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 The Traitor of the Stars [Zodiac RP]

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The Traitor of the Stars [Zodiac RP] Empty
PostSubject: The Traitor of the Stars [Zodiac RP]   The Traitor of the Stars [Zodiac RP] EmptySun Aug 10, 2014 3:19 am

The sound of running smashed the silence of the dim forest as the moon shone overhead, seemingly the largest it has ever been. There wasn't a soul in the vicinity excluding the crowd of men and women in black cloaks gathering in a circle around one man in a white robe.

The man stood in the center of a strange design on the ground, it was a 13 point star with strange designs on the inside. Each point of the star pointed towards a different symbol, each one sharing the same exact features of the thirteen Zodiac signs.

The man in the white robes was staring into the sky, watching the large moon glide ever so slowly across the sky. He looked back to the crowd surrounding him, "My people," he spoke, "Tonight, we shall put an end to the madness that mankind has brought upon itself. We shall create the perfect man, of which I have volunteered myself upon this burdensome task, and we shall show the world the perfect being. Together, we shall cleanse the world of the filth, those who object our savoir. We shall reconstruct it under him as he enters my body as the perfect man, we WILL destroy and rebuild! No matter the cost, yes?"

The group gave a hearty cheer of approval before the man continued, "Now, I ask that you be silent, as I summon forth our being with my life!"

The star suddenly took on a glow, as the moon centered itself on the sky. It was a strange but rather spectacular sight, as the stars seemed to shift and move, specific ones being drawn closer to the moon and surround it. The groups of stars began to fuse, each one glowing brighter as they became 13 individual stars. The man began to chant words in a strange and foreign language.

The crowd was as still as statues, as the stars seemed to grow bigger and glow brighter. It wasn't long before it was clear that the stars were floating slowly towards the ground, closer towards the circle. The man was smiling, his smile growing bigger and bigger until he began to laugh like a child on christmas.

The laughing stopped as all but one star suddenly stopped just a few feet above the treetops. The man blinked in confusion, as the star above Virgo began to glow a bright blue before the stars suddenly began to circle around each other in a erratic manner, before suddenly splitting off, leaving streaks of color behind them. Some seemed to go off in pairs or groups, while some went off alone. Only one of the bright lights stayed, Libra.

"What is the meaning of this!?" the man shouted, outraged as he looked up at the sky desperately, as if hoping the bright lights would come back.

"They panicked, Virgo figured out what was going on..." A voice stated that came from the orb above Libra.

"Why did they panic!?" the man exclaimed.

"They don't want to be one...if we're going to do this, we're going to have to force them...tired...took so much energy..." the voice replied, as the light seemed to be fading a bit and losing its ability to stay in the air.

The crowd seemed to be disappointed, some wailed in despair while others seemed as if they were about to cry.

The man threw on a smiling face as if he weren't angry, "Do not worry! Our lord will come soon, he has simply delayed his coming for a while. He says we are not yet ready for his arrival, and we must prove ourselves!"

"How?" a woman wailed.

"Simple..." the man spoke, giving a jolly smile as he seemed to pluck the light above Libra out of the air and gently lay it in his pocket, "We just have to perform a little fetch quest!"

-A Few Years Later-

"Yo, Leon wassup?" a young man walked into the living room, holding up his hand to give a low five and a handshake. 

Leon stood from the couch to meet the greeting, "Not much, hope you don't mind that I crashed here tonight," he laughed, knowing the man wouldn't have minded. He was a Red Lion, one of the expectations of Red Lions was to help their own kind.

"Nah, you're cool, you really need to get a job or somethin' man. Get your own place to stay," the man yawned, having just woken up and still in his Pajamas.

"I don't have time for that kind of stuff, you know that. I can't stay in the same place every night anyways, that's how Kinger got popped so easily. I'll be out of here soon anyways, I heard some rookies were putting a stain on the rep." Leon seemed to end the sentence with a bit of venom in his tone.

"Chill man, they're just rookies. Go easy on them already or else we wont have rookies no more!" the man sighed, not waiting for Leon's reply, knowing it was on deaf ears, he walked into the kitchen and seemed to go on about his daily business.

Leon, who had been already dressed in his clothes for the day, made his way towards the door, only stopping to check a fish tank the man had. Inside was a goldfish that seemed to always stare vacantly at the television. Leon tapped the glass, hoping for the fish to move. It gave no reaction, a bubble floating up beside it from the bottom of the tank.

"C'mon Pisces, you'll drive yourself insane just sitting there doing nothing..." Leon whispered to the fish.

"Are you seriously still trying to talk to the fish? Man you crazy, awesome but crazy!" the man had walked back into the living room to see Leon talking to the goldfish.

"Fine, I can see i'm unwanted here," Leon spoke with an overly dramatic tone as he opened the door and closed it behind him, leaving the man to his breakfast.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out some keys, a useless few others dangled from it, not his due to the vehicle he was heading towards being stolen. He entered the red sedan and turned the car on, ready to go about his business like it was any other day in the past few years.

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PostSubject: Re: The Traitor of the Stars [Zodiac RP]   The Traitor of the Stars [Zodiac RP] EmptySun Aug 10, 2014 3:48 am

A few years later...

"Any second now...", a voice mumbled.
It was a day like any other...or was it? Maybe it was night. Or maybe it was a special day. Or something else. Arthur had no idea. His coffin still looked the same as it did when he had been buried in it. That is - it probably did. It was so dark in here that he wouldn't be able to see his hand in front of his face, would the cramped confines allow for him to place it there.

It had been a while he had been lying down here, six feet under as one tends to say. The bullet wounds had healed long ago, but unfortunately they still had managed to get him in quite the predicament. He was most likely the only being, who knew how to solve the problem the thirteen of them were facing, but he couldn't even get a bit of dirt out of his way. How would he manage to ascend to the heavens then?

"It doesn't matter. I'll find a way. I'll make it work.", he spoke to noone in particular, not that anyone would have been nearby.
"The others will find me soon and then we will finally be able to get to work."
He had been saying the same thing for quite some time now and never had it come true thus far, but Arthur wasn't going to let that discourage him. He wouldn't give up hope just like the others wouldn't be giving up searching for him.
And never would he-...oh goddamn it. A terrible itch had befallen his nose and he was unable to reach it.

The others should better hurry...

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The Traitor of the Stars [Zodiac RP]
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