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 Lucas the Tynamo

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PostSubject: Lucas the Tynamo   Lucas the Tynamo EmptyTue Jan 05, 2021 10:33 pm

» Name: Lucas
» Gender: Male
» Species: #602 Tynamo, the EleFish Pokemon
» Affiliation: Aspiring Scholar

» Level: 5
» Energy: 11 (BE) + 5 (Lvl) = 16
» Ability: Levitate
» Moves:
Charge Beam
Thunder Wave

» Natural Feats:
A Shockingly Amphibious Fish: Tynamo are capable of breathing both air and water. It maneuvers as if swimming due to its electromagnetic force allowing it to levitate off of the ground.
Schooling Tactics: Tynamo by themselves do not produce particularly strong electric shocks, but a chain of many Tynamo can be as powerful as lightning.

» Relatives:
-Paternal Figure: Abel (Umbreon, NPC)

» Personality:
Reserved and meek, Lucas is the very definition of timid. That squeaky, soft tone of his reflects his usual demeanor readily, and gives away right off the bat that he’s shy and cowardly. Even a small spook can cause him to cry out and tremble like a child checking their closet for monsters: admittedly not a very good trait for someone who might end up having to actually go out into the wild to fulfill his desires. The fish has dreams of one day becoming a scholar investigating sites of interest around the world: ancient settlements, historical landmarks, and even the top of mountains if that’s even possible for him. Accepting the almost pitiful nature of his physical condition, he hopes to further himself and prove his worth through knowledge and discovery. At the moment, he’s put a lot more time and effort towards the book-smarts direction than actually going places in person: too dangerous to risk anything, after all.

Around others, Lucas tries his best to remain polite and helpful. He’s developed a bit of a persecution complex, and as such strives to please those around him by (including, but not limited to) begging, puppy-dog eyes, making frantic excuses, and actual crying. A lot of crying. Seriously, it’s impressive that he can manage to cry that much. The EleFish takes his relationships with others very seriously, and would go to great lengths to make someone he values happy. Whether it’s plotting out an itinerary for a walk with the lowest calculated probability of risk or spending an hour trying to wrap a present when all he’s got is his tiny little mouth to hold the wrapping paper, he considers his acts of thoughtfulness to be a sort of apology for “putting up with [his] presence”. Even so, it tends to be those kinds of people that would push him to float just outside of his comfort zone.

» Likes:
Reading: Whether it’s nonfiction for leisure or the published findings of others before him, Lucas loves to read and would happily spend a good chunk of his time cooped up in his room reading one. Flipping pages can be a bit difficult for him, though, so it takes him quite a while to finish one. Nonetheless, he enjoys it as a pastime and gets excited over a new opportunity to borrow another read.
Candy: Lucas loves candy, and offering him some is the easiest way to get him to relax during an episode of nervousness. His appetite is just as tiny as he is, but nonetheless he likes to take nibbles of sweets whenever he can.
Volunteer Work: While one would assume that Lucas likes volunteering just to be an altruist, he actually values the opportunity to help out solely because it makes him feel useful. Feeling dependable is what keeps him motivated to continue pursuing his goals, and as such he would easily jump at the chance to help with something that he feels he can do well. The goal is a bit selfish, but the results could go a long way.
Stargazing: Astronomy is one among his many curiosities, and as such he has been known to step outside some nights just to watch the night sky. This is typically associated with either a silent session of him being lost in his own thoughts or a one-sided awe-stricken discussion on multiverses, timelines, and miscellaneous other heavy theoretical concepts. His passion about it has led it to become some sort of guilty pleasure, but talking about it is one of the best ways to get him to warm up to someone.

