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 Meeikorou the Litten

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PostSubject: Meeikorou the Litten   Meeikorou the Litten EmptyMon May 04, 2020 12:52 am

» Name: Meeikorou [May be referred to as 'Meeikou' or 'Meeik']
» Sex: Female
» Species: #725 Litten, the Fire Cat Pokemon
» Affiliation: Wanderer

» Level: 5
» Energy: 18
» Ability: Blaze
» Moves:
- Scratch [Level 1]
- Growl [Level 1]
- Ember [Level 3]
- Fake Out [Egg move]

» Natural Feats:
- Warning: Highly Flammable: Meeikorou's fur contains and produces highly flammable oils. This being said, the fur that is ingested via grooming is capable of being regurgitated in the form of fireballs. This also allows her to ignite her entire body into a mass of flames.
- Blaze: Under the tides of jeopardy, Meeikorou’s body produces vast amounts of oil to strengthen the potency of her Fire-Type attacks.
- Agility: Her frame is naturally small and lithe, giving her great agility capabilities.
- Natural Weapons: Meeikorou has small, yet sharp, retractable claws, along with a carnivorous set of teeth.

» Relatives:
- Unknown Incineroar mother
- Unknown Meowstic father
- Unknown Torracat brother
- Unknown Meowstic sister

» Personality: Meeikorou is an eccentric, eerie child with an unquenchable hunger for knowledge and adventure. She is the silent observer, a soul of little words, much preferring to watch the world unfold around her whilst taking mental notes and brewing questions. This leads to her often wearing a blank, wide-eyed expression, as the mechanics of her mind have drifted elsewhere into a realm of imagination; she is always thinking, contemplating, and daydreaming. Meeikorou’s ruminative soul is very curious, taking great joy in seeking out and discovering new information of all varieties, no matter how inconsequential they may seem to an outside view, Meeikorou will always find pleasant enlightenment in them - puzzles and educational science books are an elite adoration. She is creatively skillset, quick-learning, relishing within the arts of drawing and crafting to project her hyperactive imagination. Her mind is also overactive in the sense of being nomadic, unable to remain in the same place for too long - a wandering vagabond at heart. She is eager to become absorbed in every experience she encounters before she eventually and inevitably leaves, following the currents in pursuit of a new adventure.

Meeikorou may be immensely intelligent, but she still carries a childish naivety and innocence, often not recognizing dangerous or uncomfortable situations and unbothered by the darker factors of life - she has no predicament towards approaching a menacing character to simply observe, nor does violence phase her. In the end, it is rather difficult for most to understand the eccentric Meeikorou, as she is quite unpredictable and does not understand social normalities nor cues - not to mention her thoughts are shrouded behind a quiet, masked exterior. She almost seems distant and dissociated with the veridical world. Meeikorou is also known to have disturbing tendencies, such as collecting and crafting out of bones(and other biological remnants), drawing disturbing imagery, abruptly igniting her body into flames, and watching others without their acknowledgement. When alone, she will sometimes scribe words into the ground with her claws, claiming to be speaking to her “friends”. As to who these friends are, and the purpose behind such actions, is unclear to an observer. This behavior has earned her a rather ominous aura and wary societal option - that she remains blissfully unaware of. She is, in general, unaware of the peculiarity of her actions. However, Meeikorou is by no means purposefully malicious or ill-bearing. She is just a very...odd, and disturbed child, with a questionable moral compass and a mind perhaps a little too imaginative and vigorous for her own good.

» Likes:
- Adventure - With adventure, there are always new things to discover, learn, and experience! Meeikorou is a vagabond and adventurer at heart.
- Learning - Meeikorou takes great joy in learning new information and furthermore gaining new knowledge, whether it be great or small, she finds joy in all.
- Books - Books are the very essence of learning! Knowledge in its physical form, pages upon pages of information. She was raised by books, spending the days absorbed in realms of both education and fantasy.
- Art - Crafting and drawing are skills that Meeikorou enjoys - they help her project her hyperactive imagination. With art, you are capable of creating your own worlds.
- Bones - Meeikorou has an odd hyperfixation with biological remains, but mainly bones. Not only does she find the inner workings of biology to be fascinating, but bones themselves specifically remind her...of family.
- Ghosts - Ghosts are...her friends! A reminiscence of her childhood memories, Meeikorou has always been entranced by Ghost-type Pokemon, as they were the ones who shaped her history and kept her company. She earnestly believes that each and every Ghost-type is a friend.
- The forest - Ever since Meeikorou was a child, she had been drawn to the dark canopy of the deep woodlands. A serene place that seems lonely...but once you enter, you shall find all manners of flora and fauna to speculate! There are sometimes bones there, too...
- Space - Meeikorou has a fantastic dream that someday she will explore space itself. The nebula, the great unknown...she finds it very interesting, especially since so little is known about it. As someone who is always seeking knowledge, it is definitely at the spectacle of her fascination.

