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Prepare to face a new set of challenges in this brand-new Pokemon world as you square off against new enemies and rivals, forge new friendships, and create teams to travel the world with on your quest of discovery
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PostSubject: Framed   Framed EmptyFri Nov 29, 2013 5:48 pm

A soft purr admitted from the feline pokemon as she walked through the town. Taking the time to explore and see what it has to offer. On all fours, the nimble Purrloin slowly yet with great dexterity stalked what it seems nothing. The guild, the cafe, police station, dojo and shops. She seen it all in a slow peek. The bard held her flute in her mouth. Her vaguely scythe-like extension of a tail swayed from side to side. The Purrloin had entered the shops, looking for the perfect apple to eat.

A cloudy day today was, various clouds in the sky, but not enough to cover the sun. The sun shinned it's usual glow for the afternoon. Pokemon of various sizes and shapes were out and about. The shops were open, pokemon were trading and buying as usual. The relaxed atmosphere allowed pokemon to let their guard down. It was calm and peaceful. The autumn had casted it's shadow over the town as the leaves glow in various shades of green, red, yellow and orange. The laughter of young pokemon, the chatting of shoppers, shopkeepers and citizens alike filled the town in a gentle cacophony. Today was any other day for Grassveil.

The Purrloin had bought two apples for herself. Marya, had taken a seat for herself with her flute and her two apples. She smiled to herself as she began to eat them slowly. Soon hunger had over taken her and began to eat quickly. It wasn't long before the first apple was now leftovers. She pouted and sighed, wasn't able to saver the taste of the apple. The Purrloin pouted at the second apple, she needs to save it. Her stomach didn't care, she wanted to eat. Marya began to eat the second apple to the nub then went to a more quiet spot to take a nap. She looked around and held her flute in her paws. She purred at she fell asleep for a cat nap.
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PostSubject: Re: Framed   Framed EmptySat Nov 30, 2013 2:34 am

Mordred had been wandering around town, staring intently at a piece of paper in his hands. The paper was a Wanted poster, with a bounty and the photo of a Purrloin on the front. The Purrloin had apparently been female, and was a notorious thief in town. Typical, Purrloin were always on the hunt to steal from innocent by-standers and shop owners. He had taken the mission of one of the local shop owners, who had requested to have a temporary guard at his shop. Apparently the outlaw had been threatening to steal there. Stuffing the sheet in his bag, he broke out into a jog, hoping to reach his destination.

However, it seems he was too late.

As he rushed past, he saw what was a 4-legged blur of purple hurry towards the opposite direction, passing him. He stopped abruptly, seeing the shop owner chasing the blur while waving a stick of some sort. The owner kept screaming about how the dastardly thief had snatched up a precious item from his inventory, and in an instant, Mordred took chase.

He ran past stores, pushing against the crowd as he tried to catch up to the outlaw. The Purrloin briefly disappeared into the crowd, causing the scraggy to growl in frustration before bursting out from the large pack of occupied pokemon. He jogged some more, trying to follow the direction in which the Purrloin had escaped to. Luckily, it seemed to leave a small trail of wet paw prints, which had the odd scent of apple juice blended with dirt. The cat must've stolen a bag of Perfect Apples or something similar.

Meanwhile, the outlaw was in panic. She had to act quickly, especially now that a guild member had spotted her. The satchel with the explorer's badge was something she had seen just briefly as she made her escape. With a bag of apples clenched tightly in her fangs, she looked for a place to hide them. She grinned, seeing another Purrloin taking a nap not too far from her. Hurrying over, she dropped the bag of apples close to the sleeping feline. She glanced back for a moment, making sure no one else had been watching. Before long, the thief had sprinted off, heading towards the forest where she would hopefully not be found for a long, long, time.

Mordred soon arrived noticing the bag near a sleeping Purrloin. He raised a brow, finding the occurrence odd. Why was she asleep? It was possible she may have accidentally eaten something like a Sleep Seed. Shaking his head, he returned his focus on his task. Approaching the sleeping figure, he knelt down on one knee and picked up the bag of apples. Just then, the owner of the shop had arrived, panting and fuming.

"My precious apples!" He said, taking the bag from the explorer. He growled, looking down at the Purrloin. "What nerve! Stealing from my shop! Quickly, arrest her!" He demanded, looking very much red in the face from the anger he was building up.

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PostSubject: Re: Framed   Framed EmptySat Nov 30, 2013 4:01 am

Marya was sleep during the crime, but lightly. Feeling a object being place near her person, the feline woke up softly. One eye being opened she saw a Purrloin with a malevolent look in her eyes. Searching and didn't even notice her waking up then noticing were she had left to the forest. Thinking she was checking up on her, she closed her eyes again. Purring softly as her muscles flick on reaction. Little did she know the actions unfolding in right of her.

Once she heard the screams of 'apples' she bolted up quickly. Fully wakening to the scene of an angry shopkeeper and an explorer in front of her. The feline yawned then blinked in surprise. Holding her flute on her paws softly. She seemed a bit curious as to what was going on. To her surprise, she had placed the two together. Marya was being arrested. A small gasp came to her lips as she got up from her place. "Arrrressst me?" She asked in a worried yet sadden tone. "But I wasss taking a nap! I've been frramed!" She said honestly. 

The bard looked over to the forest were the Purrloin had ran in to. A hiss came from her snout in pure anger. "Pin another Purrloin huh? Coward that fae isss! I'll teach her a lesssson sshe ssshall not sssoon forget!" Marya vowed in a feline hiss as she ran after the paw tracks into the forest. Marya shall not have her good name ruined by some pity thief. No, no, no, not Marya! She doesn't wish to be a thief, as much as her nature compels her. "AAAALLLONSSS-Y!"
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PostSubject: Re: Framed   Framed Empty

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