Oct 12, 2021 12:22 am

» Name: Krios
» Gender:  Female
» Species:  Gothita #574- Fixation Pokémon
» Affiliation:   None

» Level: 5
» Energy: 16 (11 base + 5)
» Ability: Shadow Tag.
» Moves:
- Pound lvl 1
- Confusion lvl 1
- Play Nice lvl 4
- Mirror Coat egg move

» Natural Feats:
- Sensitive Feelers- [Their ribbonlike feelers increase their psychic power.]

- Otherwordly Connection- [Even when nobody seems to be around, Gothita can still be heard making a muted cry. Many believe it's speaking to something only it can see. They are always staring at something]. Gothita can sometimes see apparitions who will, very rarely, give her tips or clues. They're usually mostly useless though.

- Otherwordly Vision - [They intently observe both Trainers and Pokémon. Apparently, they are looking at something only Gothita can see.], Gothita can, after gazing at someone for long enough, tell information about this given entity that others would normally not perceive (albeit not always useful).

-[Shadow Tag]- She marks the pokémon she fights with, rendering any attempt to flee useles.

» Relatives:
- Frost: Her Lopunny mother.

- Skritsa: Her Alakazam step-father..

- Ann: Her brother.
» Personality:
Mostly silent and reserved, she observes new acquaintances intensely, trying to make sense of what she sees in and around them (although the details are vague), lacking the self control not to stare. Many pokémon interpret things differently, this being an opportunity for agitated minds to project intentions into her character. The most common response to this odd trait is thinking it to be creepy, although there have been rare cases where it has been mistook as infatuation or aggression.

Once she has a good enough idea of who (and what) it is she's looking at, she switches to keeping an overall respectful distance from others. The artificially constructed distance is, in parts, an attempt to copy her step-father's serious demeanour and dignified stance (she often fails at it).

As she is quite literally a baby, she still has much of a childish behavior and thought processes when caught out of guard, as well as sharp contrast between naivité and knowledge/wisdom originating from her step-father's knowledge. Whenever that behavior is pointed out, she blushes and denies it ever happened, in great part for wanting to live up to her mother's standards of always being strong (which babies and childishness aren't).

Although Gothita doesn't mind it too much, she is keenly aware of how her properties make her come across as eerie or even ghastly to other pokémon, which she copes by avoiding aggressive or confrontative stances whenever possible, a behavior which is directly opposite to her mother's fiery attitude.

Some pokémon's aura is so extraordinary she goes out of character and reveals her more easily excited eager self, much like her behavior when she used to hear her step-father's stories.

» Likes:
Stars - She feels stronger at night, and a deep connection to the starry skies, which she cannot exactly explain.

Stories - Old history, adventures, fiction and great myths, she loves it all and has gained a taste from her parents' stories and her step-father's teachings.

Bitter foods- Fitting of a gothic, she has a preference for bitter (bittersweet included).

Strength - Her mother and father were both extremely strong role models in her life, teaching her an appreciation for out-doing yourself and pushing yourself to the limit to achieve your goals.

» Dislikes:

Treachery - Due to constantly seeing things that aren't exactly there, she suffers from an overload of information. As she tried her best to assuming the best of others, lies, treacheries and false information in general frustrate her greatly.

Bugs - Thanks to learning the hard way that psychic pokémon are weak to Bug pokémon. She can still be amicable to Bug pokémon but it takes way longer for her to warm up.

Weakness - Counterpart to her liking strength.

Dirtyness - Slime, dirt, mud, she strongly dislikes being dirty.

» History:
Her mother is a Lopunny who happened to fall in love with, and charm, a Kadabra. Keen in martial arts and, surprisingly, with a taste for Psychic abilities. One of the few Lopunny to know Psychic moves. She is alive although very old by now. Krios' biological father unfortunately died before her egg was even cracked open, he was a male Gothitelle with more masculine traits than the average of the species.

Ghothita's current step father is Alakazam. He's used to spend most of his time teaching Pokémon back in his village after all of his years as a Kadabra exploring and learning. A tutor and master, he became famous as a move teacher and overall knowledgeable person after succesfully teaching a Lopunny Psychic moves (previously thought to be impossible at the time by his fellow villagers). Still alive but past his prime. Albeit he has settled down from his adventures, he dreams of gazing far into the unknown.

Finally the last family member is her brother Ann, an Abra who lives with his parents, sleeping most of the day, helping his parent when awake, and listening to his father's teachings as he sleeps.

Gothita decided to go out to explore and possibly find another member of the Gothita species who can answer her questions on the strange things she sees which no one else seems to, as well as further the knowledge and hopefully one day be able to show her father what there is beyond the limits of his knowledge.

» Other:
She has a necklace which's thread is made from her mother's fur, and a "spoon" (a gift from her stepfather) pingent which's handle has been turned to attach to the string of fur. The final result looks like a necklace with an oval pingent. Tied to the spoon is a small red lace said to have once been her father's
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Krios the Gothita
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