» Dislikes:
- Confinement - A domestic and sedentary life is not for Meeikorou. She cannot remain in the same place for too long, or else madness shall unravel.
- Crowds - Although Meeikorou enjoys people-watching, too much people-watching, all at once, can be a sensory overload. Meeikorou will begin to feel overwhelmed if there are more than two people within close proximity - this is usually an ideal time to continue with her adventure.
- Water - A rather naturally obvious quirk for a feline-like, Fire-type Pokemon. Meeikorou dreads the physical sensation of water against skin or fur; it makes her feel as if she is slowly being suffocated.
- Physical Attention - Meeikorou does not care for others touching her. It is not something she is used to, nor does her brain know how to react. Whenever Meeikorou experiences physical affection she just sort of...locks up.
- Attempted removal - Meeikorou does not get angry often, but the act of trying to remove, or so much as touch her mask, will definitely raise some strong emotions.
- Maps - Consider it ironic for someone who lives for exploration, but Meeikorou simply refuses to use navigational tools such as maps or compasses. She wanders aimlessly, letting her senses guild her - Meeikorou does not believe in the definition of “lost”.

» History:

The eyes flashed open, flesh bristled, as breath entered the reverence of life. Hefty drum of the heartbeat pounding and blinding the senses into a rhythm.

Thump, thump, thump...thump...thump...whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

That is all one could hear. A belligerent orchestra, the internals of war, of fear and of triumph; it was all within the ears. The heart, the kindled throbbing heart, was being imbibed up, up into the ears, along with the brain, an ether of gray matter, miasmal enzymes, and drained into a pool...away, away; Oh it was all too fast; Too loud. Too loud.


The beating, the cries, they continued to throb and obstruct one’s mind with visions of a strange, strange world. Distortion, distortion; unification, steaming of the enzyme cogs. The eyes blinked, shifted, dilated; a kaleidoscope of shapes and colors, spinning ‘round and ‘round, and with a steady pattern of blinks they would come together in a fluid motion to form the unfamiliar painting that was one’s surroundings.


Flickering lights...coming into view...brushstrokes of copper and gold; the nurturing, verdant canopy of teals, olives, iridescent; twisting, coiling integument, filled with rings of olden knowledge, omniscient column protectors, shrouding the vision with a gentle shade. Protectors...of the forest. This was the woodlands, the summer woodlands. The birds were singing, their shrill melodies dancing through the forest’s protectors - the trees. Back and forth, an allusive serination. So, so loud…

“Meeikorou!” That repetitive voice, the white noise - it was her mother. Meeikorou felt the paw gently take hold of her shoulder, shifting her into view. The amber eyes searched upon her worriedly. Searching into her soul and thoughts. She should not know.

“There you are! Darling, oh, I was...I was so, so worried about you! Worried sick. Why do you always stay out in the woods like this? Why do you do these things, oh my heart - to your poor mother? There is nothing out here...what are you looking at, dear? There is nothing out here. Nothing. Now, come along, now...inside, inside. You will go to your room at once, and you will stay there. You will stay there until you finally learn.”

Meeikorou could only vacantly move forward as her mother urged her along, empty-eyed, as her mind was still full of the forest and its omniscient column protectors. She was but a rag-puppet pulled by the strings of a crude, pseudo attempt of a dynasty. Meeikorou knew where her heart truly belonged.

It did not belong here. Not within her mother’s grasp.

Her mother’s grasp...the urging and pulling, the strings...it was weakening. Meeikorou felt a sudden dampness.


“Meeikorou, oh my sweet, sweet darling, my little angel, I am so sorry... so sorry, so sorry…” There was crooning, weeping. Meeikorou felt her face cradled, overwhelmed. The putrid, crimson liquid filled her nose and mouth. Suffocating. “So sorry, so sorry...Meeikorou... darling, dear, angel…”

Then there was screaming, a fracture of cries - a shrill sword that sliced through the air and left nothing but silence in its wake. There was nothing but silence as Meeikorou could feel the world fall beneath her feet, and become enveloped within a world of madness.

