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 Well, now what?

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Alicia Jewel

Alicia Jewel

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Well, now what? Empty
PostSubject: Well, now what?   Well, now what? EmptySun Dec 18, 2016 3:09 am

Most sane Pokémon would probably protest or at least ask a few questions when their parents decided to drop them off at Grassveil Town and then leave them there. Alone. With nothing to their name but goodbyes and best wishes. Lyra, on the other hand, being the docile and trusting Ledyba she was, didn't question why her parents thought that this would be best for her. She just believed them and went with it, like she always did. Sure, she was nervous about being away from her family, but there were plenty of Pokémon around that could keep her company.

... But what was she supposed to do now?

Her parents hadn't told her what to do when she got to Grassveil besides learn to think for herself, but Lyra didn't know how to do that. She'd spent her whole life just going along with what her siblings and the others around her wanted to do, even if it got her in trouble. It was all she knew how to do. She looked around, taking in as much of the bustling town as she could with her large black eyes. Well, if this was anything like her old life, someone would want her for something eventually. She would just have to wait for someone to ask her. With that in mind, she began pattering forward on all six legs, taking in the sights around her.

Well, now what? 165
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Well, now what?
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