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 The Island that Time Forgot

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The Island that Time Forgot - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: The Island that Time Forgot   The Island that Time Forgot - Page 4 EmptyTue Mar 02, 2021 1:43 am

First topic message reminder :

Valen had finally reached Ancient Island, not only with his power of flight, but also a few friendly Water-types who had let him rest on them when he was feeling tired. There hadn't been any specific mission that had made him come here - he had just heard there were ancient Pokemon and plants that could only be found here, and decided that writing up a report on the place and its features would be useful for the Windrose Scouts. Indeed, along with his other supplies, he was also carrying ink and paper to take notes, but unlike for his trip to Pecha Forest, it didn't seem that anyone else had written a report on this island so far. There was also a rare and powerful item Valen had finally managed to buy earlier - a Flyinium Z, a crystal which could change an ordinary Flying-type move into a devastating "Z-move." It seemed that now, the only move he knew that was actually Flying-type was Mirror Move, but still, he thought it might be helpful, especially because of the claims that Pokemon here were particularly aggressive.

Valen looked around. He didn't see any other Pokémon at the moment, and the beach looked fairly normal, with just some very tall trees with big leaves at the top growing there. That did remind him about some unusual things that he had heard and already written down, although not from the Scouts. One was that there had been reports of traps helping rather than harming those who triggered them, and that some Pokémon claimed this was due to a "forest protector." Also, the Pokemon he had met while traveling here had mentioned oddly powerful and long-lasting storms had happened some time back - although thankfully, while Valen had been traveling, the seas had remained fairly calm. Valen wasn't sure whether anything on the island would give clues to either of these, but it was worth keeping in mind. He wrote brief notes on the (not terribly interesting) scenery in this part of the island, but still made sure to watch out for danger.

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The Island that Time Forgot - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Island that Time Forgot   The Island that Time Forgot - Page 4 EmptyWed Oct 20, 2021 1:13 pm

Now that he had his bag out, Darios decided that it was time to put his tunic away. Despite the lack of fashion and status that taking it off would ensue, the damaged cloth was begining to become a liability. If anything, placing it back into the bag would allow him to use it for some patching in the future. It would only be a moment, and it also allowed the Heracross to have a better glance at the damage of his shell. Despite the cracks, nothing under it could be spotted. However, it was undeniable that the Swarm instincts were kicking in with cracks like those. As if he wasn't content with the tired limbs and barely functional wings, the involuntary buzzing was more than distracting.

Not like it would make a dent on his mood. They had triumphed over an ambushing foe that appeared to be overwhelmingly strong, collected a treasure and now their allies had arrived to direct them towards somewhere interesting. The warrior and adventuring spirit had been satisfied but he wouldn't say no to wherever the friendly Kabutops would lead them.

Traversing the mountainside area and following the Kabutops proved to be harder than first imagined. The dungeon showed no intention of giving the group an easy road and the Kabutops can freely use her scythe-like arms to dig into ground, rock or bark without mentioning that she appeared to be nimble and dextrous when traversing to the point of the Kabuto riding on her head barely noticing a thing. Impressive, but the Heracross would have to deal with trekking through the rocky scenery, trying to flying at all possible for now and making sure that Valen would be following behind.

Eventually, the Kabutops would stop in front of an entrance into the mountain itself. A cave whose end wasn't on sight and where darkness loomed beyond the natural light of the sun. Moisture fills the air and the sound of water drops dripping onto the floor echo. The tribesmon proceeded further in, proving her familiarity with this cave.

(OOC: I will be spawning the rest of my Pokémon as friendlies from now on. I remember that we were about to wrap things up so we may as well add a little wrinkle to the last scene)
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The Island that Time Forgot
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