Meeikorou’s golden eyes flashed open, lying not upon screaming or blood or the suffocating mass of pseudo pariential affection, but instead, a more familiar presence. She felt only warmth as her eyes rested upon the figures of ivory leaning amongst the halls. The bones, the spirits - her mother, father, brother, sister, cousins...family. They were all here, still there, sleeping soundly, and they would always remain. Nothing had changed.

Meeikorou blinked. Such a silly dream, she thought.


Meeikorou was born within a domestic, yet neurotic household that was held together by crippling pillars of sand. Her elder siblings had already departed from the household and begun their own journeys towards the path of adulthood, long before Meeikorou was even conceived. However, they unknowingly left behind a slowly abscessing pot of broken kinship. Meeikorou’s existence was...unexpected, which furthermore strained her mother and father’s already unstable marriage. When Meeikorou was born, her father, engulfed within a manic fit of rage, fled into the night. Only two members of the household now remained - her mother, living in uncertain pain and sorrow, and Meeikorou, living only in the innocence and blissful ignorance of a small child.

Her mother was already a wary, mentally incapacitated soul, thus this abrupt shift of life only fueled her apprehension. She tried her very best, the way any uncertain mother would, at raising and caring for Meeikorou. However, Meeikorou was...different. She would not speak, remained unresponsive to questions and commands, and would spend hours staring out the window with eyes wide like moons. Meeikorou constantly made a turmoil of the house - the walls were her canvas for paints and chalks. She could not be trusted to be unattained, as the little anomaly would try to escape into the woods at any given chance. Her imagination was an uncontrollable, unpredictable beast. In her mother’s eyes, Meeikorou’s eccentrics because less and less of endearing quirks and more and more of troublesome flaws. In her unstable, exhausted mother’s eyes, she was no longer a child but a mere burden, and her mother was not afraid to let it be known.

Days would elapse one after another, as Meeikorou was kept locked away within her room. It was here that books became her true parents; she would spend hours simply reading, absorbed within the realm of knowledge. They were mostly educational, hard-back novels, but to Meeikorou, it was pure bliss. Her mind locked on, and she became vigorously entranced and obsessed. When not reading, Meeikorou relished in traditional art, drawing endlessly to create fictional worlds and concepts within her sketchbook - no paints, sadly, as they had been banned, but the same happiness still remained. Imagination and knowledge were the only things fueling her now.

Strange things began occurring within the hours of the night. At night, Meeikorou would often stare out the window, into the woods, but it was one particular night, her ears twitched - she was hearing something. A noise, gently emitting from her closet. This noise was calling her. As Meeikorou approached, she realized that this “noise” - a ghostly being of shadows - was whispering. It was whispering to her, “Soon, soon…” On this one particular night, Meeikorou made a friend.

Days would, again, elapse one after another, but this time Meeikorou had company to project her interests onto. She showed her new friend everything she read, drew, or crafted. Her friend seemed to know lots and lots of lots, and recalled many tales, all of which Meeikorou listened to with wide eyes. Meeikorou was immensely happy to have such a wise and caring friend. Meeikorou was, if possible, even happier when the friend stated that: “It is sealed - we shall be friends forever.

Her mother was unaware of these interactions. Her mother, a narrow and disoriented character, was unaware of many things...

When Meeikorou’s mother and father first built their house, what they failed to realize is that, underneath the stakes and foundation of their home, lay century-old abandoned catacombs. What they, the parental fools, failed to realize is that they have disturbed the serene, century-old slumber of a family of Ghost-type Pokemon, in favor of their own harborings. Here, the seed was planted. Destruction was inevitable - it was just only a matter of time.

Soon, quoth the friend of Meeikorou. Days would elapse, and time drew near, shedding its fate, narrowing the tunnel. One particular night, Meeikorou caught no sound nor sight of her dear friend. It was on this one particular night, that the seeds of destruction that had been planted so long ago, had finally awoken; the twisting branches coiled, unraveling the repressed vengeance of the disturbed, forgotten souls; sealing the promise.

The combined Psychic, Phantom Force, and Forest’s Curse - it destroyed everything within its wake. Flames replaced the foundation of the home, burning what little remained of the broken dynasty.

