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 Guardians of Night Signups

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PostSubject: Guardians of Night Signups   Guardians of Night Signups EmptyThu May 29, 2014 2:20 pm

Story: The land of Vespear is a wild and dangerous land. Large forests make up most of the land, few grasslands and large bodies of water splotched across the surface. The wildlife here is dangerous...even some plants desiring the flesh of any unlucky animal that comes by, or even the flesh of the other species that live here.

At one time, the five races lived together in harmony, able to deal with each others quirks and other oddities. Recently though, a mage unleashed darkness upon the world, dark beasts coming into the lands of Vespear from the Black world itself. and scaring the lands. The mage had died upon the summoning, and each of the races blames the other for this Blight happening.

The humans at first trying to calm the races down, trying to discover where the original opening to the Black world was. The other races would not listen though, and now there is a war spreading over the lands with the Blight. Now there may be no hope left for the land of Vespear, unless the Blight is defeated by the closing of the original opening to the Black World. The only problem is, nobody knows where it was.


Dark Elves: To the west, in the darkest parts of the forests, is the realm of the Dark Elves. They are natural potion makers, which can make them profound in the arts of being an assassin, an alchemist, or a druid. They keep to themselves most often, staying within their own clans. Each clan doesn't even communicate with another clan if it can be avoided.

High Elves: In the north, where many of the lakes can be found, is where the High Elves live. They are a pious group, though they keep close bonds with each clan that comes to be. They spend most of their lives studying the arts of magic and nature, most often becoming clerics, mages, or druids. They, like the night elves, have the pointed ears, though High elves are actually slightly taller and more slim than the night elf due to not being so enclosed in the forest all the time.

Forma: To the east is where the Forma, a race of people who split off from human kind to learn the arts of transformation, being able to take on the form of the animal that most closely relates to that person. As a child they can choose many forms, as a child's true self hasn't yet fully developed. It is around the age of 17 that the final form of a Forma is chosen, a ritual being performed by the tribe the child grew up in to transfer into a new tribe or to celebrate the child's staying in the same tribe.

 Carn: There are the Carn, a race of warm blooded Forma. The Carn consist of most beasts of the land, such as wolves, bears, mice, or jaguars. They live in more forested areas, having a surprising amount of strength to them due to their training in combat from the time one is of age. Most Carn become assassins or warriors, using their inner animal at times to go Beserk.

When a Carn goes Beserk, they almost double in their stregnth and defense, but they can become more vulnerable to being tricked into something than when they aren't Beserk. Due to this flaw, only the highest trained warriors are allowed to learn how to focus on their inner animal to unless it to full potential.

A Proud race, the Carn sometimes can be a bit of a bully to the other races, thinking themselves to be the strongest and the best race out of the Forma. They can often be a bit impulsive to, tending to act more on instinct than thought.

Atera: The Atera (Ah-tair-ah) are the Forma with the ability to fly. This would consist of bugs, birds, and even bats (due to how they can fly.) Atera are like the high elves in the sense that they study more than they train in combat, but different in how Atera tend to favor long distance weapons such as bows. Atera do know magic though, and it depends on the individual Atera what magic they perform.

Atera are more antisocial as well, tending to keep only to themselves and other clans and not so welcome of outsiders. They think very logically as well, taking time to figure out plans of what is needed to be done.

Asair: The last clan of the Forma is the Asair (Ah-sair). The Asair consists of all animals who dwell with the water such as crocodiles, sharks, and other water life. The Asair tend to stay more towards the lakes and other large bodies of water. This clan practices most in magic as well as herbalism. They can often become Clerics or mages of some sort.

The Asair are the calmest race with a few exceptions in the individual. They are the most welcoming or strangers as well, though they try to keep in contact with the Carn due to how passive they can be at times.

Dwarves: To the south is the sturdy and noble dwarves. When they first came to the lands of Vespear they decided to dig under the earth, finding large caverns underneath where they built their homes. While they did this they also found hordes of precious stones and metals, leading them to be the richest of all the races. They base their society on having royalty and a king to lead them, which leads to having classes that, once you're born into it, it's very unlikely you'll make it out of that class.

