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 Super OOC (Re-Boot)

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PostSubject: Super OOC (Re-Boot)   Super OOC (Re-Boot) EmptyMon Jan 12, 2015 3:19 am

Ladies. Gents. It's back by popular demand.

This is Super. As you can likely guess by the title it's about Super Heroes. That's about all you need to know. Go crazy kids. But please, I don't want to see any Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, etc copies. Be original. I mean sure, everything's been done, practically, but we can try.

Now, the fun part.

The Rules:

1. Follow Proper RP Ediqute. You know what I mean. No Mary Sues, Gary Stews or Bobs. You know who you are.

2. Don't be a Dick. (This applies to both those who do or do not have them.)

3. Have fun. I mean it. Smile. Smile, or so help me God.....

4. Can you hear the people sing? It is the song of angry men!

5. No. No you can't. You're reading. Forget about all this singing nonsense.

6. If anyone asks me about the TVTrope article, I will send you to #7.

7. Fucking Google it.

8. Og upi vsm gohitr yjod piy, yjrm yp nsf, Gpc nrsy upi yp oy. JS!!

9. Also, do note that if you are not re-using a character, I will require a writing sample from you. This is to show that you are capable of making quality posts. Simply write them up with the character you want to use and PM them to me.

Now, for the characters!

The Character Sheet:





Super Weight (see TV Tropes article):





Now. Go. RP. Run through fields of wheat and honey. Be merry!

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PostSubject: Re: Super OOC (Re-Boot)   Super OOC (Re-Boot) EmptyMon Jan 12, 2015 3:44 am

Name: Sera Moore

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Super Weight (see TV Tropes article): 3


~When staring into the heart of a flame for a long period of time, images begin to form in the flame, sometimes words, or sometimes still pictures or moving pictures of events that have occurred, are occurring, or will occur in the near future, though it is impossible to tell which.

~She is able to summon small fires from her hands and "throw" them, though this is not a power that she uses very often, as it is very difficult and energy-consuming, as well as the potential for an errant fireball to hurt innocents or set things on fire.

~She is also able to heat her skin to an incredible heat; third-degree burn-inducing heat. She is able to control where the heat is localized so that she doesn't burn off her clothes, but as an interesting side note, when learning to control this power she went through nearly $2,000 worth of clothes because she would burn them beyond saving. ^^


Sera is of average height and weight for a 25 year old woman, about 5 1/2 feet tall and 135 lbs. She has strawberry blond hair and forest-green eyes, though her face and most of her skin is waxy in appearance and she has a lot of little bumps all over her skin. She also has a lot of scarring on her skin, poorly covered by attempted skin grafting; the scarring a constant reminder of Sera's painful past. When she is out in public (not often unless doing superhero work) she covers up as much as possible, ashamed of her scars and no-longer-beautiful face.


Sera is a bitter soul, who believes the worst of people unless proven wrong multiple times about a person. The only people she believes are truly innocent are children or mothers, and she will go out of her way to save children or mothers before any other bystander when people are in danger. She is also highly sarcastic and dislikeable to any she doesn't consider a victim (i.e. anyone not a child or mother), and her smart mouth can sometimes (often) get her into trouble with criminals/villains, or even regular people.


Sera had always wanted to be a geologist, from her earliest childhood days. She went to college to become a historical geologist, wanting to uncover the mysteries of how the Earth formed and how life was established on Earth. Unfortunately, when she was 20 years old, tragedy struck. She had been enrolled in a chemistry class, and during one of the labs, some of the chemicals caught the lab on fire. She was knocked out by the fumes and collapsed in the fire. She barely survived the blaze. By the time the firefighters got to the scene, her body had been burned almost beyond repair. She almost died many times in the hospital, and she was stuck in the hospital for over a year while the doctors tried to repair the damage.

When Sera was finally released from the hospital, she had such bad scarring that barely anyone could stand to look at her. She was rejected from jobs and since she had been stuck at the hospital for over a year, she had lost much of her financial aid eligibility. She couldn't go back to college and no one would hire someone who looked as hideous as her. She eventually went to work for her uncle, who taught her how to repair computers, and allowed her to work for him from home where she wouldn't have to be stared at.

Eventually she saved up enough money to get a few plastic surgeries and skin graftings done so that she looked almost human again, but the damage was too much to do anything more to her skin. So she mostly stayed at home working on computers and getting her food and supplies delivered to her apartment.

