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Prepare to face a new set of challenges in this brand-new Pokemon world as you square off against new enemies and rivals, forge new friendships, and create teams to travel the world with on your quest of discovery
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 Pierce the Archen

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PostSubject: Pierce the Archen   Pierce the Archen EmptyMon Jan 27, 2020 8:01 am

» Name: Pierce
» Sex: Male
» Species: Archen, the First Bird Pokemon, #566
» Affiliation: N/A

» Level: 5
» Energy: 17 (Base) + 5 (Level) = 22 Total
» Ability: Defeatist (sweet, sweet parasitic abilities)
» Moves:
- Quick Attack (1)
- Wing Attack (1)
- Rock Throw (1)
- Head Smash (Egg)

» Natural Feats:
Defeatist - Due to a defect in the species, the Defeatist ability typically lead Archen to encounter a fall in confidence and skill whenever the battle looks grim.
Glider: Archen is flightless, but is able to glide down from tall trees and other high places.

» Relatives:
- Akiva (Mother, NPC)
- Titus (Adopted Father, NPC)
- Gwendolyn (Grandmother, Titus’s side, NPC)
- Gareth (Grandfather, Titus’s side, NPC)
- Acro (Half-Brother, Everyone's favorite Archeops)

» Personality:
Pierce can best be described as generally happy-go-lucky; and a bit dimwitted. He seeks out fun and interesting things to do, and lacks a good judgement of what is and isn’t safe; he has in the past, and most certainly will in the future, put himself in danger without even realising it. Pierce is young and naive, but not quite gullible. He is generally pretty certain in himself and what he thinks, and it is difficult to persuade him otherwise—or persuade him of anything in general, once he’s already formed an opinion.

His expressions of emotion tend to lean towards extremes. When angry, he will not hesitate to flail wildly and attack whatever or whoever upset him—though he’s not the most competent fighter. When he’s afraid, he will panic and flea at just about any cost, potentially (and likely) making whatever situation he’s in worse for himself and others involved. When excited—whether for good reason or bad—he will blather incoherently.

Pierce is easily distracted and rarely follows directions well. Due to being raised as an only child in relative isolation, he is fairly socially inept. This doesn’t stop him from trying to socialize, though. All in all, he tends to be a bit of a nuisance. Despite that, he generally means well, and tries to be kind and helpful to those he takes a liking to—even if his help isn’t particularly helpful. He has issues with authority, however. When his grandparents took over the job of raising him, he grew resentful of them, and other authority figures by extension.

Thanks to Defeatist, Pierce is also susceptible to bouts of sullenness, in which he becomes to polar opposite of his normal, exaggerated expressiveness, moping about and being generally unmotivated.

» Likes:
- Toys! Or anything that he might think would make a good toy. Or anything shiny, really.
- Heights! Sure, he can’t fly, but that won’t stop him from trying. Also, he likes to take in as much of the scenery as he can, and there’s no better place to do that than from the sky. Unfortunately, he’ll have to settle for the tallest thing he can find instead.
- Company! Raised as an only child on an isolated island full of hostile Pokemon, Pierce has always craved interaction with others.
- Music! A surefire way to get him to calm down and generally quiet down, Pierce loves listening to music.

» Dislikes:
- Ghosts! They’re scary!
- Cold weather. Especially if it’s snowing. Coming from a tropical island, cold climates are about as far out of Pierces comfort zone as you can get.
- Water of all kinds, but especially the sea. He’s a rock type, so he has an inherent dislike of the stuff. Not to mention the sea made him feel forever trapped on the island he was born on.
- Sleeping! If you’re asleep, you’re going to miss all the things that happen when you’re asleep! It’s a waste of time and unless convinced there is absolutely nothing going on, Pierce will fight to keep awake.

» History:
His mother (an archeops named Akiva) and father (an aerodactyl named Titus) met when they were young. Young and carefree, it was practically love at first sight. They acquainted each other on many adventures, flying far and wide across the lands to see the sights. Despite how strongly they felt bonded with one another, they waited a full two years before they decided to wed. A grand display of flowers, a small collection of family and friends, and a romantic night later, they were blessed with an egg.

This egg, however, was not Pierce. This was his older brother. Despite all the time and commitment they put into each other, Titus just wasn't ready for the responsibilities. So, he left. He went hunting one day and simply never came back. Akiva was left alone with her egg, but the betrayal of the Aerodactyl was too much. She turned to her family, but was shocked to find herself turned away from them as well. Obviously there was something wrong with her if a perfectly nice man like Titus left, right?

Well, there was something wrong with her, but the issues didn't rise until the stress of it all came crashing down on her. Whether it was a cause or pure coincidence was unknown, seeing as she was entirely alone with her egg through it all. By the time Titus realized the error of his ways and returned, literal years later, it was far too late. She'd lost her mind and the child was nowhere to be seen. Limited knowledge Titus picked up from the Akiva's ramblings granted him the name and the assumption that it was dead.

Blaming himself for ruining his wife's life in such a way, he remained with her through her illness. Though he generally stayed with her for the majority of the day, some days he’d be gone for prolonged periods of time, when hunting wasn’t going as well as one would hope. On one of those days, he returned home to find Akiva missing. After a frantic search of the island, he found her nearly a day later; with an egg—this one was Pierce. He never got an explanation for its appearance. After this event, he was sure not to leave the nest for any prolonged periods of time.

When the egg hatched, Titus was sure to raise the child as best he could. He made a good father, all things considered—even if Pierce was quite the reckless little bird. As he grew older, he started straying further and further from his nest, despite his father’s persistent reminders that he should stay close to home. After an incident involving several Alolan exeggutor and Pierce almost getting himself squished, Titus’s parents—an aerodactyl named Gwendolyn and a corviknight named Gareth—decided Titus wasn’t fit to be a parent. Having already dismissed Akiva on account of her condition, they decided taking care of Pierce themselves was the only option.

They took Pierce while visiting and relocated to the mainland, specifically Rainfront Town, without even telling Titus. Pierce didn’t fully understand why he his grandparents had suddenly taken the place of his dad, or why he no longer lived on the island, or why he never got to see either of his parents anymore. Fortunately, Rainfront Town and its surroundings provided plenty of distractions for him. Despite his grandparents—and specifically his grandfather’s—more strict parenting, Pierce didn’t change much. If anything he grew a bit more resentful towards authority and more distant when interacting with adults.

Moving didn’t help Pierce make any new friends. On top of the usual problem of being “the new kid,” he also didn’t really know how to make friends. Or keep them, really. He was never the best at sharing, and he often played a bit too rough for some. His frequent overreactions to things didn’t help, either. Eventually he stopped trying to make friends and started wandering into the Mystery Dungeons outside of town.

After returning home from a long day of wondering, his grandpa was none to pleased that he had been shirking his chores and not coming home when he was expected to. After a long and drawn out berating and punishment—and being told he wasn’t allowed to leave the house anymore—Pierce decided to do just that. Late in the night, he pack up everything he thought would be important—all the toys he could fit into a bag, being sure to leave a little room for food and any fun things he might find—he snuck out of the house and wandered his way farther than he’d ever wandered before. Then he kept wandering.

» Other: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Pierce the Archen   Pierce the Archen EmptySat Feb 01, 2020 9:48 pm

This character has been approved!

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Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.  Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Pierce the Archen
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