» Dislikes:
Loud Noises: Lucas reacts rather harshly to high volumes. Whether it’s a jumpscare or just the loud ambient hum of an echoing cave, the tiny fish describes the sensation as being smaller than he already is in comparison. It probably also doesn’t help that he has no limbs to cover his ears at the moment.
High Expectations: Always the defeatist and the resident Negative Nancy, he holds low self-esteem and feels intense pressure to impress. These confidence issues relate to what he calls “being realistic about his ability”, and his response could be interpreted as borderline self-deprecation when passing responsibility to someone else. Even so, when forced to do so he would often attempt the “impossible” task at hand until he ends up with teary eyes when he thinks that he’s letting someone down- even if he’s not doing half bad to begin with.
Seawater: Due to the nature of his coddled lifestyle growing up, Lucas gets rather uncomfortable when he’s exposed to ocean water in particular. He can’t bring himself to stay still in salty environments, and describes the ocean as cold and uninviting. He has no qualms with entering the ocean if he deems it necessary, but that doesn’t mean that he’d go without mumbled complaints.
Coffee: While not something that comes up often, the fish despises the taste of coffee in general. His adoptive father gave him one taste when he was younger, and what followed was an extremely childish freakout and gag session. His aversion to the drink got to the point where he would visibly cringe at anyone consuming the beverage. Not a serious problem, but chances are if he’s uncomfortable with something, spotting a coffee cup nearby is a good indicator to separate it from his usual paranoid leering.

» History: Delivered to the doorstep of (self-proclaimed) Dr. Abel Jax, owner of a small pharmacy in Rainfront Town, Lucas had been discovered by the Umbreon one rainy night as an Egg in a basket. That being said, while Abel wasn’t exactly the kindest individual to take in such a thing, he begrudgingly accepted the deposited child: true, he “doesn’t get paid enough for this”, but it would be cruel to just ignore it. Once an aspiring medical apprentice who wanted to work as a nurse for the Grassveil Guild, he considered the workload with his own personal convictions and instead opted to open up a shop selling home remedies. He was by no means a town doctor though, and business had been slow enough to the point where he explored a bit on his own time to make ends meet and to satisfy his curiosity. The arrival of the Egg threw a wrench in his plans, though: a liability at best.

Only one day after the Egg had arrived, it had hatched bright and early in the morning. The reality hadn’t hit at first, but soon enough Abel stared right back down at the Tynamo looking up at him with a blank stare. Yep, that’s an infant alright: and a fish no less. A species gap, his lack of experience as a “parent”, and his other responsibilities were all going to be obstacles on the path. Resigned almost immediately, he moved the fish to an emptied botanical tank and moved on with that same defeated look on his face: just another day of sitting at the counter and serving the few customers that came in. The only difference this time was that there was a fish in the tank next to him…

...Well, not exactly. It was a child after all, and to be honest, he had no idea if the fish was somebody’s child or just some egg that was stolen from a feral nest. Out of boredom, he started talking to the fish. The poor thing was terrified: no mother and father in sight, just this furry black and yellow giant outside of the tank! For the first few days, little Lucas nuzzled himself up against the back wall of the tank and just stared at Abel with a fearful gaze. The Umbreon fortunately had advice from a customer as for what to feed the young Tynamo and how to properly take care of him, and as such began to provide the basics. While hesitant, Lucas did indeed start to eat, grow, and lose that fear of Abel.

After a few more days of this, it seems that the emotionally drained apothecary finally began to put a bit more heart into taking care of the fish. Never the type to consider himself a parent, he started to genuinely enjoy the Tynamo’s company. It began to mimic some of the sounds that the Umbreon had made, cementing that this wasn’t some wild animal he was taking care of: someone had just dropped off their child at his doorstep, and they expected him to take care of it. After a while, he didn’t seem to mind: the fish seemed happy, so he was happy. He never really got on board with the whole “parenting” business, but considering that he had all the materials he would need to care for him, it wasn’t that much of a burden. He settled on the name “Lucas”: no particular reason, just that it sounded like a neat name to give a kid. The Electric type responded well to it, so Lucas it stayed.

As the days went by, Lucas began to show more and more personality around others. His vocabulary steadily grew, and in time he could formulate complete sentences. He scared the Umbreon when he suddenly soared out of the tank and started levitating over the desk, but that may as well have been his “first steps” at that point. Lucas and Abel were an odd pair for sure, but nonetheless seemed to be doing alright. Abel at long last resigned to adopting a fatherly role to the child, and their relationship went from caretaker and liability to father and son. Lucas was curious as any child could be about anything and everything that caught his eye, and his father was happy to answer anything that he brought up. This mentorship fostered his curiosity about the world itself, and the stories told after the shop closed every day were some that Lucas enjoyed writing down (asking his father to transcribe, given he has no hands). The stories about strangers and the dangers of the world frightened him a great deal, but the descriptions of far-off lands and the unknown treasures the world may hold fascinated him to no end. The message stuck: “Strangers bad, new places good.”