Dwarves often become warriors, and the warriors can learn the talent of going Beserk like the Carn. Except the difference is the Dwarves have to use their anger and pain to be able to go Beserk, and it only being able to happen for a short duration of time. A dwarf can go beserk after losing half of his/her health.

Humans: Located in the very center of the races are the humans, the most adaptable race. The humans can learn just about any talent that is out there due to their adaptability. They are the most technologically advanced of the races, having individual towns with brick houses instead of built into a tree.

Though due to having no certain special abilities, they can be considered the weakest of the races. It's mostly due to this that humans were considered the peacekeepers of the five races until recently.


Warrior: Warriors often use maces, two handed swords, or sword and shield to fight. They focus more on their strength and defense than any of their other skills, as they really don't use their other skills. A subclass to a Warrior is a Beserker.

Beserker: A beserker is a warrior who has learned the talent of going Beserk and has almost mastered it or has mastered the skill. A beserker can use the talent of going Beserk at any point during the fight, though it lasts a much shorter time than it would if used when the Beserker lost half his/her health.

Mage: The mage has the most ability for room to change, magic being a very mysterious andunpredictable thing. Mages are sometimes feared by many of the other classes due to the power magic has.

Druid: The druid practices magic consisting of the elements and of nature. Sometimes a Druid may be powerful enough to be able to learn to transform into a certain animal, like the Forma. Druids though can't stay in this new form as long as they like though, and the animal they turn into has some difference to what the actual animal looks like, let it be color, size, or some other difference.

Cleric: The cleric studies natural magic as well, but the cleric focuses more on healing properties and protection more than combat magic. The cleric almost always partners with another mage or other class due to this. A cleric can protect themselves though with natural magic (such as lightning or life drain, which drains part of the oponents health and gives it to the cleric.)

Alchemist: The alchemist knows magic that can alter things around them, being able to create many potions that can be beneficial or harmful to themselves/others. Alchemists often carry a cylinder with them, which they place crystals into. These crystals are made with magical properties, the color of the crystal depending on the type of magic that comes from it.

Assassin: The assassin uses stealth and poisons to aid them in their battles, preferring to keep to the shadows to avoid detection. Assassins normally use daggers as their main weapons, though an assassin may also use a bow like an archer or some other weapon. Assassins are also skilled in persuasion at most times, able to talk their way into (or out of) situations to learn information, escape capture, or whatever else the assassin desires.

Archer: The archer uses a bow or crossbow as their main weapon, being the weakest of the races, though having a higher defense as well as intellect compared to the other races. They tend to keep their distance in a battle, though they do carry a single close-combat weapon with them in case they are unable to get the distance they need.

Character Sheet:











General Personality:



Important Information that should help (hopefully):

Stats all start at 10 (highest is 50), and you gain two points for each level you make. There is a free 50 extra points to start out with to spread among the orignal stats you have. Don't spend it all in one place kids.

Traits (2 only) are something that can be unique to your character that can aid your character somehow. Example: Scholar - has spent most of time reading books to gather information (+1 wis).
Of course what you may choose will look/sound better than this, maybe. The trait can also affect others. Example: Allure - character of opposite gender less wary of you (-1 wis).

Misc. is anything else you would like to add.

STR (Strength): Strength measures your character’s muscle and physical power. It will be used to measure attacks with any large, melee weapon such as hammers, axes, or shields. Will effect blocks with a shield. This skill is important for Warriors, as they are usually main combatants.

CON (Constitution): Constitution represents your character’s health and stamina. A Constitution roll affects a character’s hit points, so the ability is important for all classes.

DEF (Defense): Defense measures hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes, and balance. This ability is the most important one for Assassins, but it’s also high on the list for Archers

INT (Intelligence): Intelligence determines how well your character learns and reasons. This ability is important for Mages, especially Arcane Mages,because it affects how many spells they can cast, how hard their spells are to resist, and how powerful their spells can be. It’s also important for any character who wants to have a wide assortment of skills.

WIS (Wisdom): Wisdom describes a character’s willpower, common sense, perception, and intuition. While Intelligence represents one’s ability to analyze information, Wisdom represents being in tune with and aware of one’s surroundings. Wisdom is the most important ability for Archers, Alchemists, and Mages.

