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 Father Daughter Rematch

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Father Daughter Rematch Empty
PostSubject: Father Daughter Rematch   Father Daughter Rematch EmptyTue Apr 09, 2013 4:31 am

Pikashock: I can post now if you want.
zashonfire: Go ahead!
zashonfire: I'M CURIOUS
Sakura: TRY ME
*Sakura gets in a defensive position
*zashonfire swings beating stick
*Sakura calmly grabs the stick. "I'm not the same girl you used to beat."
*zashonfire's jaw drops.
*Sakura easily pulls the beating stick out of Zash's grasp. "You shouldn't act suprised, it wastes valuable time."
*zashonfire backs away.
*Pikashock grabs popcorn.
[19:52:41] * Sakura chucks the beating stick away, "It's not quite fair if you have a weapon and I don't and vice versa, so why don't we fist fight? Let's see how well your reflexes are."
[19:53:04] FoxFireAlchemist joined the chat on Mon Apr 08, 2013 7:53 pm
[19:53:16] Pikashock : Posted Grudge, going to TRRPoE
[19:53:16] Sakura : Hello Foxeth!
[19:53:17] @ FoxFireAlchemist : STILL WORKING ON THAT POST. STILL.
[19:53:19] Pikashock : WB FOX
[19:53:25] @ FoxFireAlchemist : Posted a little more though XD
[19:53:27] * zashonfire dusts himself off " I must say sakura I never thought this day would come"
[19:53:27] Pikashock : So should I wait to post?
[19:53:43] * Sakura grins, "What do you mean? When I become of age or something?"
[19:54:28] * zashonfire laughs " Glad to see you still have your daddy's sense of humor"
[19:55:06] * Sakura snorts, "What sense of humor? You mean the humor when you would always beat me?"
[19:55:08] Pikashock : O__O
[19:55:38] Pikashock : You...related to Sakura...WHAT
[19:55:47] Sakura : Pikaty
[19:55:51] * zashonfire starts to take off his jacket. " Remember that fighting thing? Yeah whenever your ready ladies first."
[19:55:56] Sakura : Do I really have to pull up that?
[19:55:56] zashonfire : it's complicated
[19:56:08] Sakura : *that chat again
[19:56:12] @ FoxFireAlchemist : Nyehehehe.....
[19:56:26] Sakura : apparently my grandmother is a platypus.
[19:56:40] Sakura : You were part of it remember?
[19:56:46] zashonfire : fox
[19:56:50] zashonfire : CAN PIKA POST
[19:57:29] * Sakura stops, "Really?" then quickly attacks Zash with a roundhouse kick.
[19:57:58] Jikumo joined the chat on Mon Apr 08, 2013 7:57 pm
[19:58:09] Jikumo : turns out I don't have to leave yet
[19:58:17] Nurse Squid : Hi Coffee
[19:58:27] Jikumo : H-hey...^_^''
[19:58:28] Sakura : Cool! WB Jikui ^,-,^
[19:58:34] * zashonfire backsteps easily. ' Oh yeah and where do you think you got your reflexes and combat skills from missy?" he reached inot his mouth and pulled out fake teeth like a grand fathers to reveal fangs
[19:58:39] Jikumo : O .o'''''
[19:59:24] Tenshineko joined the chat on Mon Apr 08, 2013 7:59 pm
[19:59:48] Tenshineko : So what I miss?
[19:59:48] Jikumo : Hey, wat are you guys doing?
[19:59:51] Jikumo : what*
[20:00:03] zashonfire : and posted grudge
[20:00:06] Nurse Squid : Hi Tennee-san
[20:00:20] Tenshineko : Want to see something cool?
[20:00:30] Tenshineko : http://tenshineko01.deviantart.com/art/Chizuru-Hearto-364407926?ga_submit_new=10%253A1365476321
[20:00:37] * Sakura didn't flinch. "Where did I get additude my then?" She asks, then dashed forward, attempting to punch Zash.
[20:00:42] Sakura : WB Tenshi!
[20:00:47] Sakura : Long Storry
[20:00:49] Sakura : *storyy
[20:00:51] Sakura : *story
[20:01:04] Tenshineko : lol
[20:01:10] Tenshineko : Transformers?
[20:01:11] Sakura : Omg it's so cool :3
[20:01:16] Jikumo : Hmm.
[20:01:16] Sakura : working on it
[20:01:24] Jikumo : Seems like a vampire fight.
[20:01:28] * Jikumo stays out of it
[20:01:47] * zashonfire leaps over sakura with elegant grace that was almost ungodly and landed perfectly. " Your mother she was always such a drama queen."
[20:03:10] * Tenshineko starts danceing
[20:03:22] zashonfire : hye sakura
[20:03:36] Nurse Squid : XDD
[20:03:44] * Sakura bends down, "True, but could either of you do this?" Suddenly she disappeared, and appeared in front of Zash, faked a punch to the face, then attempted to punch Zash in the stomach.