Sera found after her accident that if she got mad, her skin would get super hot, and sometimes flames would come out of her hands. She also noticed that if she stared at a fire for a long time, sometimes images would appear, that would sometimes come true later. She realized that the lab accident must have given her powers, and she tried to control them and hone them so that she wouldn't hurt others.

Sera would have never thought of using her powers to help other people if it hadn't been for an incident at the bank one day. She had reluctantly gone to the bank to deposit a check because her uncle was out of town and she needed the money, and to her extreme misfortune, a bank robbery was attempted at the same time that she was in the bank. The bank robbers kept the civilians under their guns, and Sera's terror made her lose control of her powers.

Her body alit in flames, and when the bank robbers tried to shoot her, the bullets melted before they could pierce her body. In her fear and sudden anger as she realized that the bank robbers couldn't harm her, she tore the guns from each of the robbers and melted them easily, burning the robbers' hands in the process before fleeing the scene.

Thankfully, no-one had recognized that she had been the 'human torch' as the newspapers called the mysterious person who had stopped the bank robbery. It was then that Sera realized that she could use her powers to help people... even if most of them didn't deserve saving.

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PostSubject: Re: Super OOC (Re-Boot)   Super OOC (Re-Boot) EmptyTue Jan 13, 2015 1:25 am

*throws bio at your face*

Name: Nicholas "Nick" Snipe

Alter-Ego: To be determined..

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Super Weight (see TV Tropes article): Super Weight: 3


-Natural Ability-

I Call Hax - Nick can enter the electronic device through touch, his body becoming data, and get into the database with ease if unprotected. Heavy protection would require him to "fight" the coding. Damage to his body's code can become damage to his real body when he returns to the real world, for example fighting a firewall can lead to burns, and corrupted data in his leg might transfer to it breaking depending on the severity. If he becomes too injured from the code of the protected device, he can eject himself immediately from the device and come back to the real world. If the device is ruined while he is inside he will die due to the computer no longer being able to hold his code. He also cannot be aware of what is going on in the outside world unless there is a user at the computer communicating with him and telling him what is happening through commands or just typing something out on a program or anywhere on the computer in general.

NoClip -  As stated before, he can enter the electronic device and hack into it. If the device is connected to another computer, like a security camera to a monitor room, he can enter through the camera and re-materialize himself in the monitor room. He still has to deal with protection and same rules as the ability stated above apply. He cannot go to a unconnected device unless that device downloads his body data, speed depends on how fast the computer is.

Download - He can temporarily download information to his mind. He has a limited amount of slots to download information, and the information only extends as far as what he downloaded goes. He cannot download muscle memory however.

-Created Ability-

Grapple - His mechanical arm can shoot his hand out and grapple onto various objects. He can use this to both in battle and to transport himself around without technology.

Claw - He can use the claws used for grappling to slash at people and things.

Beeam - The artificial arm has the ability to fire a powerful ray at will, problem is, the arm is not powerful enough to maintain its form when the ray is fired. It will grow extremely hot and the arm will fall apart and not only burn his shoulder with the heat, but leave him with his old reopened wound and will bleed to death if left alone. That is, if he isn't killed by the recoil.

*These are not actually named in the rp |D

Nick is a short haired individual who's hair is naturally brown. the ends of his hair are a slight red due to him dying his hair at one point, but its not obvious. His height is slightly less than average, him ending up shorter than most people he meets. As for his build, he doesn't pack many muscles and has average human strength.

His right arm is entirely grey mechanical steel, and is obvious in appearance about this, and is connected to his body, he cannot feel with it due to it being electronic and lacking the ability to tell his nerves what to feel. His robotic limb can get a little wet without short circuiting and becoming useless, but being coated in water could damage the arm and render it in need of repairs. The shock given off of the electricity being conducted will definitely do harm to Nick and he could possibly die if not treated.
His mechanical limb is significantly stronger than the other limb, being robotic and having to keep him connected to the other end of the claw when doing things like Grappling.

-Casual Clothes-
In a day out and about in the city, Nick will wear long sleeved shirts or jackets and leather gloves to hide his robotic arm. He tends to hole himself up in his apartment in the summer due to the heat, and his robotic arm is a good way of foes and cops recognizing him from is "alter ego". He prefers to look decent, but not stand out or give people any reason to look at him, so he wears plain clothes with no logos or designs. Logos and designs attract attention to him as curious eyes attract to the bright colors of a shirt, jacket, or pants to read what they state all the time, so he prefers not doing such a thing.

