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 Vesper the Budew

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PostSubject: Vesper the Budew   Vesper the Budew EmptyThu Apr 03, 2014 7:05 pm

» Name: Vesper
» Gender: Female
» Species: #406 Budew, the Bud Pokémon
» Affiliation:
Herself, her close friends. (Outlaw/Thief)

» Level: 5
» Energy: 16 (19 as Roselia)
» Ability: Poison Point
» Moves:
- Absorb (Start)
- Growth (Level 4)
- Extrasensory (Inherited)

» Likes:
Warmth and Sunshine - To Vesper, there's nothing like feeling the soft warmth from the sun's rays, especially on a summer's day. That's not to say that she doesn't like the cold, though being grass type she does have a slight aversion to said temperatures. Sunshine however, also serves to enable her to go longer periods without eating, as her body is able to photosynthesise energy using sunlight.

Night Sky and the Stars - Vesper has always found the stars that litter the night sky fascinating, ever since she was a young child. As such, despite the lack of sunlight, she has always enjoyed just sitting somewhere quietly and watching the night sky. One of her favourite past times is trying to form shapes, patterns and constellations out of the stars.

» Dislikes:
Cold and Ice - Though she doesn't hate the cold she does hold a slight aversion to lower temperatures due to the fact that ice types chiefly prefer such conditions, ice types being one of her type weaknesses. Despite this aversion, it is due to one especially cold winter that she is the pokemon she is today.

Being Wrong - Being a rather intelligent pokemon, Vesper likes to know the answers to things, and although she does not mind admitting when she doesn't know something, she'll often get rather annoyed if she ends up being wrong about something, purely because she considers it embarrassing, even though it is a well known concept that no one is perfect.

Cloudy Days - Although she doesn't mind the night, Vesper tends not to like cloudy days. They remind her of a particularly harsh winter where the days were short and the sky was always filled with clouds, meaning she and her parents couldn't access the sunlight needed for photosynthesis, which were their main sources of energy. The only plus side to cloudy days is the rain. Rain always feels rather refreshing in Vesper's opinion.

» Personality:
Vesper is a confident and intelligent young Pokemon who thoroughly enjoys the thrill of being able to steal from others. She generally tries to enjoy herself in whatever she does, whether that be thievery or the general pleasures of life. She does also hold back from such criminal tendencies when it suits her, and will occasionally tag along with an occasional Guild mission purely because it sounds interesting. Of course she'd have to convince the team doing said job to let her accompany them, but Guild members have the odd tendency to ask that anyhow. Vesper often acts like she is the most knowledgeable pokemon in the area, but doesn't always know everything despite her intelligence. However, she doesn't particularly mind admitting she doesn't know something, unlike when she is wrong.

» History:
Born to a Shiftry and a Roserade, Vesper's early life was very peaceful, the young Budew being brought up in a tranquil forest stock full of food and sunlight in which the family could live off of. Her parents were both loving and caring and Vesper was brought up in a generally nurturing environment. That was until one especially harsh winter hit their forest home hard. Too many of the plants in the area were killed off, and there wasn't enough food and sunlight to sustain them with the days growing ever shorter. Both of Vesper's parents grew ill through malnourishment and the young Budew grew distraught, knowing that any food either of them found they would end up giving to her rather than using to feed themselves. Though those that lived in the forest were suffering under the especially harsh conditions of this winter, there were rumours that there was a group of pokemon who lived on the edge of the forest who still had plenty of food to feed their families for the entire winter... and then some! Outraged at hearing this rumour, the young Budew decided to travel to the edge of the forest and see for herself just how much food these pokemon had. When she discovered that the rumours were in fact entirely correct, she decided that she would take matters into her own hands; she would steal some of their food in order to provide for her family. If the rumours were to be believed, many had already asked for help and food and promptly been denied.
For many nights, Vesper would spend an hour or so sneaking round the edge of the forest, attempting to find some way to access the food without others seeing, gaining intel you could call it. Luckily with her small size and stature, not many even acknowledged her presence if they did notice her creeping around. It was at this point that Vesper met a wandering Oshawott named Avaria. After Vesper revealed what she was trying to do, the Oshawott, sympathising with her, offered to help her steal the food, teaching the young Budew a few things along the way.
After successfully stealing enough food to last a week or so, Vesper's parents slowly began to recover. Soon enough, Ava made the decision to continue travelling, but even in the Oshawott's absence Vesper kept stealing little bits at a time until the winter had passed, at the same time developing quite the taste for thievery. Both of her parents recovered fully after the winter, though Vesper herself continued to indulge in her new taste for theft, quite enjoying the thrill of it. A few weeks later, when it felt like the winter was far behind them, Vesper's parents finally asked how she had managed to find so much food. Not wanting to lie to her parents, the young Budew explained. However, instead of just being happy that they had survived, they became angry with her, disapproving of her methods. Though Vesper tried to explain her side, her parents just grew more disappointed. Though she knew it was technically 'wrong' to steal, she didn't want to give up something that was just so fun, something that she was somehow good at. Angry at her parents' refusal to accept what she wanted to do, Vesper took off on her own, leaving the little tranquil forest that she had lived in her whole life.
She has been travelling for many months now, never staying in one place for very long and taking what she can when she can find anything worth stealing. However even now the one thing she ever regrets doing was leaving her parents alone in her anger, though she doesn't quite have the confidence to go back as she still fears that they will disapprove of her way of life.

» Other:
Fun Fact: If Vesper ascended to God Tier in the homestuck universe it is my personal headcanon that she would be a Thief/Rogue of Life. Mostly because of the alternative theory that the Life aspect may be associated with testing and subverting the rules, and of course she's a thief |D

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PostSubject: Re: Vesper the Budew   Vesper the Budew EmptyThu Apr 03, 2014 8:14 pm

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to add to your Character Records.
Once you've completed that- ah *bleep* it. You know the deal.

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Vesper the Budew
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