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 Blake the pachirisu

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Blake the pachirisu  Empty
PostSubject: Blake the pachirisu    Blake the pachirisu  EmptySun May 03, 2020 5:19 pm

» Name: Blake
» Sex: Female
» Species: Pachirisu #417, the elesquirrel pokemon
» Affiliation: None, they are a wandering traveler residing and making a home in Grassveil. However they aspire to join Peak Academy.

» Level: level 5.
» Energy: 22
» Ability: Volt absorb
» Moves:
- Growl - Level 1
- Quick attack - Level 5
- Bite - Egg move

» Natural Feats
-Electric stored cheeks- Pachirisu have a special ability to store unused electricity in their cheeks, and can even create their own electricity by rubbing against another pachirisu.
-Tail charges - Pachirisu has immensely large tails, bigger than their own body. It acts as a "reverse" lightning rod, and can shoot out tons of electricity without harming the body

» Relatives
-Clarisse;mother - NPC (n/a)
-Danyon;father - NPC (n/a)
-Sammy;big sister -NPC (n/a)

» Personality: Blake is often percieved as odd and quirky, but well meaning. Pokemon don't seem to understand their seemingly unexplainable mannerisms. Blake is very anxious and awkward around people, and gets easily overwhelmed in social situations. They avoid speaking, making pokemon think they're rude and unfriendly.However, the truth of the matter is that they are very nice, but simply lack the appropriate social skills to convey it.

» Likes: Silky things; They are very soothing and soft for them. Ever since childhood Blake had an odd liking for silk, be it bed sheets or a scarf. It both reminds them of home and calms them down in stressed situations.
Lemonade; Lemonade is by far their favorite beverage any time of year. Blake loves to make fresh pitchers of lemonade every so often and share it with friends. A bonding experience if you will.
Learning; It doesn't even need to be useful, or even remotely interesting information. Blake cannot stop expanding their mind, from learning every detail about a big historical event, to the process of making a clock, they will learn anything.

» Dislikes: Big crowds; As previously mentioned, social situations are very stressful. With big crowds often come lots of sensations and noise and movement, too much to focus on. Blake just cannot think in that environment.
Large pokemon; Blake only has a problem with large pokemon in combat situations. They know they are small, and not particularly powerful, so the idea of fighting a foe much better than you is terrifying.
Thunderstorms; Ironic coming from an electric type. The thought of lighting bolts from the sky fills them with dread. They credit it the scary, though very unrealistic, idea that if they got struck with a bolt, their cheeks would absorb so much power and electricity that they'd simply explode on the spot.
» History: Blake grew up in an averaged sized town, surrounded by businesses and buildings their whole life. Sadly, this meant you couldn't just know everyone where you lived, you had to make an effort to meet pokemon. From a young age, they struggled to make friends due to their lack of social understanding. This never bothered Blake though, they had everything they needed to be happy. They were close to their big sister, Sammy, and the two would often play together inside. Their favorite game to play was pretend. Of course, Sammy always wanted to pretend she was a Mommy, or a superstar. Blake on the other hand went even more extravagant, they pretended they were a world renowned scientist, the most famous doctor who saved millions, things of that nature. By the age of 7, Blake had found their calling;they loved school. They received straight A's in every class, and never missed a beat when it came to homework.
"With the speed your child is growing at, I wouldn't be surprised if Blake went to college next year" a teacher had once said to their mother, Clarisse.
Of course, it was a joke, but that little joke stirred something to really go for it. Obviously, Blake wasn't quite that gifted yet, and was immensely disappointed when they couldn't go to a high end college at the age of 8.
There was bit of a bump in the road in that point of life. Blake never stopped trying in their work, but they seemed to have less passion. This was also the year Blake stopped talking. Kids were getting older, and meaner. You were expected to be making friends. Blake tried and tried, but always found themselves at a loss on how to connect with their peers. And, what felt like out of the blue, Blake stopped initiating conversations with students and teachers alike. They would give out curt answers every so often, but that was about it. Blake couldn't explain it, but they felt so self conscious. They didn't understand what they were supposed to say, or when to say, or how to say. Why make a fool out of yourself when you could avoid talking at all costs.
Blakes parents were unsure how to respond to their youngest child going mute. The few doctors they consulted with didn't have any insight on what to do, other than it was a mere phase. Against better judgment, everyone in Blakes household forced themselves to adapt to the strange situation and hope it would phase out, and a happy talkative child came back.
It never did happen. By the time Blake had reached 12 years of age, and knew better than to be scared of talking, they still couldn't. The momentary bout of silence made them even more afraid to speak, anxious of judgment and ridicule for being for childish.
This fear didn't stop them from succeeding. As they grew more realistic expectations of themselves, Blake knew they could be a prodigy child. Blake didn't accept anything less than perfect in school, and usually outwitted their classmates, despite being several grades above where she should be. Even with their muteness dampening many relationships, Blakes family couldn't be more proud of this genius they created.
Planning for the future, Blake made the rash decision that they wanted to become a doctor. They weren't sure what compelled them to this choice. General interest in pokemon anatomy? The challenge of long and arduous schooling? The chance to be surrounded by likeminded individuals? Vast knowledge on berries and medicine? Blake didn't question it too much, and stuck to their gut feeling.
At the age of 13, Blake graduated public school, not a feat many their age can boast about.
"You have too much potential to stay cooped up in this house" Sammy had told them one Summer night, "You need to go out into the world"
The idea of "The world" scared Blake. Being far away from the people they knew? But they knew Sammy was right. They had to get out there and keep learning.
During the last month of Summer, when the breeze started kicking in and the threat of Autumn lay just ahead, Blake packed their bags and moved out to Grassveil with their sister. Sammy found a small home to move into to. Grassveil was known to be one of the safest towns to live in, though that did little to soothe the unease. Blake prayed and prayed on their lonely trip there that Peak Academy, a prestigious school for people like them, would accept them in. With high hopes, Blake made their way into Grassveil for the first time with their sister.

» Other: This character is autistic, and is known to stim in different ways. Their most common stims are rubbing their cheeks, and wrapping their tail around themselves like a tight rope.
While they were born female, this character is nonbinary, and uses they/them pronouns, and there is no exception.
Blake wears a silk bow around their tail, only for vanity reasons. It has zero effects in battle.
Blake is selectively mute, and will not speak.
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Blake the pachirisu
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