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 The Slender Man Lecture.

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The Slender Man Lecture. Empty
PostSubject: The Slender Man Lecture.   The Slender Man Lecture. EmptyThu Sep 13, 2012 2:08 am

So, there was this game that came out called Slender. It introduced one of the now most known entities on the internet, the Slender Man. His name is not Slender, he is the Slender Man. And this lecture is about his origins and all that I know and can talk about.


This is a topic on a website about creating paranormal images. If you scroll down that page enough, you will see someone named Victor Surge make a post with two pictures and some text with them. This is the origin of the Slender Man. If you choose to continue in the thread, you will see people talking about how creepy he is, and he is dubbed the "Slender Man.". It spreads, and people make their own renditions. Some make him more Humanoid, while others make his tentacles larger and more spider-like. The more favored appearance is humanoid, but key details stay the same between the two renditions. He has no face, is very tall and thin, and has tentacle-like appendages on his back.


In the same thread, a user posts that the images created by Victor Surge reminded him of something, and he started posting things on youtube. The videos are posted on a channel called Marble Hornets. The introduction goes that Jay, a film student, and a couple others were working with a film student named Alex Kralie, on a student film called Marble Hornets. As they were almost done with shooting, Alex's attitude had become increasingly paranoid and stuborn, and he called off the shooting of the film. Jay asked what he would do with the tapes, and Alex responded rather simply: burn them. Jay didn't want to see the work go to waste, and took the tapes, keeping them in storage for years until the Paranormal Images thread reminded him of the tapes.
I won't spoil anything, since you might want to watch the series on youtube. But this series was the first and one of the best Slender Vlogs, and set up defining features of the Slender Man. His ability to distort electronic equipment, the proxies, all of them. This vlog also set up a couple of other Slender Vlogs, two being the most known of.


I don't know much about the third, but I know more about this one. Tribe Twelve starts with an introduction, in memory of Milo Asher. Milo Asher, Noah's friend, has died due to suicide. Because of this Noah looks back on tapes of his last visit with Milo before the suicide, and finds things that get him caught up in similar things as Marble Hornets. This vlog is easy to get into, as most of it is on the Youtube channel. As opposed to the next one...

I do not know much about EverymanHYBRID, mainly because it's so hard to get into unless you were there from the beginning. It uses an intricate string of blogs, twitter accounts, and youtube videos that are hard to keep track of. Finding a Wiki for it is recommended, and I'll talk about what I know.
EverymanHYBRID starts as an exercising channel, with the people talking about how to maintain a healthy body. If you've already seen the other two shows, then you know something's up when some video and audio distorts, and you can see a certain man in a suit in the background at times. There is an interesting twist within the first couple of videos, which I will leave to you if you want to do the work.


More recently, a game was made which most of you probably know about. Slender was a game based off of Marble Hornets, and has you walking around the woods collecting pages while being chased by the Slender Man. Many people have played this, and most people know about it so need I say more?


Slender Man has left quite a legacy, after being thought up as a picture in a paranormal images thread. The phenomenon has been growing and continuing, along with two movies possibly coming out about him, Hylo and Entity, each has trailers out online. There have been many stories, art pieces and blogs/vlogs about Slendy, and he continues to creep plenty of people out.

This is all I know on the subject. Until more comes, this is it.

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The Slender Man Lecture.
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