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 Weaver the Sneasel

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PostSubject: Weaver the Sneasel   Weaver the Sneasel EmptySun Jan 19, 2020 3:21 am

» Name: Weaver
» Sex: Male
» Species: Sneasel #215 - The Sharp Claw Pokemon
» Affiliation:  Windrose Scouts (Or at least, that's what he plans)

» Level: 5
» Energy:  22 (17 Base Energy due to 430 Base Stat Total + 5 From the Level 5)
» Ability: Keen Eye
» Moves:
- Scratch (Level 1)
- Leer (Level 1)
- Bite (Egg Move)

» Natural Feats:
- "Sneasel scales trees by punching its hooked claws into the bark." - Pokemon Ruby. Like it says here, Weaver is able to utilize his claws to climb up things, allowing him to reach upper heights. However, not all surfaces are climbable. While he can dent his claws in certain rock formations, trees and other vegetation, he cannot climb anything else, as it's hardness doesn't allow for such climbing to be performed.
- Keen Eye. In it's own, it grants a natural feat for Weaver, as it allows him to see smaller details that others would easily miss, and he has a longer distance of sight. This pairs well due to the fact that the Sneasel evolution line is Nocturnal, allowing a slightly decent sight in the dark. Pair this with the ability, and you have a species who easily sneaks around in the darkness.

» Relatives:
- Father: His father is a Weavile named Hayden. Although he and Weaver were somewhat distant, he was the one who taught Weaver all the basic rules of Survival. Hayden insisted on Weaver that "Compassion only gets yourself killed in the wilds".
- Mother: His mother is a Mawile named Vanessa. She used to be an explorer herself, but in the end, she delegated herself to the duty of taking care of her child, Weaver. Weaver learned how to be compassionate with her, among other small snip-bits.

"My family wasn't perfect, but it was what it was needed. It supported me on my choices."

» Personality: Weaver is an individual who chooses to speak solely when it's absolutely necessary, believing on the ideal that the least he speaks, the more will people value when he does speak up. One may see him initially as a cold individual, who may be smart, but be extremely blunt with others. This nature of his either leads to him distancing himself, or others distancing from him.

Despite all of this, Weaver has a compassionate side to him, one he rarely shows, but will pop up once you get to talk to him. He shows care for his companions, and that he doesn't really want to harm those that don't deserve it. When his father is brought up in conversation, Weaver tends to grow a bit frustrated, unlike his mother, whom he'd protect with his dear life. Studious, Weaver prefers to first research the matters at hand before tackling. However, he has a bad habit of not admitting that maybe his plan wouldn't be the best, when it really isn't. This said, give him some time, and he'll admit rightfully so. Forfeiting, to him, never existed as an option at all. He also daily meditates 5 minutes each morning, believing to be good to keep his spirit calm.

» Likes: Weaver is a fan of training, believing that those who train live longer, and last longer on the wild. He enjoys studying unlike most, sometimes doing research just for the heck of it. Despite his cold front, he deeply enjoys sweet food, being his weak point, and what may break his cold attitude. Weaver enjoys a moment of tranquility, and sometimes can see himself simply lay back and rest for a moment, to enjoy the scenery. However, to him, the most tranquil moments come at the end of the day, all the way until the sunrise. The soothing silence of the night and it's beauty is something that calms him at the end of the day.

» Dislikes: Weaver isn't a huge fan of people who think too highly of themselves, stepping on those who they think as lowly trash. Just the sight of them sickens Weaver, period. Weaver also dislikes Spicy Food. Despite keeping the straight face, he immediately loses it when eating Spicy food. Basically, he's really sensitive to that kind of food. While Weaver likes tranquility, he hates the silence, but the kind of silence that resembles a void, devoid of anything. To him, it's just a sign that there could be no one at all next to him, and when you think about it, said kind of silence sometimes is more disturbing that anything else. Finally, Weaver dislikes the heat. While this is a normal characteristic of Ice Types, he doesn't dislike the heat because it's hot. It's because it gets really sweaty.

» History:

"You see, i was born and raised among the darkness."

Among the depths of the deeper ravines, where almost no light shines down, and where light itself is scarce, Weaver was born from a Weavile and a Mawile. Early life didn't really have much remarks. He was raised normally, although it was in the deep pitch darkness that it was. Was taught the basics, played with other Pokemon, and explored the area that he was comfortable. To him, that world of darkness was perfect.

"When you find something other than darkness, and look up, and see something... You just get curious, correct? Well, that's what happened with me. I got curious. And started to wonder how it was."

That short-minded vision ended, however, on the day he wandered away from his home. And at a certain spot, he found something. Something new. It wasn't anything emitting weak light. No. It was, for the first time, something that wasn't in Darkness. It was light, although not much. He looked up, and noticed a couple more details of the ravine, and the sky, something he never had seen before.