Unlike her mother, Meeikorou had survived - spared, but not so fortunate as to escape the fire’s wrath. The left side of her face had been scorched - scars that would remain forever into her life, an everlasting symbol. She had been spared, in the favor of her forever friend - the whispering noise in the closet, the figure of shadows. The Duskull.

Ever since this life-altering incident, Meeikorou had been trapped within the abandoned catacombs, debris enclosing her. She awoke to this vast valley of forgotten souls with a disoriented hippocampus from the impact; her memories had been altered, disordered. Distant, imperceptible chapters of her life...she struggled to properly grasp them, and yet, her claws managed to catch the threads of their pages; She remembered the realms within her books, realms of knowledge, the arts she had adored. She recalled her wise, caring Duskull friend, as well. But what was family? What was home? Those memories had perished. Now, the ghosts welcomed her. Through her Duskull friend, she had been accepted - she was one of them. Now, it seemed, this catacomb was surely her home, these bones and spirits were surely her family, that was assuredly the undoubtable answer. Her mind began to slowly believe this to be the undoubtable truth. Slowly, enveloping the abstract concept of home and family, she began to weave a hypothesized history for herself:

Trevenant, guardian of the forest...you are my mother. Dusknoir, reaper of souls...you are my father. Chandelure, dancer of flames...you are my sister. Gengar, lurker of shadows...you are my brother. The Ghastlies, Shuppets, and Yamasks - they are my cousins. And you...Duskull...you are my greatest friend, forever. This is my family.

Alas, the motion had been set. Here, within the catacombs, her dreams became a reality thanks to the Psychic-type moves of her family. It was her own realm of imagination. She was happy, without a care or second thought into the life she had before. There was no dismissive mother, no manic mystery father, no adventuring siblings or harbored home. They were fragments of the past, faded among the misplaced memories. They were nothing, and the Ghosts, her friends - they were everything.

However, there was still work to be done.

She peered into the pool - the undisturbed surface of answers. The reflection was one of fur, a wide amber eye...and scars, a disfigured mold of scorched flesh. Meeikorou’s paw went to these abnormalities, watching as her mirrored doppelganger did the same. Why did she not look like...them? Her family? Cold, ancient ivory, full of many secrets...perfection.

As an attempt to “fit in”, to resemble her “family” more, Meeikorou took to carving out an ivory-based ritual artifact in the crude shape of a half-mask, wearing it to shroud the scars. It was not perfect nor clean, but this mask gave Meeikorou a newfound sense of belonging - it was perfect from her perspective. She was one with them. She was happy.

Many moons passed where Meeikorou was trapped within the fabrication of her imagination. However, this dream world of spectral conjuring would soon come to an unforetold end.

“Hello? Hello? Is anyone still alive down there?”

Prior to the voices, Meeikorou had heard the churning of the Earth, the shifting of debris to release pools of moonlight that slowly oozed from cracks and welled onto the catacomb’s floor. The melancholy halls of ivory and forgotten souls were now alight with the light of the outside world. Vulnerable and exposed. Faintly, Meeikorou could hear the bones begin to rustle. They were upset…

Meeikorou’s adept ears continued to discern the hushed mummers of the outsiders: “I don’t see or hear anyone down there...perhaps the family escaped before the house was destroyed?”

“Your words are hopeful. Arceus’ willing, it is the truth. Let us venture further in.”

“But, down there...t-this...this is not a mere cavern. Look, there...you see? T-There are bones! They are...everywhere...a-are they...they are...m-moving…”
“...Get back. Get back, NOW!”

A fracture of cries. Her family was awakened, fulminating into a spectral storm to defend their home against the outsiders - the trespassers.

On that night, the catacombs had been discovered by a wandering Gold-Rank Exploration team - a Kabutops, Golisopod, and Drapion. The family of ghosts fought, yes, but in the end, they fled; their spirits had howled and bounded into the night’s canopy like feral hounds. They were free at last.

Once again, Meeikorou was the last remnant of her family.

The explorers had found her, and then the wave of questions began; they began catering and questioning her, in the same matronly, attentive manner that any adult figure may use against a lost child; Are you hurt? Are you lost? Where are your parents? So many questions, yet Meeikorou knew the answer to none. Her mind had ventured elsewhere, as her eyes locked onto the stars.

She had received a Psychic message of departure, from her family:

It is not over...The chapters of life have only begun. Be free, little Meeikorou...be free...forever...

The conversation of the explorers had faded into nothing but the imperceptible white noise of the catacombs. Meeikorou knew what was to be done.

