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 Cracker the Aipom

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PostSubject: Cracker the Aipom   Cracker the Aipom EmptyMon Mar 10, 2014 10:13 pm

» Name:

» Gender:

» Species:
#190 The Long Tail Pokémon

» Affiliation:

» Level:

» Ability:
Run Away

» Moves:
Agility (egg move)
Scratch (starter move)
Tail Whip (starter move)
Sand Attack (level four)

» Likes:
Playing pranks
Ever since he was born, Cracker has had an innate fascination with causing mischief wherever he goes. From ‘borrowing’ things to outright pranking, this Aipom has earned significant scorn from family and friends back in his hometown, Treeville. Still carefree as ever, though, he continues his antics on unsuspecting Pokémon, making it very difficult to acquire friends.

Eating fruit
When Cracker isn’t sleeping or pranking other Pokémon, he’s eating berries of all sorts. He will eat nothing else and rarely stops until his belly is bloated. This pastime can be such an obsessive focus for him, that he will sometimes neglect tasks in favor of a berry bounty. This has caused him issues in the past, as he will even become distracted by fruit in the midst of danger.

Coming from a village that is literally built within tall, ancient trees, Cracker has grown an unhealthy obsession with nature. Having lived in the trees all his life, he will rarely leave them and as a result, almost never walks on the ground. Amongst the tree branches he is fast, agile and nearly impossible to keep up with, making it easy to slip away from enemies or Pokémon whom he may have slighted with his pranks.

Throwing things
Like all Aipom, Cracker’s tail is where all of his dexterity resides. A youth spent throwing all manner of items, though mostly fruit, has honed his accuracy and power to the point where he can rapid-fire ammunition at threats or other Pokémon as a form of pranking. This has gotten him into significant trouble in the past.

‘Borrowing’ things
Although not considered a thief, Cracker has very sticky fingers around strangers and even those he calls friends. As another form of pranking, he likes absconding with others’ belongings, temporarily. Often times this is a misunderstood method of making friends that very frequently backfires.

As wary of danger as he is, this Aipom has always possessed a curiosity for the unknown. Although not fond of darkness, he enjoys exploring the furthest reaches of every region he visits, sometimes even in the face of peril. This background makes him a very good, if unreliable, guide through places rarely traveled.

» Dislikes:
Getting caught
This has happened far too often in his youth and as a result he has worked very hard at escaping conflicts. However, even with his heightening agility, he tends to make clumsy mistakes and winds up in trouble. His last big tumble ended with him being banished from his hometown.

Being chased
There are two faces to this coin. When it comes to snatching items, he loves the chase, but more often than not, the reason he’s being chased is because he picked the wrong Pokémon to prank. This has made him think twice about causing problems in the past, but he has yet to learn his lesson, and so being chased is not something he typically enjoys.

Scary Pokemon
Bravery is not Cracker’s strong suit. He typically takes cheap shots and runs away, but when encountering a Pokémon that he finds genuinely scary, he’ll freak out in an unpredictable manner. Often times, fear rules his decision to fight or take flight, making him the last one most would expect to watch their backs. When something scary appears, he’ll almost always run.

Dark places
Having lived in daylight his entire life, dark places like caves and certain forests are unnerving to Cracker. His curiosity stops when things get hard to see, turning his curiosity about the unknown into fear. Cracker never enters a dark place without some form of light to see by, so most caves go unexplored by this timid adventurer.

Wide open places
Ever the lover of trees and high places, Cracker strongly dislikes wide open places devoid of any high ground. He will always go far out of his way to avoid such areas, even if it means backtracking. If he is ever forced to enter such terrain, he does so exclusively on his tail, hopping along as opposed to walking, as a means of retaining the slightest of height advantages.

» Personality:
Cracker can be very friendly when he wants to, but he typically expresses this in the most inappropriate ways, either by pranking others, nicking their belongings to make them give chase, or by throwing things. The drawback of this trait, is very few Pokémon ever trust him and companions rarely stick around for very long.

Worse than his love for pranking, his lack of a spine when it comes to danger makes him very unreliable as an ally unless he has no choice but to defend himself. Although strong in combat with his speed and accuracy, few get to see him in action.
The exception to this, is if Cracker feels a strong bond to another Pokémon. In situations where a family member or close friend are in danger, Cracker will stick his neck out to defend them, even if the odds are against him. Of course this has rarely happened in the past, but when it has, Cracker fights fiercely, using every bit of cunning he possesses.

» History:
Born and raised in Treeville, a settlement built around a grouping of tall ancient trees, Cracker was quick to his calling as a nuisance and general interference to the village’s day-to-day activities. He was given his unusual name because of his inclination towards cracking open nuts and shells with the beefy end of his tail as a newborn, but was further solidified by his poor behavior around any and all locked chests.

Eventually he reached an age where his attitude was no longer seen as just a youthful rebellion. By then his actions were criminal, but his childish nature didn’t stop. So one day, when Cracker botched a prank with the town’s treasury chest, a decision had to be made, which resulted in his banishment.

Although temporary, the Aipom saw it as a calling to break away from the comforts of home and step out into the world beyond to explore and cause further mayhem to his fellow Pokémon. With his curiosity knowing few limits, he was off into the wild, swinging through trees, pulling pranks on anyone and everyone he met.

He made a few friends along the way, but every single time his unsavory nature drove them away. Even though having friends made him happier, he could never resist playing games or causing problems that would wind up with him being alone.

Over the course of his travels he’d even caused his fair share of danger situations, either by himself or with others. Naturally, his irresponsibility has put others in harm’s way and made others steer clear of him. Still, he would keep pressing on into new terrain, coming across new Pokémon who didn’t know about him or his mischievous nature.
His most recent venture turned away a Buneary he’d befriended when a poorly planned prank involving a large, suspended leaf filled with water ended with both Pokémon being chased through the forest by a swarm of Beedrill. He’s been on his own for a few days, searching for the next town and his next potential victim or friend; likely both.

» Other:
Having a knack for opening chests with his tail, Cracker has always considered settling down to open a shop as a Box Buster.

Cracker the Aipom Cracke10
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PostSubject: Re: Cracker the Aipom   Cracker the Aipom EmptyTue Mar 11, 2014 7:17 am

Sorry, had to take out the center |D anyways approved and ready to go!

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Cracker the Aipom
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