[20:04:40] Sakura : Hye? DOCTAR JEKYLL AND MISTAR HYDE
[20:04:48] Sakura : And yeah XD
[20:05:41] * Jikumo is floating above the two strange people
[20:05:50] Pikashock : Posted grudge.
[20:06:00] * Jikumo watches in wonder, "Hmm, what a strange way to greet each other.."
[20:06:10] Sakura : Hey Jikui? Want to be a part of this? ^,-,^
[20:06:21] Nurse Squid : XDD
[20:06:25] Jikumo : Sure, why not? xD
[20:06:55] Sakura : *dismissively waves hand* After this little "Greeting"
[20:07:11] * zashonfire blinked as the punch upsets his poise, He starts to fall " No." He answers as his hand hits the floor he flicked his wrist and send him flying very speedily to be in mid air his legs bent as to not touch the floor. His back facing sakura he flicked a hand by his waist and a dagger flicked off beyond Sakura to her back. Zash reached behind by reaching behind himself and grabbed the dagger and slashed quickly at the back of her thigh
[20:07:25] zashonfire : wanna nmake a vampire rp?
[20:07:38] Jikumo : That could be fun xD
[20:07:39] Tenshineko : "It's never easy to make a choice, to keep things inside, or raise your voice"
[20:07:53] Jikumo : I'll be a vampire, just this once
[20:08:10] Sakura : xD
[20:08:12] zashonfire : not like sign ups that be trouble some just like let's go with it
[20:08:13] Sakura : Whynot?
[20:08:38] zashonfire : you make or shall I ?
[20:09:35] Tenshineko : ..
[20:11:12] FoxFireAlchemist has been disconnected on Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:11 pm (session timeout)
[20:11:28] * Sakura winced as the pain almost reflected the amout of blood coming out, but ignored it. "Of course, you would always cheat father. Pity I couldn't figure it out." she said before transforming again into a single flower that floated on the wind. Soon she was behind Zash, and grabbed his hand which was holding the knife. "You know, in that way the name "Sakura" was a pretty bad idea."
[20:12:34] * Jikumo was shocked when he saw blood come out of one of them, he floated a little bit closer, oblivious to wether they would attack him or not
[20:13:28] Pikashock : .
[20:14:42] * Tenshineko starts singing Pokemon Black and white movie theme
[20:14:51] * Jikumo sings along
[20:14:53] Jikumo : ^_^
[20:15:06] Tenshineko : I love that song!!!!
[20:15:37] Jikumo : Same xD
[20:15:39] * zashonfire pulled away smoothly easily almost fluidly from Sakura's grip on his hand losing the knife of course though as it clattered to the ground. " just like your mother such a drama queen." He used one leg to bound away from her easily flowing in the air like he was made to be their doing a flip and landing sliding slightly on his heels as he spun in a circle letting his arms come out to keep his balenece steady. " This isn't a child's game this is war."
[20:16:07] Sakura : YEAH! and another bloodbath fight like this one!
[20:16:22] zashonfire : no sure let's start with a fight why not?
[20:16:52] zashonfire : and just so u know sakura was already behidn Zash he was in the air in front of sakura he reached behind his back and sakuras to cut up hr thigh
[20:16:57] zashonfire : NOW YOU START OR ME!!!
[20:17:14] Sakura : Oh kk! I don't know nor care XD
[20:17:28] * Tenshineko turns into a Black wolf
[20:17:31] zashonfire : ALRIGHT U GOT THIS
[20:17:40] * Jikumo yelled down at the two, "Uh, you know she's bleeding, you might want to get her to the hospital!" he quickly realized what they were and turned evven whiter than they already were
[20:17:42] Tenshineko : Werewolves?
[20:17:47] Jikumo : he already was*
[20:18:00] * Tenshineko tends to Sakura's wounds
[20:18:09] zashonfire : TENSHI
[20:18:18] Tenshineko : What?
[20:18:31] Tenshineko : Grr
[20:18:49] Tenshineko : Sakura is my friend and I will risk my life to keep her safe!!
[20:18:52] Pikashock : XD
[20:18:57] zashonfire : jesus does the epic air not translate?
[20:18:58] Jikumo : xD
[20:19:09] Tenshineko : lol
[20:19:13] Jikumo : apparently not ^_^
[20:19:37] * Tenshineko starts dancing.
[20:20:01] Completionist joined the chat on Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:20 pm
[20:20:08] Jikumo : Hey comp
[20:20:16] Completionist : Yolo
[20:20:16] Jikumo : oops, I mean Nina xD
[20:20:54] Completionist : Sup?
