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 Neo Origins: the scifi roleplay

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Neo Origins: the scifi roleplay Empty
PostSubject: Neo Origins: the scifi roleplay   Neo Origins: the scifi roleplay EmptyTue May 21, 2013 9:24 pm

The Helli0n Project. A program funded by the North American Congress, or NAC, in an attempt to create a group of human beings capable of navigate through the vast unorthodox dangers of Orez Time Travel, discovered only in the prior decade by Dr. Emile Leppard Orez. For a full half century, the scientists of the unspoken Project were unsuccessful, going through a total of 500 live subjects, all of which either becoming comatose or deceased due to the multiple varieties of experimental chemicals that were pumped into the bodies on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most did not stay how they were for long. While on route to the disposal center, the perished 459, the first 4 groups of human beings that were tested on, suddenly became re-animated. Later dubbed the term ‘Halogens’ for their bizarre need to consume the flesh and organ of a living person, the formerly dead subjects capture the transportation vessel they rode, killing all those onboard the ship. But they too were not fated to rest in death. It turned out that whenever a living creature was slain by a Halogen, they also become infected with the same chemicals that ran through the undead’s body, thereby granting them the same ability to survive beyond death, with the same consuming need for flesh and blood that the 459 Helli0n subjects held. The ship that was transporting them, the Cradle of Life, was still on autopilot, the captain of the ocean-liner having been converted before being able to remove it, causing for the parasitic threat to arrive at their intended destination.

The NAC, in an attempt to keep the Helli0n Project and the Halogen Outbreak secret hidden from civilian knowledge, ordered the dropping of several Chaos hydrogen bombs onto the disposal center, which was now infected with the Halogen disease, stating to nearby settlements as well as the rest of the country that it was for the eradication of a terrorist threat. As the dust settled, and the debris became visible, the scouts for the NAC soon reported a shocking scene. The first 459 Halogens, as well as the newborns, stood among the wreckage, not at all affected by the blasts of the nation’s most powerful non-nuclear explosives. With this discovery came the new goal give to Helli0n by the NAC to stop the Halogen threat. The assignment of creating a weapon that could eliminate Halogens quickly and efficiently. As the abscesses grew and grew by the mile, the scientist knew not what to develop, since regular ballistics and explosives had no affect on the near invincible undead. But their answer would come in the strangest of ways. After a year of unsuccessful inventions and suffering, the scientist of Helli0n soon received word that the last 41 of the original subjects, the ones locked in a coma, had awaken, all supposedly at the same time, and no longer themselves. To the grand amazement of the Project’s scientists, each and every one of the re-awaken people had somehow acquired superhuman abilities, be it immense strength, wind-splitting speed, bizarre control over another’s mind, or the control over a certain type of destructive power that Mother Nature had to offer. At first, the scientists felt it necessary to examine the surviving 41, but after the Halogen threat reentered their minds, soon came to a conclusion for their new assignment. Only referring to each one of the subjects by their original first name and/or a serial number assigned to them, the scientist of the Helli0n project soon began training the 41 in the art of combat and war, granting the last subjects the name ‘Isotope’.

As the Isotopes gradually became the perfect soldiers for the NAC, a recent discovery suddenly made the battle for the eradication of the Halogen threat a great deal more difficult. The discovery was important enough to force the hand of the North American Military Forces, or the NAMF, as well as commence the activation of the Isotopes. The Halogens had suddenly become organized, the original 459 having developed once again intelligent minds, similar to when they still lived. Also developed was a desire for vengeance towards Helli0n and the NAC, for having used the undead humans as mere testing matter while their hearts still pumped blood, a revenge that the former country of the United States of America held decades ago in the year of 2001. As if to add onto the growing list of concerns for the NAC and Helli0n, it was soon brought to everyone’s attention that a former Helli0n scientist, Dr. Regal Savero Mendoza, had gone insane, having broken into the Helli0n main lab, where he then released captured Halogens through the only working Infinity point, a gateway for one who wished to enter the Orez time wrap, each one of the undead sent to different time period. This act of delusional revenge would only serve to bring upon the wrath of a future civilization, one far more advanced than the current Humans. Bearing the title ‘Justice’, the people of the future believed it a direct attack the delivery of the Halogen into their time period, and formally declared war on not just the NAC, but also the Europe-Asia Monarchy, the African Central Power, and the South American Legislature, sending their war-machines to create havoc. With the Halogen epidemic on one side, and the hostile Justice civilization in the other, the NAC and the rest of the world’s known governments, including the countries initially attacked and also the Australian Republic, and the Greenland Executive, began the counterattack, their only true weapon being the Isotope Faction. With the funding of every country on Earth behind them, the Helli0n Project soon became Helli0n International, and the main military force behind the skirmish many would consider to be called the Age War. With 1000 new subjects, this time genetically engineered children, in their possession, Helli0n vowed to end the parasite they had created, and to defeat Justice, with the help of the Isotopes. But as the second generation of Isotopes came to be, Dr. Mendoza, under the guise of a psychologist named Dr. Philips, once again began to enact his desire for revenge, this time using the twin demons that were suspicion and hatred on the new group of superhumans, fueling the spark of rebellion that some Isotopes held deep within them.

