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Prepare to face a new set of challenges in this brand-new Pokemon world as you square off against new enemies and rivals, forge new friendships, and create teams to travel the world with on your quest of discovery
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 Nobody Likes Fox.

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Nobody Likes Fox. Empty
PostSubject: Nobody Likes Fox.   Nobody Likes Fox. EmptyTue Sep 30, 2014 3:36 am

[9:58:33 PM] Fox: NOOOOOOOOOO
[9:59:09 PM] Fox: Learn to sniff a joke when there's a joke to be sniffed |D
[10:00:24 PM] Pika: : 3
[10:01:42 PM] Mia Placard: I am the best sign for public display
[10:02:20 PM | Edited 10:02:30 PM] Mia Placard: I am totally going to have Dylan mishear Mia's name and have him accidentally call her Mia Placard
[10:03:28 PM] Mia Placard: So smooth he gets all them hot ladies
[10:03:41 PM] Pika: Omfg
[10:04:12 PM] Mia Placard: And then Aaron finds out what Dylan did /SHOT
[10:05:06 PM] Pika: Pfft
[10:05:14 PM] Pika: Aaron's not that smooth either |D
[10:05:21 PM] Aaron Shitbishi: You're right
[10:05:31 PM] Pika: Are you kidding me rn
[10:05:38 PM] Aaron Shitbishi: oh shit i mispelled
[10:05:56 PM] Aaron Shitbashi: Better
[10:05:59 PM] Pika: If you say Aaron Shitbitchy I s2g
[10:06:10 PM] Aaron Shitbashi: I refrained
[10:06:17 PM] Pika: Güd
[10:07:04 PM] Aaron Shitratchet: I wouldn't say that if I were you
[10:07:33 PM] Pika: I would be careful if I were you. Characters' lives could depend on it
[10:08:10 PM] Pika: That one doesn't even make sense /shot
[10:08:22 PM] Oratchet Noratchet: But these do
[10:08:39 PM] Pika: Characters' lives are still on the line /shot
[10:09:19 PM] Claudiot: Not even Aaron's boo is safe
[10:10:00 PM] Claudiot: Hurry up I thought of another one]
[10:10:42 PM] Pika: Renee's whole group is biting the dust
[10:11:05 PM] Tauretard: It's no use
[10:11:34 PM] Pika: Dana's getting offed
[10:12:03 PM] Danato's: Looks more like she's pizza to me
[10:12:43 PM] Pika: Nora's old flame is getting offed. That group isn't even magic related
[10:13:41 PM] Shay-hole: I can deal with not magic-related
[10:14:21 PM] Pika: I'm dropping all magic writing
[10:15:27 PM] Annaomiconda: I don't want none unless you got buns, hun.
[10:16:10 PM] Pika: Don't think I won't, I've got other ideas to work on
[10:18:11 PM] Juliet Winthrowup: O gee, what am I to do
[10:18:24 PM] Pika: Alright, cool, I can stop now
[10:19:47 PM] Brooken Leg: Looks like I've done fucked up again
[10:21:51 PM] Brooken Leg: Aww c'mon this one wasn't so bad |D
[10:22:34 PM] Brooken Leg: Can I at least do one more?
[10:23:11 PM] Brooken Leg: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase?
[10:23:20 PM] Pika: Go for it
[10:24:26 PM] Derprek Blastoiserot: Gotta catch 'em al
[10:25:20 PM] Pika: Magic characters as Pokemon, go /shot
[10:26:04 PM] DerprekBlastoiserot: Mia already has dibs on Reshiram and Zekrom
I mean Absol.
[10:27:09 PM] Pika: I'm highly tempted to say Absol for Aaron because literally everywhere he goes something screws up horrendously as a disaster /shot
[10:28:04 PM] I'm Sorry Pika: Mia's Gardevior rom PMD blue because she dies /SHOT
[10:28:21 PM] Pika: Drive by a town? Get caught by police and locked up temporarily. Get broken out by gales trying to kill you. Escape and get captured by some mad scientist Mage. Escape and find out the town you were near and the people you escaped with were obliterated pretty much. That's just one story /shot
[10:29:21 PM] I'm Sorry Pika: Way to repeatedly mess up unintentionally, Aaron /shot
[10:29:32 PM] I'm Sorry Pika: Jeremy = Tyrantrum
[10:29:43 PM] I'm Sorry Pika: Axineld = Milotic
[10:29:59 PM] I'm Sorry Pika: Henry = Magikarp
[10:30:05 PM] Pika: Omfg
[10:30:59 PM] I'm Sorry Pika: Dylan = a brick'
[10:31:27 PM] I'm Sorry Pika: Wolf = a spoon
[10:31:47 PM] I'm Sorry Pika: Henry and Wolf's lovechild = a spork
[10:32:59 PM] I'm Sorry Pika: Calder = A glass of chocolatey milk
[10:33:44 PM] I'm Sorry Pika: im sorry i got sidetracked
[10:35:09 PM] Pika: Pfft
[10:35:21 PM] I'm Sorry Pika: Can I ost this thing to the free chat pls
[10:35:35 PM] Pika: Go for it |D
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Nobody Likes Fox.
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