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 Amber the Charmander

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PostSubject: Amber the Charmander   Sat Dec 08, 2018 11:53 pm

» Name: Amber
» Sex: Female
» Species: #004 - Charmander, the Lizard Pokémon
» Affiliation: None, but she's an aspiring historian/archaeologist/explorer

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19
» Ability: Blaze
» Moves:
- Scratch (start)
- Growl (start)
- Dragon Pulse (egg move)

» Natural Feats:
- Blaze: When a Charmander is tired or weakened, they can temporarily boost their attack power by up to 50% if using a fire-type move.
- Lava Walker: Similar to fire-walking, with practice, a Charmander can toughen the soles of their feet, allowing them to briefly traverse lava flows without injury.
- Focused Heat: With enough concentration, fire-types can raise their body temperature hot enough to quickly melt ice in ideal conditions.

» Relatives:
- Fiera the Charmeleon (mother)
- Xergut the Zweilous (father)
- Ulmer the Charizard (grandfather)

» Personality: Amber has a fiery passion to match her parents, but thanks to her oppressive upbringing, she's also developed a vicious attitude towards others. She doesn't accept hand-outs, and looks down on those who do. As such, compassion is seen as a weakness, and worse, a distraction from her goals. Her single-minded thirst for knowledge typically overrides her moral compass, to the extent she often uses others to further her own ambitions.

Though not outright cold-hearted and cruel, she can easily give the wrong impression when anyone gets in her way. Given the nature of her life mission, she finds trust difficult to obtain, and generally looks upon others with paranoia and suspicion, especially around those who are stronger and physically larger than her. She skirts by most confrontations with carefully crafted threats, meant to intimidate and discourage any questions regarding the item in her possession.

Despite her intense disposition, however, she will come to the aid of those in need when she can. Following her Grandfather's moral guidelines, if a Pokemon needs help, she must do her best to oblige, even if she doesn't want to. Above all else, though, she lives by a single creed, one for which she'd lay down her own life if necessary. Protect the Book, at any cost.

Luckily, thanks to her intelligence and cunning, Amber can usually find a way to balanced her anger and attitude well enough to discourage violence, but when the time comes to fight, fear rarely enters the equation. Instead, she relies on cold calculation to determine the best course of action.

» Likes:

Reading: By far one of her most favorite pastimes, she will regularly visit the libraries of any given town she visits, and, in lieu of such a convenient body of knowledge, Amber will seek out any other sources, including historical archives wherever they might be found. Despite herself, she quite enjoys certain works of fiction as well.

Learning: Directly tied to her passion for literature of all types, what drives her is the need to learn anything and everything that she can. As a result, her head is full to bursting with factoids both useless and crucial to her mission; to uncover the secrets of the Book. She may even find herself inadvertently spewing tidbits of knowledge as situations arise.

Exploring: One of her greatest sources of information, when she isn't reading, comes directly from her own travels. She visits many dungeons in her endless search for insight into the past. And often times the scarier the experience, the more invigorated and motivated she becomes.

Dry Heat: As both a fire-type and a lizard, her preferred climates include volcanic regions and deserts, but she'll still weather bitter cold and humid climates to get what she wants. Sometimes even to the detriment of her own well-being.

Spicy Food: The hotter the better. If she can't feel it burning all the way down into her belly, she won't be satisfied. As such, she tends to carry around her own assortment of spices for the purpose of seasoning otherwise bland, mundane foods with the tongue-sizzling flavors of her homeland. Few can handle such intense heat, which makes it a good weapon at times as well.

» Dislikes:

Cold Weather: Naturally. Not only does it slow her movements and weaken the flame on her tail, it makes it difficult to concentrate and think clearly. She's at her weakest both mentally and physically in wet and frozen climates. Despite her own shortcomings though, she tries to power through the challenges that face her.

Needy Pokemon: Aside from the fact they provide a major distraction, she sees those that need help as being 'weak'. Even when she finds herself in need of assistance, she may refuse it out of stubbornness. Seeing it in others though, fills her with contempt, but as much as she'd desire to withhold compassion, her sense of duty and obligation takes priority.

