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 Lynne The Mienfoo (W.I.P)

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Lynne The Mienfoo (W.I.P) Empty
PostSubject: Lynne The Mienfoo (W.I.P)   Lynne The Mienfoo (W.I.P) EmptyMon Dec 24, 2018 11:16 pm

» Name:  Lynne (Lyn)

» Sex: Female

» Species: #619 Mienfoo, the Martial Arts Pokemon

» Affiliation: Wanderer

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19 BE
» Ability: Reckless
» Moves:
-Pound (Level 1)
-Mediate (Level 5)
-Low Kick (Egg Move)

» Natural Feats:
-Fast Fighter: In fights, Mienfoo dominate with onslaughts of flowing, continuous attacks. They have mastered elegant combos. This can mean that they can rush down and attack rapidly to try to overwhelm their opponents. They can end up leaving themselves open.

-Sharp Claws: Mienfoo have rather sharp claws that they can use to cut enemies.

-Reckless: As Mienfoo fights, when using a move that causes recoil/crash damage (i.e Flare Blitz, Hi-Jump-Kick), the base damage is raised by 20%.

» Relatives:
-Emilia (Mienshao, Lynne’s Mother) [NPC]
-Hachiro (Scrafty, Lynne’s Father) [NPC]

» Personality:
For a Pokemon that takes pride in their fighting style and in turn, themselves, Lynne would seem completely off. Having the presence of a soggy noodle for a Fighting Type, she has a bit of self-worth issues. She’s the type to do well on whatever mission or training session and believe that she contributed nothing, or screwed up too many times. At times, Lynne can come off as depressing and pretty pathetic with how much she beats up on herself. However, she’s the complete opposite when the topic isn’t on herself, but instead those around her.

She isn’t social by any means, but Lynne makes it clear that she’s there to help, encouraging those around her without fail and always having free time for anything someone else may need. She wants to earn the respect and trust of those around her and if that means she needs to climb a mountain to acquire something, she’d do it! Or, at the very least, attempt to. Of course, this leads to her downfall as well, considering that she normally will pull her punches and kicks as to not have those around her feel bad. Yes, she may not be a social Butterfree and can find it hard to actually talk with those around her sometimes, but once she gets to know you, she’ll easily open up and do her very best to have your back!

Seeing her kind side can be a bit hard at times, however, as Lynne has a great deal of trouble actually communicating. Thanks to her relatively hard time finding those to discuss topics with, including her parents, she isn’t the one to normally speak. The Mienfoo comes off as quiet and shy most of the time as a consequence, making it harder for her to show her kindness to others. When Lynne does eventually speak, her words are few, rarely reaching more than a few sentences. Along with this, she also tends to apologize when she does speak, whether it’s because she’s interrupting, she isn't very composed, or just anything she feels as though she may need to apologize for.

Apart from these things, Lynne’s a pretty optimistic Mienfoo! She looks at the world in a bright and colorful way, seeing the potential and use in everything around her! She sees a tree? A great place to train! She sees a pond? What a wonderful place for meditation! It’s almost like an innocent and pure way of looking at the world, though considering that she is still quite young, it makes sense. There is one thing she lacks, though: a sense of humor. Most jokes, hints, or anything of the such will fly right over Lynne’s head, resulting in a confused stare and a high pitched voice calling out and saying, “Hmm…? May I ask what you meant by that?” She’s also very even-tempered, able to keep calm at a lot of different situations. Even if situations where it would be beneficial to get fired up, Lynne has a rough time doing so.

Overall, Lynne is a very compassionate and caring Pokemon, doing her very best to put others before herself at any and all costs, even if she can’t always accomplish everything or voice the kind words some may truly need.

» Likes:
-Peace, Quiet, and Meditation: For a Pokemon who puts her trust into Pokemon around her to the point where she wants to help each one to the best of her extent, nothing beats a quiet day at a nearby pond, taking a break from the pressures of society.. Whether she’s meditating for training, pondering her thoughts, or reading a good book, Lynne prefers to be in an environment without large amounts of noises or constant interaction.

-Fighting: Though it’s quite a weird interest when comparing to her other likes, Lynne loves the heat of battle. She finds a lot of pleasure from fighting those around her who agree to it. Her fighting style is clearly lacking and for a Mienfoo, she swings pretty slow, but as long as she can help another Pokemon by improving their ability to fight and protect themselves, Lynne’s always ready, eager to improve herself as well. This doesn’t always come to fruition, as she normally gets beaten even by Pokemon smaller than her and then proceeds to beat herself up over it, but that by no means doesn’t entail that she dislikes it!

» Dislikes:

» History:

» Other:
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Lynne The Mienfoo (W.I.P)
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