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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP

Prepare to face a new set of challenges in this brand-new Pokemon world as you square off against new enemies and rivals, forge new friendships, and create teams to travel the world with on your quest of discovery
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 Ripple's Character Records

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Ripple's Character Records Empty
PostSubject: Ripple's Character Records   Ripple's Character Records EmptySat Aug 04, 2012 11:12 pm

Keyami the Meowth

Page Count: 50

(5:Odd Team, 4:Amok, 2:Destruction, 6:Bother, 4:Too Quiet, 3:Mucking, 0:The Chase, 5:Mini, 2:Collide, 6:Vacation, 3:Dojo, 1:Boring, 1:Misadventures, 0:Lapse, 3:First Exploration, 1:Shenanigans, 4:Cold Shoulder)
Note: Bold topics are active.

Nicknames: Enzu - Berry Thieving Scum, Shaman - Annoyingly Intelligent Dude, Tom - That Awesome Dude Who is Almost as Awesome as Me, Stryke - That Crazy Dude Who Screams Things Randomly, Akuroma - Book Reading Buzz-Kill, Starfire - Keyami 2.0, Faye - Giant Friendly Green Dude, Kol - Socially Awkward Way Too Quiet Dude, Sofie - Big Giant Poofy Creature, Sweets - Innocent Little Sly Weasel, Hodgins - Giant Obnoxious Chicken Prat, Nate - Electric Mouse Who Acknowledges My Epicness, 'Ailona - Random Seel Who Popped from the Ice Like an Incompetent Pig, Astrid - Minuscule Worm Who is Mildly Fun, Tsukishiro - Peculiar But Interesting Thingamabob, Eva - Booty Scented Otter Thing, Crysel - Mean and Hurtful Peasant With a Bad Sense of Humor

Level: 15
Current Moveset: Foul Play, Fury Swipes , Fake Out, Bite
Inventory: Sleep Seed, Unusual Box, Pecha Berry, Big Apple, Pure Seed
Wearing: Defense Scarf

Beck the Noibat
Page Count: 0
Note: Bold topics are active

Level: 5
Current Moveset: Tailwind, Tackle, Supersonic, Leech Seed
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Ripple's Character Records
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