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 A good day to relax

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A good day to relax Empty
PostSubject: A good day to relax   A good day to relax EmptyMon May 18, 2015 3:44 am

Zion walked into The Small Pond, feeling the need to clean up after getting knocked over by a bunch of skitty kids, chasing after each other. All the rocks, dirt, and leaves sticking out of his fur was really annoying. He sat near the edge and shuddered at how close the water was, wondering how the idea to come here came into his mind. He pulled off his scarf and put it in the water and started to scrub the dirt out of it and when it was clean, he put it on the sunny rock next to him so it could dry. He then proceeded to get his paws wet and, before he could regret it even more than he already is, jumped into the shallow part of the water. He shuddered and started cleaning himself as fast as he could so he could get out of the wretched water. "I'm going to treat myself to some of my pokepuff hoard for being brave enough to do this." and thus motivated, he started cleaning even faster.
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A good day to relax Empty
PostSubject: Re: A good day to relax   A good day to relax EmptyTue Jun 30, 2015 3:15 am

To say in the least, Diana disliked the Small Pond. The noise of merrymaking grated against her cream-rimmed ears, folded downwards to prevent a decimating energy from radiating from the organ enclosed within. Normally she would skirt the edges of the peaceful areas when she had to bypass it or completely avoid it altogether when she could, but apparently on her way back from a trip to Pecha Forest she had dropped one of her books here. The careful Espurr was never that absentminded, by she had likely been to occupied with balancing several volumes and a basket of Pecha berries to notice that she had dropped one of the former. Now she was retracing her steps, stalking around the outskirts of the pond while keeping a steady eye out for an abandoned book.

She glanced at the male Espurr scrubbing himself with a degree of distaste, as she could tell from his expression. Espurrs weren't rare, but they weren't common either. Had she seen him around once or twice before? Maybe, though she didn't care if she had. Diana stopped walking for a bit, her measured gaze falling upon the fellow Restraint Pokemon with something like vague amusement in her eyes, though her expression was almost utterly devoid of emotion.
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A good day to relax
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