-On Duty Clothes-
When he's out and about being Mr. Bad*ss and anonymously tipping police off to small crimes such as kidnapping and other various crimes that used to be considered big, he favors being completely hidden. The less skin and body he shows, the better. The less evidence he leaves, the better. He has taken to using a long black coat, which he plans to replace hopefully in the future since he thinks it just makes him look like a creepy flasher. He usually wears a ski mask or something to cover his entire face. He allows his Mechanical claw to be shown, in case he needs it for close combat though he is more likely to run, and favors retreating to electronic to devices in order to avoid being seen.


In favor of not being tracked down and brutally murdered in his sleep, Nick favors being unseen. He wears clothes with no logos and tries to blend rather than try to repel or attract the eyes of the public. He doesn't keep up with fashion or other hobbies like this and usually spends his time surfing the web from his computer, as a normal user despite how much easier it would be to just go in his own computer and have everything right away, or just watching T.V.

He tends to be on the lazy side when it comes to everyday activities, but doesn't abuse his power in being able to enter electronics, and finds it outright stupid to use them in public. He usually stalks about in the night when he is performing his little acts of justice, but he doesn't outright burst in through a brick wall like some supers might. He likes to sneak his way towards electronics and follow a plan before making his presence known, since by then it would be too late and he would be in the system. He doesn't stick around to fight, and usually just pushes the enemies far enough into the open for them to be noticed before fleeing the scene, as he lacks the confidence and courage to fight hand to hand against the armed seeing as all he has is a robot arm.

Nick is quite the tech-geek, after all he has spent his entire life around, and even IN at some parts, computers. His whole life has pretty much revolved around computers, but even so, with this knowledge he can't use it to help him in computer hacking except for naming the foe he is going up against.

Fittingly, computer-boy is terrified of water. He can drink a glass, sit in the rain(provided he has an umbrella, waterproof jacket, or some kind of cover), and take a shower, although difficult with his mechanical arm, with ease, raging rivers, deep dark lakes, and vast oceans, are a definite "Nope".


Nick was the first and only born to a couple that lived rather luxurious lives. His father was a researcher that assisted in studies for the world's first teleportation device and his mother worked as a teacher for an elementary school. The two parents managed to balance their work and family time well, even going on vacations to a beach house.

Their trips to the ocean ceased, their final trip having resulted in Nick losing an arm to a shark during a rather bloody trip into the sea. This resulted in him meeting Thorne Fischer, a trainee doctor who was a volunteer at the hospital at the time Nick came in. They did not interact much other than small talk when Nick was recovering, but they would see each other again someday. The life changing moment for Nick didn't quite seem to have a more disastrous effect on the family than just a harder time for Nick's daily life. His father became more stressed, feeling that the trip was his fault, and he desired to drain his worries in the form of work.

He began to spend less and less time with the family, until the mother forced the father to take their still young child with him for once. The father agreed half halfheartedly, not having thought about the decision much and only wanted to silence his wife's nagging.

The field trip seemed fun for Nick, he could see all kinds of cool machines and watch the screens at the workplace create pretty digital colors. The co-workers were kind to him, but most hardly paid any attention to him after getting used to his presence while the others were a bit concerned with bringing him here.

He was asked to stay in an employee lounge for an hour or so, while his dad performed some testing for the device in another room with Restricted access that only allowed certain employees through. Nick, being the impatient and adventurous boy he was, decided to disobey, and walked around the facility on his own. He made his way to a strange door, and entered as soon as curiosity struck.

The room was dark and scary to the small boy, but he tried to put on a brave front by walking deeper into the room. The bravery drained once he heard a whirling noise, causing him to dash to the nearest door he could feel, open it, and close it behind him. His fear only grew as a light turned on to reveal he was enclosed in some kind of cylinder and the door was locked.

There was a bright flash and Nick didn't know what had happened, but the door had opened to reveal his father with a pale deathly afraid face before Nick had blacked out. He had been run through the transportation device, and it wasn't meant for organic objects to be put through it. The device had failed, and left Nick in the hospital for days. He managed to survive, but his father had become overcome with guilt of nearly killing his own son twice so close together. He met Thorne Fischer once again, and Thorne was the only one to notice that there was something odd about Nick's body. People looked into it, but it was not thought highly of since Nick seemed fine in every way.