CHA (Charisma): Charisma measures a character’s force of personality, persuasiveness, personal magnetism, ability to lead, and physical attractiveness. This ability represents actual strength of personality, not merely how one is perceived by others in a social setting. Charisma is most important for Assassins, but it is a good stat for any character who wishes to be able to influence others.

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PostSubject: Re: Guardians of Night Signups   Guardians of Night Signups EmptyThu May 29, 2014 4:23 pm

Character Sheet:

Name: Reago Himald Guildenstern

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Assassin

Appearance: So dashingly good looking, that pupils dilate at the mere sight of him and folks report a euphoric experience similar to their first time setting their eyes on a sunrise, Regao Himald Guildenstern is truly a Force of Nature. Particularly one of attraction. It's been said that when Reago was born, Gravity became deeply depressed because it knew it could never compete.

His deep, steely blue eyes seem to entrance any who look for too long. His short, sandy-blonde hair seems to be crafted from the straw from the fields of the richest pasture. A strong jaw-line and a near constant stubble give him a rough, tough, independent look.

Often sporting a long duster and a bowler hat, of which other clothes are obviously jealous, he sees himself as a trailblazer of fashion. He's never seen without his favorite statement, a chestnut cane, with a warped cut Shepard's Crook handle, and hand carved with intricate swirling patterns along the shaft. It's uses, besides walking assistance, seem to be endless.

Weapon(s): More of a talker than a fighter, Reago has little use for weapons. Though, he does keep a knife and knuckledusters inside his coat. He's also been known to use anything in the nearby vicinity as a weapon, despite its actual effectiveness.


Strength(STR): 10
Constitution(CON): 12
Defense(DEF): 18
Intellect(INT): 15
Wisdom(WIS): 25
Charisma(CHA): 30

Traits: Poker Face: Thanks to untold hours lost in back ally games, Ree has developed quite the stonewall. And if he has any tells, he ain't telling. (+2 CHA when lying or bluffing.)

Social Sense: An impeccable judge of character, Ree has an uncanny ability to read others. (+2 WIS when reading other people. Ex. trying to discern another's motives, if they are lying, their mood, or their general character.)

General Personality: Excessively charming, and he knows it. An extrovert, he will gladly talk your ear off. Quick-witted and fast on his feet. A tricky character who will take your coin purse off you and have you thanking him for it.

History: To be truthful, there's not much to tell. Reago was born and raised in a coal mining town in the western Human territories. He always was a rambunctious, mischievous child. When he was old enough, roughly 18, he high-tailed it out of town, for reasons he prefers to keep to himself. Ever since that day, he's been roaming the country, leaving a trail of swooning women, and some men, behind him.

Misc.: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Guardians of Night Signups   Guardians of Night Signups EmptyThu May 29, 2014 7:13 pm



[b][u][color=#ffcc00]Character Sheet:[/color][/u][/b]











[b]General Personality:[/b]



Character Sheet:

Name: Argus Resurgam

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: (Dark) Mage

Appearance: A picture!

Weapon(s): An iron chain. Used like a whip with short-ranged Telekinesis.


Strength(STR): 12
Constitution(CON): 20
Defense(DEF): 16
Intellect(INT): 30
Wisdom(WIS): 20
Charisma(CHA): 12


Counterspell: Whenever an enemy casts a spell and Argus is aware of the spell being cast, the caster gets -3 Intelligence for all rolls pertaining to that spell.

Aura of Darkness: When using Charisma for something other than Intimidation, Argus gets -3 Charisma if the target is living and not especially inclined towards the dark arts. If the target is explicitely on the side of light (Clerics, Paladins, Angels etc.), then Argus gets -5 Charisma. If the target is explicitely on the side of darkness (Dark Mages, Undead, Demons etc.), then Argus gets +5 Charisma.

General Personality: Even before the whole incident with the rift Argus had not exactly been a people-person. But ever since the incident with the black magic people started to get suspicious and even less friendly towards practitioners of the dark arts. This then led to Argus becoming even more cynical and sarcastic than he had been before. But he does not discriminate; Argus hates everyone equally. Unless you are an idiot. Then he hates you thrice as much.
Argus could probably be described as the stereotype of an INTJ, cold, emotionless, practical and with...flexible morals.
His goal in this story is to cleanse Dark Magic from its negative reputation so people will stop annoying him, calling him the cause of all their problems.

