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 Psychic Powers in the Chatbox

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Psychic Powers in the Chatbox Empty
PostSubject: Psychic Powers in the Chatbox   Psychic Powers in the Chatbox EmptySun Sep 16, 2012 11:45 pm

16:30:41] Epic Kirby joined the chat on Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:30 pm.

[16:30:50] Epic Kirby : Someone needs to chain me to a chair.

[16:30:59] Epic Kirby : so I can stop being inactive.

[16:31:08] bangbronze : Why, epic?.

[16:31:12] Tdwtsquid : EPIIIIIIIC.

[16:31:16] * zashonfire chains kirby to a chair.

[16:31:21] bangbronze : EPIIIIC YOUUUUUUU.

[16:31:33] * bangbronze puts on five padlocks..

[16:31:36] Epic Kirby : It's a bad thing if I keep forgetting to show up here.

[16:31:39] Epic Kirby : and rp with people.

[16:31:40] Epic Kirby : bleh.

[16:31:45] @ SereneLittleRose : THIS IS THE BEST DARN GAME..

[16:31:55] * zashonfire melts the five keys.

[16:31:56] bangbronze : WHAT IS?.

[16:32:00] @ SereneLittleRose : I DONT EVEN CARE.

[16:32:08] @ SereneLittleRose : IM GOING TO FLY WITH TOOTHLESS NOW..

[16:32:10] Epic Kirby : so how about that mystery dungeon 3ds.

[16:32:25] * bangbronze adds her telekiesis to hold epic kirby down..

[16:32:31] @ SereneLittleRose : Okay that's cool too xD.

[16:32:55] * bangbronze gets zashonfire to melt the back-up keys as well..

[16:33:14] Epic Kirby : In other news, anyone up for a rp so I can force myself to be active?.

[16:33:25] * zashonfire refuses to melt them because you somehow said you convinced me and I am never convinced to do things only asked.

[16:33:49] Tdwtsquid : O.O.

[16:34:09] * bangbronze asks zashonfire to melt the back-up keys..

[16:34:15] @ Ripple : leviathans got a crazy plan wtf xD.

[16:34:21] * zashonfire gladly melts them.

[16:35:18] Sakura has been disconnected on Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:35 pm (session timeout).

[16:35:40] bangbronze : ?me pours the molten metal onto the padlocks turning them ito solid blocks of metal holdintg the chains together..

[16:35:48] Epic Kirby : So that problem is solved.

[16:35:53] bangbronze : crap.

[16:35:55] @ SereneLittleRose : LOL.

[16:35:57] @ SereneLittleRose : Meanwhile guys brb..

[16:35:59] Tdwtsquid : ..

[16:36:01] @ Ripple : omg this chick just dancing in the glass elevator.

[16:36:14] Epic Kirby : what.

[16:36:33] * bangbronze pours the molten metal onto the padlocks turning them ito solid blocks of metal holdintg the chains together.

[16:36:48] * zashonfire points out that would melt the chain and release kirby.

[16:36:58] Tdwtsquid : Who wants to watch me draw? I am shading now.

[16:37:03] Epic Kirby : Plot twist..

[16:37:41] * bangbronze does it anyways and lets Kirby go. *Plot twist made..

[16:38:05] @ Ripple : lemme see squid :3.

[16:38:15] * zashonfire legaspes and rechains kirby to the chair.

[16:38:19] Epic Kirby : darn.

[16:38:21] Tdwtsquid : Ok https://secure.join.me/723-113-321.

[16:38:35] Epic Kirby : Can I at least get some leg room.

[16:38:44] bangbronze : ?me holdz zashonfire captive instead with her psychic powers..

[16:38:45] zashonfire : NO.

[16:38:55] zashonfire : I DEAMSN ALL THE LEG ROOM.

[16:38:57] Epic Kirby : that was a fierce no.

[16:38:59] zashonfire : *demands.

[16:39:10] * bangbronze holds zashonfire captive instad with her psychic powers..

[16:39:19] @ Ripple : Cooool~.

[16:39:31] * zashonfire points out he is fire therefore he is within the realm of pyrotehnics and outside of your physic powers.

[16:40:15] @ SereneLittleRose : Sorry guys I can't do much because this game slows my computer down to a snail's pace..

[16:40:18] @ SereneLittleRose : Worth it though |D.

[16:40:20] * bangbronze points out that people with psychic powers can do almost anything, including hol fire captive..

[16:40:23] zashonfire : i wonder how I do homework sometimes since I'm on fire.

[16:40:34] @ SereneLittleRose : Im gonna post now Rippleh, so yea.. post when you get chance I guess xD.

[16:40:52] * zashonfire points out that's far to god modded and he will have to bring the science orb int othis.

[16:40:58] zashonfire : *into.

[16:41:06] * bangbronze uses her psychic powers to dunk zash in a huge freezing cold lake..

[16:41:24] * zashonfire turns into steam upon contact and is completely fine.

[16:41:33] * zashonfire searches for the science orb.

[16:41:34] Tdwtsquid : ..

[16:41:44] Epic Kirby : I'm going to build some science.

[16:41:57] zashonfire : HOLY.

[16:41:57] * bangbronze gets to it first and destroys it with her psychic powers..

[16:42:00] zashonfire : MOTHER OF GOD.

[16:42:15] zashonfire : nope bronze.

[16:42:19] Epic Kirby : bleh.

[16:42:19] Epic Kirby : brb have to do work.

[16:42:28] bangbronze : NOOOOOOOO LAAAAAAAAG.

[16:42:47] bangbronze : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.


[16:43:02] Tdwtsquid : XD.

[16:44:14] * bangbronze gets zashonfire with her psychic powers for trying to correct her..

[16:44:29] bangbronze : we need a free chat topic in this.\.

[16:44:45] * zashonfire becomes immune because this is no longer fun.
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Psychic Powers in the Chatbox
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