"It was at that moment that, while i was used to live in the darkness, there was more than to it. The light that filtered through, how warm it was. The blue deep above. Little did i knew back then, that it would be what we mundanely call 'The Sky'. That experience changed me. It made me want to know more."

Weaver spent the following weeks wanting to know more. The darkness, although something he was familiar with, didn't feel like that same time he felt light. Eventually, he realized. This 'world' that he was raised into, it was just a small portion of the actual world. It wasn't a prison. But more like a hiding spot for those who prefer the dark. As he grew, he started his training regiment, but along it, he started his habit of meditating. Despite trying among the places blanketed with darkness, or with poor lighting, he couldn't do it. He could only do it at the same spot where he looked up.

"For once, i thought that just a mere watch, a mere warm ray of light, a mere night watching the moon, would be my only experience of the outer world. Then it came. The tradition. My time to leave was to come."

Eventually, when ready, he had to take on the tradition of climbing to the very top of the ravine to prove his worth. Those who chose to not climb, would remain at the bottom of the ravine. Those who climbed, would get a glimpse of the outer world, before coming with a difficult choice. Return back down, or leave. Upon preparations for his great trial, Weaver had to come up with a decision. While life back down was nice... He couldn't stay and not know what was out there.

"And with it, the trial began. Me, among a couple other fellows who lived down there, partook in it. The path to the top was of our choosing, although the beginning stretch was universal to all of them. Once that stretch is done, we chose our path. At moments, i felt scared. Afraid of what was out there."

Upon beginning, and finishing the small stretch everyone took, Weaver pondered. There was only one way he could feel right to climb to the top. Through the area where light shone down. Returning there on a higher path, Weaver started to climb his way up. Despite the long stretch, he continued through the climb with his head held up.

"Going up felt strange. It was surely a challenge. For once, my family wasn't there to support me. I was on my own. That's the point of the challenge, i know. But once i climbed out of that smaller portion, i was shockingly overwhelmed. The Ravine extended far more than i knew. No longer did Darkness rule. But light. And the vegetation was something I'd never seen before that point in my life. But it wasn't over. There was more to it."

On the following days of his trials, Weaver climbed out of it, exchanging between saving his strengths and continuing the trial. Eventually, the fated moment came. He climbed out of it. Upon leaving, he stood up, and glanced around. This was it. The surface.

"I remember staying there for a half an hour, maybe an hour even. I just stood there, absorbing everything. I remember seeing a couple of my companions on the way back down, as i went up. I knew not everyone would reach there victorious, and those who reached, most would go back down, back into the darkness. I don't know if anyone actually chose to leave the darkness forever and continue. But i had finally chosen by that time. It was a hard decision. Part of my heart ached. But the bigger part told me to follow my dream. And my dream was to see more at that point. Going back down would be going back into ignorance. To this day, i still feel it. No longer did i have my parents. But at that moment, i was glad i had earlier written a letter, would i ever even have chosen to leave. As i took it from my makeshift bag, i extended my hand above the ravine, and dropped the letter, letting it flow slowly back down. I don't know if my family has gotten the letter yet. But i wrote that, should this letter come to them, then i made it, and that i was fine. I didn't want them worried. Upon that happening, i turned around, and started to walk. I was now a wanderer."

Afterwards, Weaver spent a good amount of time living alone, in the nature, moving around and trying to find civilization. He would never camp for more than 3-4 days, to avoid staying more than he needed in one place. Using his survival skills, Weaver managed to actually last pretty well in the wilderness.

"This period alone in the wilderness did me good. I learned the do's and don'ts of survival, i learned about nature, i saw landscapes i'd never had dreamed of back in the dark. It was also quite calm to use to meditate, and the starry night was always a wonder to watch. The moonlight felt good, too. And the morning sun, filtering through the leaves, was but wonders. From there, i thought my life would consist in this small-term goal. Then, something came up."

Eventually, Weaver found a small abandoned camp from it. While most's first thought of this would be to raid the abandoned camp, Weaver found one thing to catch his eye... A Map that indicated that he was getting closer to civilization... Eventually, he chose to finally, after a very long period in the wilderness, leave and move into a completely different civilization.

"Then i simply chose to... Follow the map. I got intrigued. And i need to know more."

Eventually, he finally reached civilization, finding himself in the outskirts of Grassveil Town. As such, he walked towards it. Upon arriving town, he noticed a certain Pokemon. An Absol. One kind of Pokemon you normally don't see. As such, Weaver approached the Pokemon. Perhaps the Pokemon would help him get introduced to this specific civilization, maybe lead him into his goal of knowing more.

» Other: Weaver wears a ragged grey scarf on his neck. As for health conditions, he has none.
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PostSubject: Re: Weaver the Sneasel   Weaver the Sneasel EmptyWed Jan 22, 2020 6:12 pm

This character has been approved!

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