History: Born to two merchants, Argus grew up relatively privileged and thus could attend a rather good school. There he studied the arts of dark magic, already not being very social, rather reclusive and focussed on his studies instead of making friends. Then later when the rift to the black world was opened, everyone suddenly began to despise magicians of dark, blaming them for the misfortunes that had befallen them. Caused by this constant harrassment Argus started moving from town to town, claiming to be a fortune-teller, using illusions and similar tricks to get people to believe him, losing his faith in seeing how gullible people can be on the way.

Misc.: I like Ponies.

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PostSubject: Re: Guardians of Night Signups   Guardians of Night Signups EmptyThu May 29, 2014 9:54 pm

Character Sheet:

Name: Milvaania Greenspyre

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Race: Dark Elf

Class: Alchemist

Appearance: Picture!

Weapon(s): Many many Potions and a Small Dagger


Strength(STR): 12
Constitution(CON): 12
Defense(DEF): 10
Wisdom(WIS): 30
Charisma(CHA): 20

Experimental: Through her endless concocting with herbs, her potions may have some... unique results - Chance roll every time a potion is made for an additional effect, odd numbers give no additional effect, even numbers give additional effect.

Perceptive: Searching for herbs all her life makes her notice things a lot easier than other people - An increased +2 Wisdom when doing a perception check

General Personality: A kind-hearted individual on the outside, she will take care of the people she is around and make sure they aren't hurt. Yet on the inside she is quite crafty, taking in a situation before going in. She isn't used to the battling aspect of things, but she is still quite strong strategically, yet may not voice her tactics if other people are taking charge. In a group, as in when in her clan, she seemed to be the mother hen, tending people's wounds and making sure they aren't hurt. If no one else takes charge, she will.
Many people would tell secrets and open up to their healers, this helped Mivaania tell when people were lying or not.
While focusing on anything involving her passion, Alchemy, she will usually swat people away and snap at them if they interrupt her
History: Most of her youth was spent in her clan, watching as the elders went about their daily business, and generally living a happy life. She became a alchemist because from a young age, potions, poisons and other forms of alchemy simply amazed her, so her parents got her her first novice alchemy set for her 10th birthday.
When she learned of a neighbouring clan's struggle for supplies, most of them potions to tend to the wounds hunters would be struck with. She would delve out into the wilderness to give them potions.

When she learned of the blight, she begun training herself in concocting more dangerous potions, and learning from the few warriors they had. Even learning how to craft a few runes and research novice golemancy. She decided to take fate into her own hands leaving her clan to search for the blight herself, perhaps she could concoct a strong enough elixir to cure this world.


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PostSubject: Re: Guardians of Night Signups   Guardians of Night Signups EmptyThu May 29, 2014 10:13 pm

Character Sheet:

Name: Diana Frost

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Race: High Elf

Class: Druid




Strength(STR): 15
Defense(DEF): 17
Intellect(INT): 20


Scholar: Spent most time studying books and still continues to do so (+1 wis)

Royal: Raised in highest class, providing speech skills (+1 CHA)

General Personality: Diana is like most high elves, not communicating much to foreigners and considering herself better than others. This isn't helped though with how she was raised in a higher class family within the high elf society. She doesn't speak to much, keeping her sentences short as she tends to observe and listen instead. She can be very hard headed with her decisions though due to her youth, not always listening to what others have to say on the matter.

History: As a higher class elf, She was basically given no childhood, constantly studying books on how to act in society with 'class' and the proper ways to behave. She was discovered to have magic at a young age, and was then sent to the clans head mage. She trained for years, though she didn't seem to click with any magic group until she was introduced to druid magic at 15. From then on she worked diligently on being a great druid.