[20:21:23] Nurse Squid has been disconnected on Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:21 pm (session timeout)
[20:21:23] Jikumo : Nothing much
[20:21:32] Jikumo : I think we're about to do a vampire rp xD
[20:21:57] * Sakura felt her fingers close around air, but without hesitation, bent down and grabbed the knife. "I'm sorry Tenshi. This is personal." She gripped the knife tighter, "I got to settle this thing with my father!" Sakura quickly dashed away, the bandages fluttering in the air and held the knife out, waiting for his move. Waiting for an attack. "If that's so...then this isn't a child's game nor war. This is revenge for all the years you tortured me and beat me. And suddenly you want to declare war just because I have learned how to fend for myself? Please." Sakura said brandishing the knife.
[20:22:10] Sakura : whooo paragraph! now off to post!
[20:23:11] Completionist : I did my character record
[20:23:28] * Jikumo had no idea what was going on, but landed on the ground and leaned on a nearby tree, "Hope you don't mind if I watch, I'm not much of a fighter, but I'd like to learn the basics."
[20:23:30] Completionist : Now I just need to rp
[20:24:40] * zashonfire showed a fanged smile. " Boy this is a family matter you bother me none but take even one step closer and I'll drain you of all blood. " HE turned to sakura. " Child i merely was preparing u for the vampire world it's a cruel and horrid place no one is to be trusted no one's a friend. Not even your own father.
[20:25:05] Completionist : Who wants to meet Autumn the Cyndaquil?
[20:25:09] zashonfire : " /me reached to the other side of his waist and drew out a twin dagger to the one sakura had.
[20:25:13] zashonfire : fail
[20:25:19] Sakura : ahaha
[20:25:30] * Jikumo 's face turned whiter, obviously they were skilled vampires, stronger than him.
[20:25:35] Jikumo : Lol nice.
[20:25:39] Pikashock : .
[20:25:54] Tenshineko : ...
[20:25:54] zashonfire : o and posted grudge
[20:26:03] Tenshineko : Transformers?
[20:27:54] Tenshineko : .
[20:28:22] Completionist : Hey
[20:28:31] * Sakura shook her head, "I should have known you would have two daggers. Miscalculation on my part I'm afraid. And to be honest Zash, when did I ever trust you?" Sakura quickly slashed with the knife in the air. "Go ahead. Round two has begun. Since I started last time it's only fair that you go first, non?"
[20:28:52] Sakura : and done Tenshi
[20:30:56] Pikashock : .
[20:32:25] Sakura : *started first
[20:32:46] FoxFireAlchemist joined the chat on Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:32 pm
[20:32:50] * zashonfire or maybe I've already started my dear." With that another fanged smile hit his face and the fangs lit the place up in a glame and Zash did not seem to be thee any longer. " You didn't realize did you? The dagger I slashed you with was coated in poison." His voice seem to coem from everywhere
[20:32:58] zashonfire : *come
[20:32:59] @ FoxFireAlchemist : ALMOST THERE
[20:33:08] zashonfire : *gleam!
[20:33:15] zashonfire : *there
[20:33:21] zashonfire : jesus that's a lot of mistakes
[20:34:13] Tenshineko : //
[20:34:18] * Jikumo was blinded by the light as well and quickly closed his eyes
[20:34:39] Sakura : Good job!
[20:35:08] Jikumo : So is anyone going to make the vampire rp? ^_^
[20:35:19] Sakura : i am
[20:35:21] zashonfire : I TOLD HER TOO!!!
[20:35:26] zashonfire : kay she is
[20:35:27] Jikumo : ok
[20:35:30] zashonfire : srry for caps lock
[20:35:32] Crytic joined the chat on Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:35 pm
[20:35:50] * Crytic demonic roars to emulate Tenshi
[20:35:56] Jikumo : hey cry
[20:35:56] Sakura : i don't know what the plot should be or where i should start...you know what I'm making everything up. You guys all be lost XD
[20:36:00] Sakura : Hey Cri
[20:36:15] Crytic : Hey
[20:36:24] Jikumo : pft, I'm just a wandering vampire anyways
[20:36:27] Tenshineko : posted in Naruto
[20:36:42] * Tenshineko demonic snarls at crytic
[20:37:31] Pikashock : .
[20:37:59] * Crytic waves to Ten
[20:38:34] Tenshineko : Hi Crytic
[20:39:57] * Tenshineko wills Ashen online
[20:40:25] * Sakura holded her head and felt woozy, "Shoot." Zash was gone and she couldn't tell where he was. It almost seemed as if there were a million of him, scattered around her and spoke at the same time. Sakura tried thinking of some type of reply, but her head hurt to much. Knowing she risked facing Zash with no weapons, and him with two, she turned back into a flower, and floated, not knowing where she went, nor caring at this point.
[20:40:56] Sakura : *as the knife clattered on the ground
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Father Daughter Rematch
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