That was all a decade ago.

The year is now 2073. After the famed Operation: Dawning Peace, the mission that ended the Age War, peace finally came to the people of the world. Now, without the Halogen Originals to make more undead abominations and with Jvstice surrendering for protection, many thought the time for rebuilding and harmony had arrived.

Unfortunately, none of that was true.

Having become one of the most influential and powerful organizations in the world, Helli0n International soon overtook the vulnerable North American Congress with their armies of Generation Three Isotopes, and announced their objectives to the rest of the nations: annexation or conquest. Despite being weak from the Age War, the nations quickly mounted a resistance to Helli0n International, forming the Allied Nation Forces (ANF) and sparking a new war. This new conflict was named the Gene War, since to combat the Generation Three Isotopes, the nations began to genetically-engineer their own supersoldiers; dubbed 'Ions'.
As the warfare escalated, Helli0n passed the Mortimer Protocol as a result of the sudden increase of desertion among the Isotope Faction. In the policy, it called for and authorized the seizing and capture of any rogue Isotope, as well as the death of any helping the ANF.
Now the real question emerges: What are you? Who will you fight for? Are you an Isotope, acting as Helli0n soldiers or running for the very people who made them? Are you one of the newly created Ions, fighting for the ANF to stop the Helli0n Annexation? Perhaps you are a Jvstice refugee, one who wants to live in peace, or sell your talents to the highest bidder. Whatever you are, one thing is certain: the fate of the modern world is in danger. Will you be the one to save it from conquest? Or will you led the invasion?

The choice, my friend, is yours to make.
bios and classification guide:
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Posts : 783
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Neo Origins: the scifi roleplay Empty
PostSubject: Re: Neo Origins: the scifi roleplay   Neo Origins: the scifi roleplay EmptyWed May 22, 2013 4:16 pm

OK! let me clarify something! if you dont give a damn bout background, just read the last paragraph. the guide is a REFERENCE in case your stuck on building your bio. im gonna post my char bio right here as an example:

Name: shawn
Classification: ion
Serial number: Eam24
Age: 15
Power: gravity/mass manipulation(he manipulates it through distortion of mass.)
Skills: he can manipulate mass, to create difference in gravity in spaces, to the point of crushing. But he can also increase his own mass, causing more force due to density. His gravity manipulation leads to being able to suspend and crush others, or he can repel and propel objects. Think of it like the force almost, but it can take a lot of energy out of him so he has a secondary weapon. He can accelerate himself from cover by greatly decreasing his mass to accelerate exponentially. These skills all take up a lot of energy though.
Weapons: due to his powers using up a lot of energy, he has to rely on his martial arts training to take down an opponent with celerity.
Affiliation: ANF
Personality: my character is withdrawn from most and is very cynical. He will analyze a situation quickly and act accordingly. He is often used as a HTV asassin, and thus does not work well with others. This is because he was diagnosed with aspergers at the age of six. He will treat any new arrival with caution.
Brief Bio: He is a quick minded asassin. He will act on orders and not return untill all lose ends are tied up. He will avoid the direct path and try to jump from "behind cover". He does not work well in elongated combat.
Country of Birth: europe asia monarchy
Appearance: https://i.servimg.com/u/f72/18/06/84/21/image22.jpg
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Neo Origins: the scifi roleplay
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