Now she is grown, and is actually a runaway from her clan. The reason: she is refusing to become married to the next ruler of her clan. While she doesn't explain herself to others it is because she does not wish to live the life of a high royal, but rather some other life.  While she has been traveling she has discovered how there are some rumors to where this original Black portal is, and she wishes to seek it out to learn about it. She has partially learned how to transform into an owl, though her feathers are white in color and she is smaller that what a normal owl would be, making her a bit easy to tell apart from a normal owl.

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PostSubject: Re: Guardians of Night Signups   Guardians of Night Signups EmptyThu May 29, 2014 10:45 pm

Character Sheet:

Name: Brady Gale

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Forma (Asair)

Class: Cleric


A few spellbooks, along with a rather simple staff, decorated with a wavy line path and tipped with a sapphire.


Strength(STR): 12
Constitution(CON): 20
Defense(DEF): 16
Intellect(INT): 25 (+1 = 26)
Wisdom(WIS): 23
Charisma(CHA): 14

Traits: Water Affinity: Having spent most of his life near water, Brady has a great amount of experience with it. (+2 DEF while in water)
Curiosity: Brady found great interest in herbalism as a child. While he never perfected the art, his studies on the subject have increased his overall intelligence. (+1 INT)

General Personality: Brady is usually pretty calm and collected, his laid-back personality holding him back from being too reactive or explosive to something. He isn't exactly a social butterfly, usually banking on the chance that someone would approach him instead of asserting himself. Despite this, however, Brady is usually willing to lend an ear to hear someone's story, and give them a hand if need be. There are some times where he'd rather be left in peace, however, such as when he's relaxing by some kind of water pool.

Despite being laid-back, however, there are a few subjects that excite him, be it positively or negatively. As a rule of thumb, anything about his personal life before his 17th birthday is strictly off-limits. He gets pretty uncomfortable when he is around non-Asair Forma due to his past. However, he shows great interest in different forms of magic and is usually eager to learn about things that he has yet to experience. Aside from these areas, though, Brady will usually try his best to keep up his calm personality.

History: Brady never exactly "fit in" with his family. Brady was born as an Asair, though he would not learn of this until much later in his life. After his birth, Brady's parents very quickly found themselves getting involved in affairs of the arcane. Deciding that caring for a child would greatly interfere with their studies, they entrusted Brady's care to an Atera couple whom they had befriended before the war started. These select few would be the only ones to learn of Brady's true lineage.

The Atera couple, now responsible for raising Brady, decided to keep the situation under wraps. For the majority of his life, Brady was raised as any Atera would be. When the time came that Brady attempted a transformation into a creature of flight, he was unable to get desirable results. In every attempt he made, he would feel energy well up inside him, but never succeeded in a single transformation. Frustrated by this, Brady closed himself off from society, losing himself in his studies of magic and herbalism.

After a few weeks of burying himself in research, Brady decided to try a hands-on experiment with herbs that he collected himself. Straying a fair distance from his home in his search, Brady eventually found himself standing on the shore of a lake, water lapping up against his toes. The feeling was extremely calming; Brady could sit there for hours on end if he wanted to. After this experience, Brady made it a point to visit the lake frequently.

Fast forward a few years. Through his studies, Brady had become quite adept in using natural magics used by clerics, and knew a thing or two about herbs and plant life. On the next day, his 17th birthday, he was to choose if he would stay as part of the Atera clan, or leave to join one of the other Forma clans. Visiting the lake one last time before making his decision, Brady felt an indescribable force pulling him deeper and farther into the lake. Fueled by an inner energy, Brady did, for the first time in his life, something he never thought possible: He had transformed. Unfortunately, it didn't last long, and Brady returned to his original state before he could get a grasp on his new form: a dolphin. Of course, Brady would have to wait for someone to tell him what he had actually transformed into.

On the next day, Brady had no doubt in his mind that he needed to change to the Asair clan if he wanted to discover his true potential. Leaving his Atera family behind, Brady shortly started his new life as an Asair. Fast forward one year, and here we are. Brady now has a firm grasp on transformation, and actively practices natural magic as a cleric. Hearing a news of a so-called Black World, Brady set off on a quest to see it for himself. Perhaps it would lead him to the truth of his hazy past.

Misc.: Finished.