Growing just a tiny bit more and finally becoming capable of speaking rather fluently, Lucas offered to help out around the pharmacy as his father’s assistant. Sure, he couldn’t carry any of the shipments or handle any cases or jars, but finding things amidst the crowded shelves was his specialty. The Tynamo weaved in and out of each section of the cabinets, finding whatever was needed to prepare any tonic, restorative or stimulant that the customer needed. As for customer service… Well, it’s best to just leave him on search duty. He lived a rather sheltered life for a child, and was only really comfortable around Abel on a personal level. On the occasions that he traveled out with the Umbreon on business-related trips, he was told to act like everyone else was a customer. The world felt so big and scary to him, and so most of the time he could be found swimming along right next to his adoptive parent and casting darting, timid glances at everyone else. While Abel did try to help him open up to others, those stories still kept him shy and afraid. He decided that he was bound to do something wrong as a dad eventually, and just let it go. A dismissive move for a situation where doing anything else would have been better, but that alone cemented the fact that Lucas is no good dealing with other Pokemon as of now.

As the years went on, however, business got slower and slower. The regulars still came in to say hello to the two, but even that wasn’t enough to keep the place open. Lucas especially took the inevitable closing of the pharmacy personally: the fish would start trying to work even harder at finding whatever was needed- and even mixing some of it himself- but nothing worked. The day that Abel was forced to close up shop for good, the reality hit the Tynamo harder than ever. He blamed himself for it, and while the Umbreon did his best to explain the situation and how it wasn’t his fault whatsoever, the lurking suspicions of his possible wrongdoing haunted him for quite a while. The pharmacy was sentimental to him, and even Abel’s home felt like nothing compared to how that place felt. Given enough time without a source of income, and soon that would be gone too. The two were faced with a difficult decision, and although it was difficult, Abel sat Lucas down one night after a long job hunt and leveled with the Tynamo.

With the way things were going right now, he was desperate enough to ask Lucas if he could help out with paying the bills. In a heartbeat, he agreed and asserted that he’d do anything to help out: partially to support the one who’d cared for him all those years, but mostly as his own way to “atone” for the pharmacy’s closure. His zeal was impressive, but instead of just letting him go, Lucas was strongly encouraged not to just fly out of there and land any old job he could find. Rather, wanting to stop the fish from overexerting himself for his sake, he stressed that he should find some way to pay the bills while doing something he enjoyed: like the pharmacy, but something that didn’t require a license. (Not that Abel had one anyways: he was just going off of his own self-study.)

Confused but understanding, Lucas struggled to come up with something. He enjoyed hearing about faraway lands to explore and new things to be discovered, but dreaded the idea of strangers and the Pokemon inhabiting such places. What kind of job would even accommodate for that, even partially? He doubted that he could find someone else to do the talking for him and just let him sightsee. Puzzled and lost by this development, Lucas now spends his time making small trips around town in an attempt to combat his aversion to strangers, and occasionally steps just barely outside of Rainfront little by little to get accustomed to being on his own. Now if only the world didn’t feel so gosh darn big like this...

» Other: While nothing compared to a seasoned apothecary, Lucas does have some basic knowledge when it comes to first aid. He can’t perform most of it by himself, but he does know the process and is capable of coaching someone else through the motions. Additionally, he speaks with a very limiting stutter almost all the time. It seems to dissipate the more relaxed he is… So almost never. ;)
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PostSubject: Re: Lucas the Tynamo   Lucas the Tynamo EmptyFri Jan 08, 2021 6:13 am

This character has been approved!

Everything looks great! This is a very well thought out and detailed character bio, I really love Lucas! Well done, and I hope you have fun RPing on the site! I look forward to seeing more of Lucas :)

Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.  Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Lucas the Tynamo
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