Helping Others: She hates it. Simple as that. Though she will stand up for others and even throw herself into the fray if the situation calls for it, it goes against everything her parents taught her. "Look out for yourself and yourself alone, unless you want to die. No one's going to protect you out there; it's not their responsibility, it's yours.” Her mother's words, and perhaps the first lesson she ever learned.

Sitting Still: After spending the first leg of her life living exclusively in the lava fields of her homeland, listening to tales told by her Grandfather of other lands throughout the world, she has vowed never to stay in once place for so long ever again. Much like the aging Charizard had been in his youth, Amber is devoted to traveling, exploring and discovering new things every day, such that even sitting down to rest can make her anxious and frustrated.

Liars: As a seeker of knowledge, Amber scorns liars of all stripes. Not only does it make her furious to know someone is keeping something from her, she's also developed a sixth sense that can detect a falsehood from a mile away. Telling an untruth is one of the quickest ways to get on her bad side, and she won't hesitate to call out a Pokemon that's bold enough to withhold crucial information.

» History:

Hatched to her mother, Fiera, and sired by a Zweilous named Xergut, Amber was raised in a close-knit clan of dragon-type and fire-type Pokemon, a society of fierce fighters who defend their territory to the death in the blasted, molten landscape of the Great Lava Lakes, found deep in the heart of the Fiery Chasm. Surrounded by such large bodies of dangerous, impassable seas of molten rock, the Charmander spent the majority of her youth as a virtual prisoner, where she and other dragon-kin were rounded up into groups and forced to train daily for years.

Those not strong enough perished, and those who survived were pushed to their limits by instructors and family alike. As a result many, including Amber, developed a deep, selfish resentment towards their peers. It was fight or die, and because she committed to her training, to the exclusion of compassion and remorse, she began to reflect the violent passion of her mother far more than her father's strict discipline. It was only thanks to her Grandfather, an aging Charizard and the sole ambassador for their community, that she was able to refrain from sinking to the blood-thirsty level of her fellow warriors-in-training.

As an Elder with considerable influence, Ulmer was one of very few who were free to come and go from his homeland. In his youth he would interact with nearby towns and villages, but the more he learned of other lands, the less often he would return with reports on the status of neighboring communities; specifically their battle strength. His ability to fly made him a natural explorer, and though his visits had become rare by the time Amber was born, she quickly came to look forward to each and every one as the highlight of her cruel, unforgiving existence.

The stories he would tell her in secret, during the few breaks between her intense training, served well to nurture the natural curiosity she shared in common with him. And through the hate and rage, she took his lessons and morals to heart, until a growing conflict in her understanding of the world in which she lived began to interfere in her studies. Every day she was forced to practice and spar with her fellow recruits, until the day she could produce her own flames in combat, yet more and more she grew distracted and interested not in the goal of achieving greater power, but knowledge of the world beyond.

She would often daydream, wondering where her Grandfather must be; what secrets and discoveries he was unearthing halfway across the world, beyond the fire-scorched plains she marched across every morning. Of course, she always expected Ulmer to return and divulge the wonders of the lands he'd explored, but one day he returned not only with a fantastic tale, but a curious artifact as well. One which he'd found in the core of the very volcano that fed their land with its endless stream of molten rock.

Although he kept its existence unknown to his own comrades, Ulmer shared his mysterious find with his grand-daughter. It was a book-shaped object of unknown origin, seemingly indestructible and composed largely of obsidian. It was clear that it was a book that could not open by conventional means, and on its cover, it bore a layered pattern of prints and no title. Her Grandfather quickly became obsessed with unlocking the knowledge he was certain was contained within, but many months passed to no avail.

In that time he made more regular visits to the Great Lava Lakes, which Amber initially enjoyed, however each time he came back more bitter and frustrated than before. His efforts to dig up reference to the artifact in other regions offered little to no insight, beyond what he already knew. The 'book' was merely a container for the ancient, arcane mysteries within. However it bore a lock with no key, and it drove Ulmer mad with obsession. Bit by bit he became more like those Amber was forced to interact with every day, and though it wore down what little love she felt for the Charizard, it only made her that much more dedicated to joining his search for an answer.