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PostSubject: Re: Guardians of Night Signups   Guardians of Night Signups EmptyFri May 30, 2014 1:12 am

Character Sheet:

Name: Loki Umbra

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Forma (Atera / Peregrine falcon)

Class: Assassin

Appearance: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130521010326/unhalo/images/2/2f/TheMad.png

Loki is of medium height for a male and tall for a girl, standing at about 5’8”. Her Body is lean and built for speed and flexibility, it is well cut and very masculine. She has small tear drops underneath each corner of her eyes and two studs in each ear, the only jewelry she will ever really wear.

Loki often wears a black turtleneck sleeveless sweater made of the toughest and finds cloth she could acquire. It has a very distinct Gray Falcon design and fit to the almost not existent curves of her boyish body. Black stretchable pants that give her a long range of flexibility and doesn’t hinder her movements as she slips through the shadows, they have many pockets that contain multiple weapons. The ends of her pants are taped down with black tap and tucked into sturdy boots that are black and dark gray, made for quick movements. She usually wears a large hood cloak to cover herself.

Loki has black tape starting from her right elbow to the wrists of her her right arm, and a black bracelet capable of containing hidden poison. She has a sash across her torso that has throwing knives strapped to it. Two dagger holders are strapped to the belt on her waist, each close at hand and ready to use.

Weapon(s): Throwing knives http://www.swordsswords.com/images/products/detail/Light__Dark_Throwing_Knife_12_Piece_Set.jpg
Daggers http://images.elfwood.com/art/b/i/bitterashes2/3daggers.jpg


Defense(DEF):23(+2 When Sneaking)(+2 When in Shadows)
Wisdom(WIS):20(+1 when in Shadows)

Traits: Shadow sneak: When in the shadows, Loki becomes harder to detect and faster. (+1 Wis)(+ 2 DEF)

Stealth: When in dark areas or sneaking, Loki becomes mostly undetectable and has a higher chance of successful sneak attacks. (+ 2 DEF)

General Personality: Loki is generally a very quiet girl, though this soft image goes against how sly and cunning she is, enjoying nothing more than to freak out others without really doing anything that will get her in trouble. Loki’s voice always had a unexplained rasp to it, add that to the fact that she has a deeper voice and she sounds like a male. Being a moderate height and built for agility, she doesn’t resemble the girl that she is, so she ditched it and began acting like a guy.

Loki enjoys laying about doing nothing, she would take long walks during the night,or will watch the dark starry sky from a high spot or caused late night trouble. She doesn’t care for the daytime much, she had taken to just sleeping most the day away and only really being active when the moon hung high in the night sky. Loki hides in the background, trying her best to stay out of any situations that may arise. She likes minding her own business and wishes others would mind theirs, and just stop all their fighting and arguing, they just make her head hurt.

History:As a young child, Loki was always distant from the other Formas of her clan, the Atera. Loki never found much interest in learning her clans teachings, often pretending to listen or forgetting many of the lessons on how to treat others and their views on outsiders and the world.

Loki herself views the world and the life on it as a place ruled by greed and money, even with her thief nature she dislikes having to deal with others, making her unsuitable for positions that require massive talking. Her preferences lean much more to sneaking through the shadows and doing silent assassinations.

Loki never truly enjoyed being in her clan, always feeling uncomfortable around the others of her race. This feeling grew into a small want to be free from their customs, that bloomed into the the powerful feeling that lead her to leave the clan, she has never regretted it. Loki, as a extremely boyish girl in both mannerism and appearance, has been mistaken for a boy so many times in her life that she all together just forgot about being a girl, allowing others to classify her as they wish. She was scorned for this strange act, but she really doesn't care about others opinion of her.

Now in the present all Loki really does is hang around dark areas. She only really ventures out in night and flies high in her falcon form during the day. Loki stalks dark alleys at night and gazes at the stars from the highest point of any town she visits. Her fascination with the night might be instinctual, but It could also just be her favored time of day.

Misc.: Nothing~

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You're Approved MonkeySage
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Approved Okashi
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Approved Jax. Approved Savato.
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PostSubject: Re: Guardians of Night Signups   Guardians of Night Signups EmptyWed Jun 11, 2014 4:07 pm

Approved Umbreon28.
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Guardians of Night Signups
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