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 Free RP plot ideas

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Which Plot is Most Interesting? (Mulichoice is allowed)
Too Good to be True
Free RP plot ideas I_vote_lcap46%Free RP plot ideas I_vote_rcap
 46% [ 6 ]
Free RP plot ideas I_vote_lcap15%Free RP plot ideas I_vote_rcap
 15% [ 2 ]
Free RP plot ideas I_vote_lcap31%Free RP plot ideas I_vote_rcap
 31% [ 4 ]
Creature Feature
Free RP plot ideas I_vote_lcap8%Free RP plot ideas I_vote_rcap
 8% [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 13



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Free RP plot ideas Empty
PostSubject: Free RP plot ideas   Free RP plot ideas EmptySun Sep 08, 2013 5:42 am

Ok, I would like to do a free rp(losing interest in pokemon rps lately so I'm going to start up something that's NOT pokemon) Problem is, I don't know what to start up. So i'm going to start up a poll and see which RP should be brought back/created.

1.) Too Good to be True! Characters discover a website that seemed to have been just created that claims to make their lives more interesting! They sign up for the site's "Program" and wake up to the next morning to discover that they suddenly have powers, AND to discover that they are on the headlines and news for terrorism. Parents and friends are nowhere to be found, and they can only count on each other as the bounty on their heads is hefty...Their only options are to either run, try to clear their name, or die.

2.) Revival of Heroes! Heroes was a previous rp of mine that was rather popular that I had to close down due to too much pressure. Heroes was about Superheroes that were sponsored by different companies, and being sponsored by a hero was what brought in the business. The villains, however are SCRIPTED. The heroes have no idea about the scripted events, and are the ones that received A's and B's in "hero" school. Anybody who fails are forced to become a villain through means of blackmail if character refuses. It has been this way for generations, and just what do you think will happen when a REAL evil organization comes along? Heroes flee as their failures to the non-scripted villains increase. Only a few remain...how will they react as the scripted Villains begin to fight FOR the city(as they are forced to since they are the only ones left)?

3.) Revival of Life! Life is a brand new video game system that is supposed to bring video gaming experience to the max level. The game is sold out as soon as it comes out, and players go home to their new system. The game is supposed to allow you to do ANYTHING with your character, and change the game to your preferences(Strategy, Hack and Slash, horror, ect.) in a snap. There's a fatal glitch in the final boss though, within weeks players begin dropping into strange comas like flies, what happened to them? They were put INTO Life. They BECAME their character, and must now fight the glitch and make their way in groups to the end of the game. They must be careful though, for there are NO save points or respawns...

4.) Creature Feature! Morphs(Humans that can TURN INTO animals and sometimes have animal like qualities) are normal in the everyday lives of humans, some have it and some don't. It's a fact that the law has accepted. That doesn't mean residents of the world like it though. Everyday the morphs are discriminated, killed, and used for slavery. When they finally fight back, it's suddenly a HUGE surprise...Morphs must hide their identity and make it through everyday activities without revealing themselves...(This will take place in a school, basically two gangs, one of morphs and the other of normal humans and with this tension building in the outside world...how do you think this would turn out?)
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Free RP plot ideas
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