His father destroyed the device, along with the plans. His destruction of the millions of dollars worth of damage caused him to be fired, and the project ceased to be funded. A few days after, his mother and father got a divorce, and Nick had to live with his mother the rest of his life.

He had become 15 when it first happened, he had been playing a mass multi-player online role-playing game out of complete boredom. He had been bored and rather lazy since high school started, and his grades were plummeting. He had been staring at the screen, wondering what it would be like to be actually in a fantasy world that was more exciting than his life, when he found himself erupting into code and finding himself in a strange space, his computer.

As natural, he freaked out. He had no idea what he was doing, and immediately wished to be out. When he willed it, he was spit back out of the computer and back in his room. When he realized that he was perfectly fine, he began to experiment.

He discovered his abilities, and began to have a little fun with them. He invaded facilities and read their research, becoming a bit dare-devilish and mischievous. When he hit 17 he began to form the idea that it didn't feel quite right in doing this. This was when he began his work as a vigilante, he used the research he had snagged in his earlier ages to create his newer arm, and moved away from his old hometown to a new one. He had kept in touch with Thorne over the years, and had his assistance in helping him cover up his mischievous mishaps that went horribly wrong. Thorne also helped Nick put his arm in after Nick attempted to surgically attach it himself like a dumb idiot. However Nick wanted to lose all connections with his old life if he figured he was going to be doing vigilante business so he cut ties with Thorne.

He developed his style as he went, desiring to be unseen and even dying his hair a different color due to a small incident on a camera where the top of his mask had been torn and his hair color was seen. His sloth had gotten the better of him though, as he neglects to re-dye his hair and he ended up with the red tips. Nick now resides in a low rent and low rate apartment, his pay sourcing from a low paying job.

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PostSubject: Re: Super OOC (Re-Boot)   Super OOC (Re-Boot) EmptyThu Jan 15, 2015 5:14 am


Name: Yuliya Abarnikov

Alter-Ego: to be determined

Age: 14


Super Weight (see TV Tropes article): 2 [Abnormal Weight]

Powers/Skills: Cloning (she can will an exact clone of herself to be created out of any material with her DNA on it)

Description: Yuliya has black hair and steely blue eyes.


Biography: Yuliya's mother came from a family of Turks who were naturalized
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PostSubject: Re: Super OOC (Re-Boot)   Super OOC (Re-Boot) EmptyFri Jan 16, 2015 1:09 am


Name: Trent Heiko

Alter-Ego: Yin-Yang

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Super Weight (see TV Tropes article): Super Weight: 3


-Fist of Chaos and Fist of Order-
His two fists had been given qualities by two dying gods, the God of Chaos, and the God of Order.  They are in perfect sync with one another.  The only catch, if either of the two fists comes in contact with the two types of Corandium, Dark and Light, they will power up to being beyond that of the other, basically taking over the mind with the idea the Fist is based around.  Dark powers Chaos, Light powers Order, but they will take over his mind, making him a completely different person.

-Enhanced Awareness-
His senses were heightened to the point where he could tell that something was coming at him from 75 feet away.  Anything farther away he cannot tell is there, although, as soon as, let's say, a bullet comes at him and gets in his radius, he has time to react, but only if he notices it in time, with all the other things going on.

-Enhanced Abilities-
He has enhance reflexes, agility, stamina and strength.

-Martial Arts Intuition-
He has mastered several types of martial arts.  He has learned these skills on his own, through training and focus.

-Aura Manipulation-
He can use auras as both weapons and tools.  This depletes his energy the fastest out of his powers, and even more so during Absolute Calm.

-Absolute Calm-
His powers are enhanced when in this mode.  He can only get to this mode when thinking about absolutely nothing, and when his concentration is broken, he becomes significantly weaker for as long as he was in this state of mind and body.  In this, his Aura Manipulation powers are the most affected, when in this state, they could destroy a small town easily, but when concentration is broken, he cannot even use his aura.

-Slow Regeneration-
He can slowly regenerate from wounds, the less serious the less time.  It is accelerated twice as fast as the average healthy human being.  He cannot regenerate lost limbs or from fatal wounds, like a shot to the head.



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Super OOC (Re-Boot)
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