It was during his final visit to his homeland that Ulmer finally cracked under the strain of his own self-inflicted mania and, in a fit of rage that would've scared even the bravest of their warriors, threw the artifact to the ground and with a mighty stomp, attempted to crush the case underfoot. And it was in that moment of hopeless resignation that a curious thing occurred. His foot, nearly large enough to encompass the entire cover, instead fit perfectly into one of the many indentations it bore.

And it unlocked with a sharp hiss, to both Amber's and Ulmer's amazement. As the Charizard stumbled back, weak from his exertion, the cover popped open, and like the book it appeared to be, his grand-daughter lifted it to reveal the contents. Inside was their prize, but even it would not give up its secrets so easily. It was simply a book, the same shape as the container that housed it only smaller, but with pages upon pages of ancient scribbles and illustrations, all perfectly preserved despite its obvious age.

Unfortunately it was written in a language neither could read, not even Ulmer who'd traversed the world and learned many different dialects. It was another dead-end, and to Amber's dismay, her Grandfather sank into a depression from which he would never recover. He'd grown old and tired by now, having spent much of his life chasing stories in search of such treasures, and it had taken a toll on him. In his advanced age, his outburst had hastened the decline in his health, and though he never left his home again, he continued in vain to make sense of the book's cryptic pages, with Amber by his side until his final days.

Though she did her best to assist in understanding the confusing imagery and dead language, in-between fights with her parents and the daily grind of her intense training, all she knew was what she had learned from Ulmer. As such she couldn't produce any new insight, only more questions and avenues of intellectual pursuit. All useless for a Charizard who could no longer travel, or a little Charmander who was prohibited from leaving the clan.

In the days before his inevitable demise, however, Ulmer called her to his chambers, where he'd been bed-ridden for many months and given only the basic amenities in a society that showed its Elders only as much respect as they felt was deserved. Though he'd earned a place in their memory, many had come to see him as crazy, and Amber, despite herself, had begun to notice a mental decline as well. So she was naturally wary upon entering, as he began to explain to her his many regrets, and relayed his perceived importance of The Book, which he had started calling the 'secret to their salvation'.

His final wishes, despite the madness that had consumed him, were the last lucid words to fall from his lips, as he requested that she take The Book and run away. He wanted her to protect it, to unlock its secrets, and by any and all means, ensure it never fell into the wrong hands. Even on his deathbed, he believed it held great power and knowledge, and demanded she promise that it be preserved. As though all life might depend on it.

Ravings of an old Charizard who'd lost the last of his senses, no doubt. But Amber accepted the mission. As by now that was what she saw it as. It was her mission to do what Ulmer had failed to. And she had already been following in his footsteps for as long as she could remember. Eager to learn, to grow, and above all, seek out knowledge of the world beyond her tiny home. To see lands not bathed in the angry red glow of molten rock.

So, with her goal set, and her Grandfather's permission all she needed to proceed, Amber plotted her escape from the Great Lava Lakes. She whisked the book away from his bedside with a few parting words for her dear relative whom she knew she'd never see again, and slipped into the militarized mindset that had been drilled into her from birth. Gathering up only the most minimal supplies, she slipped away during downtime, when most were sleeping, and the guards who watched over the only means of crossing the lakes of lava, had their backs turned.

Hijacking a boat carved from solid obsidian, she sailed beyond the furthest limits of her home and didn't look back. Nor did she ever wish to return, even if she could. Getting out of the Fiery Chasm was far easier than getting in, and fortunately, after being raised in the hottest part of the region, it only got less challenging the further she walked.

» Other: In Amber's possession is a large container composed of metal and stone that's shaped like a book, which houses within the actual book it is meant to protect. Little is known about it, other than that it was likely made by a fire-type Pokemon and designed to withstand intense heat, although it must remain contained within it's near-indestructible hermetically-sealed housing to protect it from other elements. The lock and seal is designed to keep out all those who aren't of a fire-type descent, with a foot-print to match those on the cover. It currently resides in a large, leather, fire-proof backpack that Amber takes with her everywhere she goes.

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Amber the Charmander
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