The explorers cried out after her as Meeikorou wordlessly ignited into a sprint. Her legs coursed with the flame of adrenalin...she could feel it. Her family was watching, still, always watching. The adventures, the knowledge, the dreams; they would all come true, surely true, soon enough - she just had to run. She ran, and had no intention of peering back; away, away...into the unknown…

The chapters of life have only begun.

» Other: I wrote this all with no sleep so I apologize if there are any grammatical errors or anything...I realize that I wrote a lot, perhaps a little too much...ah, sometimes when I start writing, I have a hard time actually stopping. But, I hope I did well as I am very excited to get involved within this community. ^^

Also, I have a drawing of Meeik that I have not finished yet, but when it is finished, may I put it here?

Meeikorou the Litten Spr_2c_141_sMeeikorou the Litten Latest?cb=20130413231729Meeikorou the Litten Spr_2c_047
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PostSubject: Re: Meeikorou the Litten   Meeikorou the Litten EmptySun May 10, 2020 4:08 pm

Sorry, your Character Bio cannot be approved due to the following reasons:

Hi! Apologies for forgetting to take a look at this sooner. As I mentioned in Discord it completely slipped my mind! That said, I hope you aren't too disheartened that I haven't been able to approve it right away. Meeik is an interesting character and majority of my notes here are either clarifications, or me making absolutely sure im interpreting the history correctly as it's well written but quite abstract in places so I want to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

For future reference though, story based histories are completely fine, but a simple and clear history section that irons out any details that a mod could potentially have to consider is usually much better for a swift approval than one that leaves out things or is vague for a better tale per se. At least in my personal moderation experience ^^'

1.) Energy:
Litten's base energy would be 14 due to its base stat of 320. Add 1 for each level at level 5 and that comes to 19 not 18.

2.) Natural Feats:
One of Litten's feats is the ability to ignite its body into a mass of flames, however the dex entries state that its fur only regrows twice a year. This would severely limit how often this could be done, as if a Litten burned all its fur that had only just regrown, it wouldn't be able to regrow it right away.

A such it's worth also acknowledging here that the fur is consumable, so Meeik could not permanently burn her fur because she'd run out and have to wait for it to grow back. Thus this whole body ignition (when used outside of a move like Flame Charge) only has very limited use.

On an unrelated note, your 'Agility' feat does not strictly need to be in the Natural Feats section since it's not mentioned in the dex in any way. You can leave it as it's not causing any harm, this is just me letting you know that non dex and ability 'feats' don't necessarily need to be here as the section is mostly here to moderate abilities such as minor powers/skills outside of actual moves (e.g Litten's ability to set itself on fire, which is not Flame Charge despite having a similar description of 'setting the body on fire') and how users interpret their character's ability so we can iron out any kinks with interpretation and overpoweredness.

3.) Likes:
In the site's world space is not something many pokemon know much of anything about. They know about stars and the sun and the moon as entities in the sky, but no actual space research would have taken place and any knowledge about space they have would likely be legends or tales passed down from the few pokemon that are supposed to have come from space in the first place. Liking space and wanting to explore it or learn about it in itself is fine as a like, but please keep this in mind whilst you are RPing.

4.) History:
I only have a few things I want to confirm here as most of my other questions that cropped up as I was reading were answered as the history went along.

Firstly you say
Quote :
Here, within the catacombs, her dreams became a reality thanks to the Psychic-type moves of her family.

I would like to ask you to clarify what sort of thing you mean by this, as it's left very vague what the contents of Meeik's imagination would be and psychic powers do not really have the general ability to just plainly alter reality. If you are thinking of something specific here, it would be good for us to know.

Secondly, if Meeik was trapped in the catacombs for more than a few months, how did she survive for so long without access to a food source? You mentioned a pool, so water is covered. The ghost type pokemon probably have a very different diet to Meeik, so did they specifically bring her food or was there some other source of food down there for her?

Lastly, we do not usually allow the editing of bios once they have been approved, to prevent people altering things post-approval. However you can post the art of Meeikorou in your character records.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message any of the Character Moderators, either through the Chatbox, Discord or through Private Messaging. We will tend to your concerns as soon as we can. Please fix your bio accordingly so that we may be able to approve it. Once you have completed your edits, either bump this thread or message us.

Meeikorou the Litten P5_sty10xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMeeikorou the Litten Skiddo
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Meeikorou the Litten
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